New Honda City ZX 2006

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New Honda City ZX 2006
Engine Specifications:
  • N/A
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Yokohama AVS sport 205/55/15
  • Black Leather upholstry
  • Head Unit : Pioneer P1Y
    Rockford Fosgate P4004 4 Channel amp
    Rockford Fosgate P1683C Triaxial Speakers
    Rockford Fosgate P3 1500 Watt Dual Coil
  • Sub
    Rockford Fosgate P162S Front Component Speakers
  • Body Kit by Rio


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Member: mike3d
Created: 7th May 2006 13:02
Last Modified: 24th May 2006 19:00
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Comments: 62

Author Comment Date
xtremeshock Do you have an ownership thread? 25th January 2012
xtremeshock Awesome ride, enjoy 25th January 2012
SiddVish You have to tell me how you took that last picture - the one which looks like the car was in motion ( blurry background ) 20th December 2011
mike3d @dhanushs_ thanks bro 11th October 2010
dhanushs awesome images buddy!!!.. superbly taken!!.. and a great ride too. 30th July 2010
roopakr wow...A Neatly done NHC.Great selection Of Tyres, Alloys and Kits. And great snaps tooo...looks Hot 23rd June 2008
amit V8 AWESOME 13th January 2008
vishva ghosh awesome NHC and rocking alloy 7th January 2008
hellspawn are ur tires 205/55R15 or 205/50R15.if they are 205/55r15,do they foul with the wheel arches. 3rd November 2007
satya99bhp THIS IS quit different honda city, reveals its band Image. 17th October 2007
AnniHilat0R Awesome kit mannnn. Wanting to get one on my HNC. How much did it cost you ? 14th October 2007
saumil Ur Nhc looks Hot & the Pics are great! Rough estimate on the expenses ? 12th September 2007
aks_karthik How much did u spend for Rio Body Kit 27th August 2007
spadival Ur NHC looks quite okk.. Thats a compliment..considering how much I hate the NHC :) 20th July 2007
faheem_m i never liked the NHC because of the front part...but after seeing ur NHC i have no words..its simple fabulous ...and yeah awesome pics... 25th June 2007
ashwin_seattle best NHC i v seen.....looks simply awesome!! 9th June 2007
noidaboy nice and neat..i like it 7th June 2007
karthik247 nice man!!!! i always hated the nhc, until i saw this. its really cool!! 22nd May 2007
streetsdisciple wow....thats d best luking nhc iv seen till date.! 4th May 2007
1100D This is the first NHC I liked. Keep it this way (no vinyls - would make it over the top). 2nd May 2007
manikjeet FOG LAMPS 24th March 2007
ASH-WINS Something misssing "VINYLS" Baki sab perfect... 12th March 2007
JUELZ 41 this car is gangsta !! 20th February 2007
mike3d @gamerno1: Coming Soon!!! 4th February 2007
gamerno1 hey mike3d, about time you upload some ICE pics :) 28th January 2007
mobike008 Best looking NHC I saw till date. And full marks to the snapper too ;-) 20th January 2007
mike3d @ hellspawn: A little ;) 18th January 2007
hellspawn woahhh!!!looks too much has the ride quality suffered!! 12th January 2007
nikhilb2008 Looks sexy !! If only, it went as well as it looks :P 13th December 2006
rubin2006 never liked honda citys look but your car rocks man 7th December 2006
Z_addict Liked the front fascia Kit snapshot...full marks to the photographer 4th November 2006
mike3d @surajs...thanx buddy..have to be really careful i must admit with the kit on high bumps..otherwise no issues 27th October 2006
mike3d Thanks people ..@goldie . was plannin to go in for some performance upgrades but someone suggetsted i wait for the car to go out of warranty. 27th October 2006
surajs nice ride buddy..!! the way any problems with ground clearance?? 25th October 2006
goldie_malhotra wow - this NHC VTEC rocks !! great bodykit - and awesome alloys too. mike3d, are you planning some performance mods too - those tyres warrant some. 24th October 2006
superboy44 man u have changed my thinking of the new honda city,,,, never thought it could be so impressive 20th October 2006
gamerno1 agree with everyone. never thought the NHC can look this good. 20th October 2006
hellspawn best looking nhc ever........period 16th October 2006
MaserQ overall looks are tops...great looking body kit/alloys/tyres/sun film 9th October 2006
abhibh dude. i must agree i have afllen in love with the car. The best ever NHC. Look it from anywhere it won't dissapoint. 8th October 2006
dsinz wow!!! lovely skirts and Alloys. Is that Plati Alloys? 25th September 2006
mike3d @souljah ..he he i killed my photographer friend...(photoshopped) 14th July 2006
s0uljah Brilliant ride!! Pic#2 is stunning, how did you manage that ? 12th July 2006
dins can anyone tell me the cost did rio take modifying this NHC 28th June 2006
mike3d Thanx hotrod 23rd June 2006
HOTROD Great looking car.Cool looking alloys and tyre 22nd June 2006
mike3d @srinath: the alloys has sumthin calld ICE written...dunno wat brand is it but i relly luved them inspite it being lil too common 11th June 2006
srinath34 Whats the make of the alloy wheels? Seen a lot on Swifts. Great looking car bro 4th June 2006
revtech now thats one NHC i would give a second look at..really well done up buddy.. 31st May 2006
mike3d thank you very much dan bhai...glad u guys loved the car 26th May 2006
danlalan aabey salle...kunal told me u put ur cars pics on...didnt know it would looks so good dude....looks awesome viral.... 26th May 2006
mike3d Khanak the kit is a basic one costing around 35K 24th May 2006
mike3d Thanks Khanak,lamborghini,Kaka,sajo.......Jesal u r rite ..i do come at the club.(tryin to be regular)..thanx neways do meet up if u c me. 24th May 2006
khanak kaka he does have a spoiler. look closely. there are two 24th May 2006
khanak real nice car and nicely taken pics. hwo much did rio charge u 24th May 2006
jesal nice car i see it everyday now at the club, workout in the gym is it ? 17th May 2006
lamborghini Nice. replaces gray as the best colour on the NHC colour Options. Looks HOTT 12th May 2006
sajo The white colour sure looks great! I agree with Aza here, its the best NHC i have seen till date. 8th May 2006
mike3d thanx aza 8th May 2006
aZa Now this is the best looking NHC i've seen till date ... rock on !!! :D 7th May 2006
aZa how this is the best looking NHC i've seen till date !!! Cheers 7th May 2006
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