1932 Studebaker Rockne

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1932 Studebaker Rockne
Engine Specifications:
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Engine Misc.:
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Weight reduction & transfer:
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current condition located it in Florida. Needs restoration!

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current condition located it in Florida. Needs restoration! Photo taken at University dollyed up for the 1960 Home Coming Parade.
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john a milne The 1st photo was taken at my University during a home coming parade. Unfortunately it is in black and white. When I purchased it in 1958 for $300 it was all original except the fenders had been repainted. The body colour was a wonderful beige with the wheels a bright lime green with a matching lime green leather seat. The body moulding was painted a dark green with lime green pin striping. One of the most beautiful mid price range cars built during that period.

The car had been at the 1932 Toronto Car Show introducing this new Studebaker "Rockne" line into Canada. I later had all the chrome redone and the engine rebuilt. It had a 6 cylinder engine with "free wheeling" which when engaged would automatically disengage the engine when you took your foot off the gas.

My longest trip was 1,600 miles to visit a friend who live in northern Ontario in 1960.

I sold it in 1967 when I was living in Montreal, one of my greatest mistakes, and in 1996 I tried to locate it, leaving a number of
26th January 2013
Mpower Florida? 23rd August 2011
ACM Cool, quite original, feel you could do a bit on the body paint and crome fixture finish. 1st October 2009
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