Maruti Alto Lx (2004) ...Wifey's Car...

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Maruti Alto Lx (2004) ...Wifey's Car...
Engine Specifications:
  • FC engine MPFI
  • 12 Valves
  • 3 cylinders
  • Maximum power: 47 bhp @ 6200 rpm
    Maximum torque: 62 Nm @ 3000 rpm
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • I wish... though quite peppy even without it
Fuel, Tuning & Engine Management:
  • Speed regular
  • Engine control: 32 bit computer
  • Stock, free flow planned
  • 5 speed manual
  • Front wheel drive
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • No in-laws then car goes fast.
  • Bit slower wid dem in-laws
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 165/60R-13 Falken ZE326
  • 13" 8 spoke K-Speed Racing Alloys
  • Suspension : Stock
  • Smaller diameter 3 spoke steering wheel (red & black)
  • Soft toy that makes traffic noises when you press it
  • Stock Maruti Bright Red paint
  • Uncoloured bumpers
  • Pioneer DEH2750MP in-dash single MP3/CD player
  • Boomy JBL CS 4196 6x9" speakers (rear)
  • Crappy Sony 4" front speakers (gotta get rid of them soon)
  • No Amp
  • No Sub
  • Chattering mother-in-law &/or sister-in-law
  • Peaceful father-in-law though...


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Author Comment Date
Xehaust Nice Car, lovely pics too :) 18th February 2008
sumeethaldankar Are those spacers btw.. 13th February 2008
sumeethaldankar Get a Free Flow Air Filter along with the FFE ..... 13th February 2008
elf Thanks benbsb29. Both wifey & I like it that way - it breaks the monotony of the red, else the car would look like it's been dipped in a tub of blood! 23rd February 2007
benbsb29 The car looks real gud... but why dont u try getting body colored bumpers? 23rd February 2007
iraghava Why has it melted?......... 3rd February 2007
elf Gotta change the ICE... 26th January 2007
elf @abhibh: about 3k for the steering, including boss & installation. Dunno about the Swift wheel - I don't sell car parts :D 24th October 2006
abhibh nice steering. how much did it costed. i like swift steering do they sell in open market ? 15th October 2006
elf Wokay, abhibh, steering wheel shot added. :) 8th October 2006
abhibh Would love to see the steering hehe 4th October 2006
elf @abhibh: Interior's bog stock, except for the ICE, steering wheel & soft toy. 17th September 2006
abhibh Gr9 car dude.. We will like to see the interiors pics as well. 16th September 2006
elf @2L8uLoose: Those are custom accessories which turn out to be expensive in the long run - they HAVE to be removed before selling the vehicle... 2nd September 2006
2L8uLoose In the ICE section you metioned chattering mother/sister-in-law.. that would have an effect on the market value of the car.. hehehe 1st September 2006
elf Thanks speedzak, drifter. Nice comments, may I add :D Interior's completely stock, except for a sport steering wheel. 28th August 2006
speedzak Nice car! nice tyres! nice wheels! why dont you put an interior pic also? 25th August 2006
drifter Hey, good rims man. Meaty rubber as well to match. Nice! Colour code the black bits and put a black-out strip on B-pillar+door frames. Will rock! 22nd May 2006
elf @viper; @Edmund: Thanks boys, wifey's beaming! 19th May 2006
Edmund Very nice alto here, like the wheels especially, i have the same tires on my ride, ZE-326!!! Nice photography too!!! 18th May 2006
viper oops forgot to mention nice rims, you might want to paint your roof white to look sporty 18th May 2006
viper hey nice clean colour looks very well maintained 18th May 2006
bulldozer lucky neesh enh....i luke da silva number plate though...:) 14th May 2006
hellspawn those alloys reall match the car...well done...lucky wifey.. :) 14th May 2006
elf Thanks man. Wifey loves them too :) 14th May 2006
aZa Nicee color !! and the alloys give that so-needed beefy look :D 14th May 2006
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