Maruti 800 redefined ;)

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Maruti 800 redefined ;)
Engine Specifications:
  • 796cc 3cylinder 5-speed gearbox
Fuel & Tuning:
  • shell super & normal. Depends upon availability.
  • Stock as of now, FFE coming soon, (pssst! that's my b'day present this year :P :D. Coming this april)
  • FWD
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • It hardly has any weight and I weigh some 60kilos :P
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Bridgestone potenza G3, 165/60 R13 rubber on 13" 5.5j wheels.
Interior & I.C.E:
  • Auto gauge 3 3/4" RPM gauge with shift light.
  • Custom made door pads.
  • Pioneer 5290. 3RC out.
  • PIONEER ovals (REAR).
  • JBL 6" comps (FRONT)
  • JBL A604.
  • Rockford Fosgate R500 MONO.
  • Sony 1000.
  • Focal, Scosche E2 wiring kits.
  • Debadged everything.
  • 6000k Bi-XENONs H4.
  • 5% visiblity on sides and rear, 20% visibility on the windshield.
  • Few scratches gifted by our past driver arrghhh :@
  • Hella Projector fog lamps with 55watt H3s.
  • Mother board : 945GCLF
  • HDD : 500GB sata
  • RAM : Transcent 2gb DDR2 667
  • Monitor : Lilliput EBY-701
  • Power supply : M2-atx 160watt automobile powersupply
  • Operating system : Windows XP Professionl
  • Front end : Centrafuse 2.0
  • Wi-Fi : Belkin 802.1g USB Wi-Fi receiver

Additional accessories (carputer):
  • iBall USB hub
  • svb usb keyboard
  • Dolphin trackball
  • Frontech Game controller
  • Zebronics mini cabinet.


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Created: 15th November 2009 10:04
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Author Comment Date
fiesta_21 Hey super neat car dude!! I like the car soo much after debadging.Good set of rims too, keep it up man! 12th April 2011
dj_square hey its ok for the late reply can you post some pics of 6.5" jbls installs please... 5th April 2011
kingofmyworld sorry about the late reply man. Yes they are computer speakers which I use to have earlier in my car but no w I have JBL 6.5" comps in the front. I installed those creatives behind the mesh you find on either sides on the dashboar. (lower side below the AC vents on both the sides) 31st March 2011
dj_square i also own a m800 99 model have changed the front head lights to type three ones and will be paiting the pillar black soon 22nd March 2011
dj_square really* 22nd March 2011
dj_square hey nice car man replly loved the simple still the best looking exterior work i wanted to ask where have you installed the creative 2.0 front speakers (are those computer speakers) 22nd March 2011
kingofmyworld You get similar alloys in 15" and above from plati. Got similar ones on my mate's swift. 195/60 r15. Looks super cool. 14th June 2010
ashwinsaval hey im looking for the same set of alloys for my swift..which brand is it??...and the carputer was a long standing project i had in mind for my final year BE Project...scrapped it though, nice to see that someone else has done it.. 14th June 2010
kingofmyworld Painting* 9th April 2010
kingofmyworld that's a vinyl, I,m [ainnting it black in the the next couple of months along with my repaint job, 3rd April 2010
ariesonu Have you painted your window sills in black or have you put tape on it? 31st March 2010
kingofmyworld somewhere around 11-12k (Set of 4) 10th March 2010
Ramsagar How much did the alloys cost? 9th March 2010
kingofmyworld Thanks man :D 7th February 2010
magnanimousdude lol have never seen any car with a computer installed literally!!! kudos good Job...... 6th February 2010
kingofmyworld Ride quality improved a lot, Braking, Handling also improved a lot. The only issue i had was with the FE :P...For the handling it gives me now, I am more than happy to take it easy on the FE.
FFE and CAI will be installed this April once I'm done with my exams. :D :)
5th February 2010
Bumble Beast Lovely lovely lovely !!
How is the ride quality and power output on the 13inchers? Any issues faced?
So whens the FFE coming :D
3rd February 2010
kingofmyworld thanks captain.
This is my first car too...
3rd January 2010
captainsokhi Nice car there mate.....
the carputer is cool....
my first car was a m800 5 SPEED.... loved it.... its bad it got discountinued.... its much better than the 4 speed one.....
1st January 2010
kingofmyworld Thanks sumeeth, Your inputs for the RPM gauge were of good help.. I'll upload the pics of it once i install it in my ride. 15th December 2009
sumeethaldankar Nice car buddy, liked what you have done to the window sills.Might think of doing the same to my 800 :-) 14th December 2009
kingofmyworld I can bet on that, It helps me kill loads of my free time waiting i nthe parking lot when i have to wait for my lazy friends :D lol 15th November 2009
supercars LOL.

I am sure you are the First 800 Owner with a PC in your car. It is good to spend time in traffic jams.
15th November 2009
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