eZen Loaded with Hifonics Audio (Now Sold)

blueraven316’s Team-BHP Garage
eZen Loaded with Hifonics Audio (Now Sold)
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Stock Esteem 1.3 Ltr Carb Engine

Intake :

RACTIVE Conical Filter.

  • Stock.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Slightly hardened suspension,
  • 14 inch Plati Alloys with 195/45 14R Hankook Ventus Rubber.
  • Reasonably big audio ,
1 Hifonics BXi1206d Brutus Series MonoBlock Amp
1 Scosche efx HD4300 Hyperdrive series 4 Channel Amp
1 Crunch Pzi100.4 Powerzone series 4 channel amp
1 Hifonics MM1 iPod Interface
2 Hifonics BX12D4 Brutus Series 12" Subwoofers
1 Set of Scosche eFx 5.25" Hyperdrive Series Component Speakers
1 Set of Scosche eFx 6.5" Hyperdrive Series Component Speakers
1 Set of Hifonics AS6.5Ci 6.5" Atlas Series Component Speakers
1 Set of Scosche eFx 6X9" HyperDrive Series Coaxial Speakers
1 Soundstream 5 Farad Capacitor
1 Eclipse CD7200MKII Head Unit

Sounds Loud and Clear, SQL Setup.

  • Blitz Style Body kit .
  • 6000k HiLo H4 HID kit.
  • 4300K H3 HID in Fogs
  • Titan Racing 15" Alloys
  • Nankang 185/45 R15 Tyres
  • Hella Rally 500 Fog Lights


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1145124455292_IMG_0054.jpg 1145342210098_1144720009327_IMG_0059.jpg 1147638149775_IMG_0062.jpg DSC00930 - no plate.JPG Hifonics Zeus Setup Standing in HOTT Sun 0702_214953.jpg
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DesertKing Now I got that why your car needed a 1300 CC engine, I can understand how hard it was for a 1000 CC to roll the machine with such a havvy ICE set up. I am sure on full volumn, it will will blow up your car.. Eager to know if the Esteem engine was a streight fit on the Zen gear box.. 5th April 2010
Max awesome, loving it. don't play it in quit neighborhood. 12th October 2009
ElantraGT After looking at your car pictures I am amazed with the kind of work and effort that has gone in to modding of the car. You ride ROCKS!!!!. 23rd September 2009
deepax Hey... showed this to one of my friends owning a zen. He has gone mad will be anytime at evo !!! 14th September 2009
karizma_devil Wow looks killer ....

Seems ICE wd be costlier than Zen !
11th August 2009
flyingspur My God !! I'm speechless. 20th July 2009
ShyamSCrdi Stonker of a car. Great work on it. 30th April 2009
VJ_MAVRICK satya! i was searching for your shop on sunday in cambridge layout to talk about the body kit.Tried calling you too but was switched off.Is it near the sai baba temple? 11th August 2008
blueraven316 Yeah, I just got one , am under running in due to the Rebuild. Car compared to earlier produces some very nice torque despite of the huge weight I run. 18th June 2008
crazydiablo Did you get a esteem engine? 18th June 2008
binz This car now moves too! 12th June 2008
ashutoshb HOT!! 16th May 2008
binz Ssup bluepimp,why don't you put up new pics. 13th May 2008
smsrini Awsome ICE. Am curious to know why the Hatchbacks - Zen, Swift are popular as ICE Showcars rather than the bigger cars - the civics, Innovas, Safaris.... 30th April 2008
SRShrikanth Obviously, it's amongst the hottest rides in this country. Am keen to know if the Recardo seats are comfi for everyday driving and their cost & availability in Bbay plss. 11th April 2008
Xehaust one hot car you have there. Looks like its right out of one of the F&F movies. 29th March 2008
sjcherian WOW ....really good looking car. Am sureyou turn heads where you drive it ! 28th March 2008
headers Satya..that is one helluva ICE setup in a zen. Great..look forward to meeting you sometime! 11th March 2008
sumeethaldankar Awesome man,love the tranny shift. 24th February 2008
vipulkamboj This is a discotheque on wheels...the music starts here.....great job dude! 24th February 2008
praveen_v Only one word.... WOW 24th February 2008
praveen_v Only one word.... WOW 24th February 2008
blueraven316 Sure, give me a buzz b4 you are coming.
Ice I am not planning to change in some time now, I like the way it sounds, some performance mods should be next but have to find time too :)
16th February 2008
rider60 boss ICE change every three months and you use 5farad capacitor for the ice man that says volumes about the car already, and i was kind of awestruck after looking at the fiber glass fitting of components! AWESOME RIDE MAN keep it up!

when is the engine swap going to happen? i mean the baleno's into this icy car?
hope to see that too! hey can i see the car when i am in Bangalore? i plan to come there this april/may for holidays!
16th February 2008
theMAG Let me tell you guys that there's nothing bluer than this car!

Satya - whats your upgrade today (R) ?!
5th February 2008
s0uljah With the new mono upgrade she is getting hella loud!! Nice tight bass from the Brutus. 7th January 2008
Sanjay Didwania do you own accessories shop 6th January 2008
SRShrikanth Musr ride like a dream.....does she still need fuel.!!! Hands Down, Sir. Awe-striking stuff here. 4th January 2008 man thats some neat stuff your ride must bounce 4th January 2008
wmax WHOAA!! dats awsome!! 27th December 2007
Ali G Now dats what i call Pimped Out!.. 23rd December 2007
blueraven316 Simple, host the pix somewhere, copy paste 10th December 2007
NIP awesome ! did u manage to put up pix in the left coloumn here !?? 10th December 2007
car_freek Hey Guru Dev How r u Everytime look at your Ride its my envy and your pride :( 5th December 2007
binz wherews the new setup? 2nd December 2007
BAKIYA_2K12 what was the cost of undecar neon is it street glow 24th November 2007
gopz This one mind blowing zen with a mind blowing ICE setup 15th November 2007
car_freek Oops Guru Dev ;) 14th November 2007
car_freek Where do you Ride This Beauty Bro !!!! 14th November 2007
Jeep The hottest Zen on the planet! The seats don't go well otherwise everything else is the best that one can do! 4th November 2007
Rocky_Balboa awesome Satya. 3rd November 2007
CARFREAK17 call me 19th October 2007
CARFREAK17 i will pay u 5 lacs cash if intersted 19th October 2007
CARFREAK17 and contact me my 9888325293 19th October 2007
CARFREAK17 wat is the value of the car 19th October 2007
CARFREAK17 dude where do u live and from where did u get the upgrades done coz i have baleno and learn how to drift 19th October 2007
~~VinZ~~ last picture is infront of autofusion... is'nt it?... 10th October 2007
saintsinner wow.. the ICe is no doubt great! but overall, this is the best looking zen i have seen. the paint job is awesome too! 19th September 2007
saajan_20 god save bluervens ear drums must be sounding great !!!!! 12th September 2007
kick.throttle wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! is all i can say 11th September 2007
kjdesigns_2000 Nice exterior work there, very impressive 31st August 2007
redeye sounds very clear , amazing setup , awesome car 26th August 2007
sAP Yeah, now thats more like it. I see a lot of improvements in your interior since the last time I commented. 22nd August 2007
Knight Rider @Blue, Amazing setup, Can I ask one more dumb qtn please, You only have two amps in your setup, How are the speakers powered? 10th August 2007
blueraven316 @ Car Freak, Ayushman Bhava !!!............. LOL! Thanks mate! 9th August 2007
car_freek You Made it really hot bro....I'l take you as Guru Dev :) 9th August 2007
warchild man you got a loud zen!...enjoy madi:) 8th August 2007
nicejits nice Car ! whats d cost of underboady neons ? 7th August 2007
rjstyles69 Thats some $hit loads of stuff Satya. BTW the body kit looks neat. 20th July 2007
abeen123 coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool 1st July 2007
kartikkumar That's one rocking set-up you have there raven!! and the car look stunning!! 27th June 2007
VJ_MAVRICK Great maen....awesome shez looking!!! in particular i liked the bumpers...where did u get those decked up...can u plzzzz lemme know 22nd June 2007
IronWolf Hey Raven.. remember our Quake sessions.. give me a call as I need to ICE a Baleno which I just bought 22nd June 2007
theodore_ftw Nice! Really nice skirts and Bumpers.....Any contacts in Delhi/NCR area? 18th June 2007
noidaboy thats the best and the hottest zen i ever seen!!!! wwwwwwooww 11th June 2007
jas_mirage oops i meant 14 inchers Plati.. di u ever change the suspension buddy?? or is it just stock suspension hardened?? 7th June 2007
jas_mirage and how did u get ur suspension hardened..?? 7th June 2007
jas_mirage hey and one more thing.. i'v got Plati alloys 13inchers and they seem to hit the flares for the back wheels.. anthing i can do about that?? 7th June 2007
jas_mirage hey buddy.. wanted to do up the bumper ad skirts of my zen something like that.. where did u get it done from?? is it standard or custom made?? 7th June 2007
streetracer_919 did u cut the fenders ? 3rd June 2007
nischint dude...hw mch for the grill and skirts...i' m also lukin forwrd 2 mod a zen... 28th May 2007
pawan loudest car i have sat it. 21st May 2007
blueraven316 You'll get to see it on Sunday, am coming to Grips:) 19th May 2007
Godfather Sweeeet... When do i get to see it?? 17th May 2007
Team Fiat Blown Out of my mind awsome not thats ice 17th May 2007
nischint woooooooow!! nice car ! [:D] 8th May 2007
blueraven316 Yeah my engine Ground Cable got D/Ced due to water logging, was getting it fixed. 25th April 2007
Spinnerr Did I see your ride on that inner ring road near that fly over with its hood open on 22 Apr??? 24th April 2007
hari_rama cool car dude.....nice wax polish job...n yeah the allloys are fabulous 30th March 2007
blueraven316 Recaros now, White leather was earlier 30th March 2007
srees1181 excellant alterations 30th March 2007
bottle there are 2 pics of seats which are you using now ? recaro or the white leather 30th March 2007
liv2drv that is an amazing car. NIce job man. Relly appreciate ppl getting their ice setup to look as good as it sounds 25th March 2007
MNAKASH WOW !!!!!! Dats a beauty 16th March 2007
sajid33 i'm from UP bro , where exacly did u find the recaro seats , can i get the address or mob no. plz 7th March 2007
sajid33 Really Hot Work Dude ! can ya tell me what colour it exacly is ( the name of colour ) 7th March 2007
WagonRkid Great body kit!! It rocks with interiors!! 6th March 2007
binz Actually ive seen your car a million times..mostly on old madras rd and once on houdin rd...even thought of stoping you for a drop home lol 1st March 2007
blueraven316 Can see it anytime, gimme a buzz, after a Baleno there is nothing great to drive abt it tho, its a stock and heavy car :) 1st March 2007
binz Sweet!Wen do i get to see it and drive it?? 1st March 2007
mobike008 Real hot mods, great alloys, lovely ICE and moreover a very nice color of car. Keep it up 12th February 2007
karan561 Best looking ZEN i have ever seen ..... keep it up man .... 24th January 2007
Sidewinder$ looks nice.... 23rd January 2007
blueraven316 The Spare Wheel is at home in my Balcony :) 18th January 2007
ramie2400 where is the spare wheel? 17th January 2007
ASH-WINS can u plz tell me whic 1 to buy and how much would it cost. 13th January 2007
ASH-WINS U r king to me.....i have Pure white zen,planin to put up Keyless Security Power windows.can u plz tell me whic 1 to buy and how much would it cost 13th January 2007
chaxy Awesome car !! you seem to have a great taste in selecting the accessories. Also like the fact that you have not put fancy stickers on the exteriors. 31st December 2006
planet_rocker i guess you have sold off most part of the ice. any updates on the new ice? anyways love the colour specially with the body kit. 12th December 2006
Ramsagar Front bumper looks really awesome....can I have the mobile of Mr.Anwar 11th December 2006
blueraven316 Recaro Seats available in Bangalore for 15,000 can fit any car with slight customization. 7th December 2006
lancersfx Just mindblowing piece of work. Nice work blueraven316's 7th December 2006
johy Wow! I love those seats (both the Recardo and the white ones). I would love the Recardo ones for my WagonR - any poniters? 6th December 2006
SuzukiSport Is your bumper custom made or dit you just order it i'm for the netherlands and the are no bumper like your's avialable for my car i'm thinking at imp 5th December 2006
jkdas any engine mods? 2nd December 2006
japneet_b do u wannna sell it ???? 29th November 2006
japneet_b Best ZEN i hav eva seen 29th November 2006
sAP I like it! U might want to consider a custom headlamp and sports steering to flow with the rest of it. 8th November 2006
blueraven316 Kit with repaint was 35k, @ Karthik , lover muzik ?? LOLOL 13th October 2006
jesal nice kit, how much does it retail for ? 13th October 2006
karthik247 Oops.....Nice car, Lovely muzik!*** 5th October 2006
karthik247 Nice car, lover muzik! 5th October 2006
dsinz Amazing!!! looks clean and neat. Love those skirts and alloys.... 25th September 2006
hianooo nice car...Power steering? 25th September 2006
blueraven316 Install was done by Anwar in Kormangla, Bangalore. 10th September 2006
Team Fiat awsome audio set up dude love the front bumper 10th September 2006
raw bass hey its really looking good from where u got ur music system install 9th September 2006
turbodrive55 cool work bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!! post more pics 17th August 2006
sunilchakola Neat work buddy......... The ICE is looking awesome!!!!!! 15th August 2006
audiophile WHOAH !! what is that ? very unique car indeed !! :) 15th August 2006
blueraven316 Thanks for the nice words, The ICE has changed already, it changes every 3 months, will post new pics soon :) 29th July 2006
buzzin_hornets nice kit!! crazy ICE setup ;) 24th July 2006
PATZ Hey it appeals dude itza really HOTTYYY..! 1..yeah.. 9th July 2006
seanmatt nice ride bro looks hot r those crome mats tat u hav in side ur car... 27th June 2006
khanak real nice bodykit 11th June 2006
blueraven316 @driven_b : I am waiting on a 3" HKS muffler frm BKK, they sound really neat and sporty, Blore only has 5 " available, so am importing. 4th June 2006
blueraven316 Thanks for the comments :) @rev_hard : The suspension was hardened by RAC, I needed it as the stock Gabriels are too soft and on turns car was tilting 4th June 2006
amit_sound really neat the color....everything is perfect...frm the footwear to the body kit... 3rd June 2006
diven_b nice car....which imported muffler are u talking about 2nd June 2006
rev_hard Really nice looking ride.. btw how didja manage to get your suspension "slightly hardened"? i got the same tyres for my ride hence the question.. 1st June 2006
aZa Hot looking ride ..Very neat !! 1st June 2006
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