Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi (2000) ... ... getting there ...

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Mitsubishi Lancer GLXi (2000) ... ... getting there ...
Engine Specifications:
  • Type: 4 cyl. Inline SOHC 12Valve MPFI
  • Displacement(cc): 1468
  • Max. Power (Bhp / rpm) : 85 / 5500
  • Max. Torque (lb/ft / rpm : 88 / 3300
  • MIVEC? How sweet of you to ask - OF COURSE I'd like one, thankyouverymuch.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K&N Universal Air flow.
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Fuel: Power. Speed97 not used anymore.
  • Tuning: No tuning required - methinks self adjusting everything. Use a tuning fork sometimes, to make engine sing at correct pitch.
  • Sometimes scrub ECM with steel brush, Rin soap & water.
  • Auto seek on radio with presets, so not much tuning required. Hate Indian radio anyways...
  • MSD Plug Wires
  • OWS Uber Power Iridium Spark Plugs
  • Tri-Phase Performance Module
  • 4x2x1 tuned length Headers with custom tuned low restriction exhaust from ViperPerformance.
  • No big bore end pipe, just an understated 1.75" chrome tip with a chamfer - it's really lovely: near silent between idle to about 3k, yet she screams like a banshee at full throttle.
    Been blipping her ever since the install... :D
  • No hole in lasht dholki for more "ressing sound".
  • Shortened gearshift.
  • Valeo Performance Clutch
  • Self-made 9 speed forward / 3 reverse Tiptronic sourced from 2 Cayennes.
    Are you really reading this...?
    Silly eedyut boy. Look at picchar quitely.
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • I don't weigh much, so I'm OK.
  • Factory-Installed auto door locks, therefore instant 120 kg variable weight reduction when you throw out fat front seat passenger when sudden street race happens (although maybe stopping car first might be good idea sometimes, especially if aforementioned fat front seat passenger is connected).
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 5 spoke 15" 6.5J League LG203 Aluminium Alloys.
  • Goodyear Eagle Ventura 205/55 R15.
  • Stock suspension...
  • Nitrogen filled tyres. Superb.
  • So called "Art" Leather - light grey.
    In normal non-accessory-wallah terms, light ash-grey rexine.
  • Italian Leather / Wood / Aluminium steering wheel
  • Metallic British Racing Green, at least in my opinion.
    My damn RC book says some indiscernable green... still trying to figure it out...
  • Silver alloys with a chrome lip.
  • Black tyres.
  • Bits & pieces resprayed to look like I want them to look.
ICE (In-Car Entertainment):
  • Alpine Tape / FM / CD Receiver.
  • 6 CD (audio only) Changer in trunk.
  • Rear: Infinity reference 9613i ovals.
  • Front: Infinity reference 6010CS components.
  • No sub (don't want one yet).
    K&N Engine Singer.
  • Women.
  • My myoojik.
Wifey's Contributions:
  • The Italian steering wheel
  • The K&N
  • The choice of alloys.
  • The choice to stay with the color (I love it now) & not to respray it red like the old one.
  • The choice of driver.
    [Methinks she's got great taste :D ]
  • The faces / tantrums every time she rides with me coz she wants the exhaust in her car too...

Have started fooling around wid mods, shall never finish (wifey should not see this bit)!


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My favourite shot... @ Lonavala Grrrrrrrowwwllll! Thash ma steeerinnk bheel. Matte black mirrors & door frames, including B pillars. Like...? :D See tread design? I luuurrrrvv Goodyear Venturas... Speedo on the way back from Lonavala...
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prsnck Good ride man !! Where do I get the steering wheel, it's really lovely. ! many likes !! Can we be in touch or PM me. Added you to buddy list ! :) 24th March 2020
varun m will always love this ride..... 2nd June 2009
razor4077 Dude, why have u put this up for sale?? 15th July 2007
jatt_ambersaria hey elf how much is the fuel consumption like? 29th April 2007
elf The lamps are my primary driving lights & their throw is great. I very very rarely use my headlamps in the city. They're some Jap brand, dunno which. 22nd April 2007
razor4077 hey, which fog lamps have u fitted? are they effective or mainly cosmetic? 21st April 2007
Agent007 Noize carr!! wotz da rethail of one of thoz? :p 21st April 2007
elf @sajo: Thenk yhoo unkal. Am not camera shy - that's wifey, & this is a public forum. :p 4th March 2007
elf @Sidewinder$: Most important, most important. :D 4th March 2007
sajo Hmm....elfie is a bit camera shy. Nice car man. 4th March 2007
Sidewinder$ i like your ICE SETUP & specially the second last ;) lol.... 2nd March 2007
elf Yep vid. Noticed red needles with a blue-green ambient lighting on even Sam's Lancer last eve. Looks like the original Jap cars had it different... 10th February 2007
vid6639 just noticed you have the white dials like mine. haven't seen another lancer with the white dials usually red. 10th February 2007
elf @vid6699: Thanks matey. Bought the car in Feb'06 at 38k kms, now is around the 46k mark. 3rd February 2007
vid6639 nice car elf, how many kms so far? are you running stock clutch? 3rd February 2007
elf @iraghava: You can see the MIVEC anytime buddy - go down to Madras & ask for Sideways... :D 3rd February 2007
elf @Sidewinder$: Thanks. :) 3rd February 2007
iraghava Oye Garden Fairy nice car!!! Is it still running on 3-cylinders & quad turbos? :p Hope to see the MIVEC soon!!! 3rd February 2007
Sidewinder$ nice looking car there ... & the color is clean... 3rd February 2007
elf Thanks BUSA, Tool... Don't have any more input on the clutch, sorry... :( 26th January 2007
Tool One sweeeeet honey of a ride you got there baba.. love the alloys and the steering wheel. Would love some info on the Clutch baba if possible. :) 13th January 2007
BUSA Very nice car there elf, very nice done, sweet.. :) ur discription is assuming 29th December 2006
elf Thanks rev_hard, esteem_lover. Hate spoilers, don't much care about gas mileage, love the car. 24th November 2006
esteem_lover Good looking car, elf. keep her well. whats the mileage you get ? how about a spoiler ? 24th November 2006
rev_hard Nice sense of styling elf. Your ride looks very proportionate and well kept indeed. Cheers 13th November 2006
sameer_dg Is Valeo Performance Clutch available for the Zen 13th November 2006
elf @Revvhead: Thank yee son, didn't think you had the restraint gene in you... Clutch happened a while ago, along with other mods... :D 6th November 2006
Revvhead despite my great desire to add disparaging remarks. She's looking good elfy. when el cluch happen. very impressive and a good steering wheel too. 3rd November 2006
dsinz Speedo - Actual speed was around 85 KMPH with RPM of 3500 ;-) 16th October 2006
elf @kick.throttle: Whattado - I try to please :P Besides, yours is better ;) 15th October 2006
kick.throttle nice photoshop work on speedo 15th October 2006
black12rr Is that a brand new car :P .Nice piece of rubber and metal. 8th October 2006
yeee_ha hey B***H gr8 car..u knw me dude.. gypsyman. 4th October 2006
elf @FR: Yup, even the 3rd pic was clicked @Fariyas - just before I took off from the roof to hit the expressway direct... I hate paying toll, whattado? 3rd October 2006
elf @gamerno1: Thanks for the kudos... always happy to receive them. :D 3rd October 2006
Ford Rocam even third pic u clicked at fariyaz? l.o.l, at last all ur cylinders r firing eh. i mean ur car ;) 3rd October 2006
gamerno1 very neat pics & a nice top speed :) 2nd October 2006
elf OK, here are some new pics... recently shot @ Fariyas, Lonavala. 30th September 2006
elf @heelntoe: No beeg uffer. Midrez & tutor in phrant (kampunent spikar with splittar box). Back spikar ees cow-axle. 24th September 2006
heelntoe what no uffer? 24th September 2006
shrivz hey.. dude, how much did you pay for the clutch? 18th September 2006
elf @Boom_Shiva: The power delivery is really sweet - goes like a stink post 3000. Still cleaning her up though... 13th September 2006
Boom Shiva Good. Looks like you cleaned her up. Makes me miss my Lancer! 13th September 2006
elf @harman_bro: Got them from Viper, you can PM him for prices for your vehicle. Paid 4k for mine. 12th September 2006
harmon_bro How much for the MSD Plug Wires mate? 12th September 2006
elf @harman_bro: Nice sound on your free-flow. Shall do the same post monsoons, camera, yadda, yadda... 12th September 2006
elf @xtreme_power: No engine bay shots yet, mostly stock anyways... Maybe shall click new snaps post getting a decent camera & a service post monsoons. 12th September 2006
harmon_bro Hey post some video clips or sound clips of the exhaust sound mate. Also find my video shot yesterday, 10th September 2006
xtreme power elf can i please get a pic of ur cars engine bay 6th September 2006
gamerno1 thats a hot ride mate. revv on!! 27th August 2006
elf @Rocam: Sometimes I modify, sometimes I rectify... just like the rest of us... Shall call you soon dude! 11th August 2006
Ford Rocam arey elf bhai, i dont understand whats going on here are you modifying or rectifying??? lemme know if you require some help. 9th July 2006
viper the only way you will be happy is by doing ot at one go. It does not involve more than a day or two at the max which you have 9th July 2006
elf @Viper: You must be nuts to think I go to roadside mechanics! Also, attending to all probs at one go would require time, which I don't have much of... 9th July 2006
elf Just changed my clutch to a Valeo Performance & can feel the difference already! Next stage: a low restriction exhaust system... 9th July 2006
viper Hey Elf - Give it to someone proper not the road side type and your problem will be sorted out.Also attend to all problems at one go. 6th July 2006
elf Finally got the OWS Uber Iridiums installed today - immediate difference... better bottom end. 6th July 2006
elf @shrivz: Actually no, am going in for the Iridiums soon - got an irritating slight missing at idle... Really pissed off as nobody can figure it out!!! 7th June 2006
shrivz hope you get that sorted out soon.. you havent answered my ques yet.. did u find any significant diff with those NGKs? 5th June 2006
elf @ Rgu88: Thanks for posting. My Pakistani Dumper Truck (according to shrivz) has an Alpine H/U + a 6 disc changer, the speakers are all from Infinity. 4th June 2006
elf @shrivz: You monkey, you shouldn't be talking about looks, either the cars or yours! LOL!!! Getting probs sorted slowly dude, time's hard to find! 4th June 2006
Rgu88 Any how its from lancer family,and a 6 speker is better than sub.and its alpine 3rd June 2006
shrivz did you get that cyl problem sorted out yet? wanted to ask you whether you've found any significant difference after putting those NGKs on your car??? 3rd June 2006
shrivz no man your car looks like a pakistani dumper truck whose one cylinder doesnt fire!!! should i say anything better! ;) kidding!! 3rd June 2006
elf @ cheap_deal: No, that's my new dog fur muffler from Borla. Of course it's a dog - forgot to Photoshop him outta the snap... 3rd June 2006
elf @ tazz_rules: Thanks dude. Awaiting your car pics when you upload them. 3rd June 2006
cheap_deal sweet ride. is that a dog sleeping near rear left tyre?? 5th pic 3rd June 2006
tazz_rules i loved the color man its one gr888888888 car to have.ur one lucky fella 2nd June 2006
elf @Edmind; @bulldozer: Thanks... yet another gift from wifey (like the K&N)... methinks shall end up with complete car mods thanks to her!!! LOL! 19th May 2006
Edmund Very nice ride, saw it in the amby valley video too..... nice steering wheel!! 18th May 2006
bulldozer nice steering eenh.... 14th May 2006
elf @Ram: It's a 2000 model Lancer, all Jap, assembled here. 11th May 2006
ram What model year is your Lancer? 11th May 2006
chirag_raheja sum more sunlight pix plzzz 9th May 2006
nitrous elf, then u should have gone for 195/55/R15. U'd get the best handling-ride combo. Nevermind,anyway! :) 9th May 2006
elf @amitoj: I'm a bit nuts in traffic, so more bottom end needed... besides- there ain't no such thing as too much power... Heeheehaahaa (maniacal laugh) 7th May 2006
elf @ chirag: Thanks; @akshay: wrong question, dude! 7th May 2006
amitoj Nice well maintained ride, elf. Btw, goin by ur driving style frm the mum drive thread, do u really need free flow, turbo et al? 7th May 2006
AKSHAY SHETTY Hey this is a nice one!! Hope u have fun with this new one. 6th May 2006
AKSHAY SHETTY at wat price did you buyed your car and how much did you spent on it fo modifications 6th May 2006
chirag_raheja hey nice one yea....i heard dat u're intrestd in doing sum more mods.... 6th May 2006
elf @Nitrous, it's my daily driver & I wanted a decent ride as well, so 50s would have been damn harsh. Prices? PM. 1st May 2006
nitrous 205/50/R15 is the right upsize. Btw, how much did u pay, lucky fella? 29th April 2006
elf I plan to... 26th April 2006
Rehaan Very entertaining descriptions elf :) Hope you have fun with this new one. 26th April 2006
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