1992 Mercedes S600 Big Daddy

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1992 Mercedes S600 Big Daddy
Engine Specifications:
  • V12
Engine Misc.:
  • 6 Litre, 408hp.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Stock
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol
  • Stock
  • Automatic
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Stock
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • AMG style
  • Beige
  • Deep Purple


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Member: speedy
Created: 26th October 2009 12:27
Last Modified: 19th November 2009 23:58
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Author Comment Date
Kakes Is it still with you? 17th November 2020
Shayaaner You sold this car? 21st July 2020
abhijeetsng Whats the status of the Big Daddy? It's been a while, no updates! 13th February 2013
vinay kamath excellent stately car! speedy, my congrats - restore her fully soon! black S600 models , like the one used in parades at rashtrapati bhavan, look absolutely stunning and royal, even better than the current models ! 15th May 2011
mayankk oh!
thats definitely deserves a "Hoochi-Mama!!"
What you gonna do with it?
rather, what ALL you gonna do with it?

Youre right about the wheels.They cant be mistaken to belong to anything other than this.
5th April 2011
bravismah luvly car....i have found one ..what should be the price i can pay ..the car is in top shape and doesnt need any work on it..please advise..thanks and regards 14th February 2011
Akki_5 Lovely car. Looks magnificent. I hope i get to see this the next time i am near your place. 8th March 2010
bhp Congrats
a lovely of the best rims
20th November 2009
jubin i'm in love with it and i'm scouting for it. 4th November 2009
speedy V1p3r thank you.

Suped99 the thought is nice but i would let the normal TBHPIAN stickers ride with the car. Dont like someone feeling underpowered.:). The w221 do have this colour but no one orders it now. The w220 have a few cars in this colour. I just love this colour too and with the wheels it gives it a meaner look.
1st November 2009
suped99 Damn!it sure does look spic n span now!now u need to order a cutsom TBHP sticker which says "Got more cylinders?" lol! thats colors my favorite, although i never saw it on any W221 as yet! 1st November 2009
v1p3r Wow, now that's a real car! 31st October 2009
speedy Thanks Pranav and suped99.

The car is not as bad as it looked filled with dust. Now she only got a wash and clean and look at the difference. She is a runner and only need a few cosmetical things, mechanically she is perfect.
31st October 2009
suped99 That Truly Deserves the tag of 'Big Daddy'! Good luck on the restoration! Thanks for mentioning the body color :P Is the engine as bad as the outside of the car? 30th October 2009
pranavt Looks fabulous man. Good luck with the restoration, will be an absolute stunner once it's done :) 30th October 2009
speedy Thanks guys.
flyingspur you bet it does.
JayD she is not in as bad a state as she looks. Restoration would start monday.
Ace f355 i am very bad with writeups so you would probably see the pics once she is complete.
slick! she has no story y friend. Its the normal thing of the old being replaced by the new, thats all.
Indra_slk trust me the alloys are whats makes this car. When its ready you shall love them. They are period options for the S600.
28th October 2009
indra_slk it will look amazing after its restored. Only thing those alloys are ugly. 27th October 2009
Slick! I was hoping you would save this car from its misery!!! Glad you got it dude. Care to disclose its story?? 27th October 2009
Ace F355 Can't wait to see this beast back to its charm again.... plz keep us updated about restoration of this beauty. 27th October 2009
JayD Finally managed to buy it off eh? Nice! When's the resto starting? Its gonna be a heck of a job! All the best speedy! :) 27th October 2009
flyingspur Damn thing looks awesome even under a pile of dust. 26th October 2009
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