Maruti Esteem 2000 - Turbo

Psycho’s Team-BHP Garage
Maruti Esteem 2000 - Turbo
Here are my points of gratitude to those who have helped to get this build to where it has come to:
  • My family to let me live with all this madness
  • Vasu / SAG Racing to help me to get it together time and again without fail
  • Race dynamics for the great ECU
  • Anwar / Tohqueer for the audio

Engine Specifications:
  • MPFI
Engine Misc.:
  • Ported and Polished Head
  • Green Cotton Filter from Pete's
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Mitsubishi Turbo
  • BOV
Fuel & Tuning:[*]BOV[/list]Fuel & Tuning:
  • HKS Plugs
  • Upgraded Injectors
  • Race dynamics ECU
  • FPR
  • Apexi Turbo Timer with AFR
  • Walbro Fuel Pump
  • New Plumbing
  • Custom Down Pipe & Exhaust
  • Custom Gearbox
  • Stage 3 clutch
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • None
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Custom Suspension - Street
  • 14" Rims with Yokohoma's AVS ES100- 185/60/14 - Wish they would grip
  • Black Sports seats with harnesses
  • Custom Art Leather seats
  • Painted
  • pioneer 6850
  • 2 sets 236 IS a/d/s 6.5' components
  • 1 active bass tube 10' AB-502.10A a/d/s
  • efx Cabling
  • NASA 6 ch Amp
  • Ipod Adapter
  • No Damping

Dyno: 176bhp on the wheel @ 1bar

Front door speakers

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Paint booth Car in the parking lot Old Seats replaced with Recaro's Rear Windscreen Front door speakers Out in the hills Upgraded Plumbing 176 @ 15 psi
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supercars I hope the a/c was not removed otherwise everyday commuting can become a pain. :( 18th June 2013
mycarhasablower was the a/c condenser removed to accomodate the intercooler? 11th October 2012
mycarhasablower nice custom gearbox , what do you mean? altered ratios or strengthening? if strengthening ,then how. 11th January 2012
Psycho Thanks @planet_rocker 16th September 2011
planet_rocker nice Keshav... :) 13th September 2011
darkenrahlin How much did it cost to get all this done btw... if you dont mind my asking?? I have an esteem that i'm completely in love with ( had it for 10 years ) and i think its time to do something with it :P 25th July 2010
coloneljasi Looks like a fantastic machine. Put up some better snaps of the car. Preferably with some dramatic backgrounds. 28th June 2010
Psycho I think the car is madder :) 1st March 2010
esteem_lover Would love to know which one's madder. 6th April 2009
blueraven316 Oh, Off Topic: THIS CAR IS AS MAD AS THE MAN WHO OWNS IT! PHEW !!! 26th June 2008
blueraven316 Change that crappy head unit to Alpine, you are anyways deaf, so Alpine will produce enough High freqs for your ears. So when you planning to throw that amp ? 26th June 2008
mclaren1885 Jitu, keep me informed when you guys are deciding on dynoing your cars. If I get my car running by then would definitely love to come along. 6th May 2008
Ford Rocam can spend as much time on a dyno tuning for very cheap. 6th May 2008
Ford Rocam Tight Fit for U or Me...?lol when we can swap engines we can swap seat as well:) .ya come over to mumbai, we are gettting our cars dynoed soon in group of 5-7 cars, will work out very cheaper. 6th May 2008
mclaren1885 How about a trip to Bombay and dynoing the car? It would be nice to see the power and torque figures and curves at 18 psi. That way even Jitu gets his TD. 5th May 2008
Psycho @Rocam: Got to come down to Bangalore and realize that the seats are a very tight fit not the ones like last time. 5th May 2008
Ford Rocam I want a test ride da. 5th May 2008
Psycho Latest update fitted HID's 4300K and have new clutches and tyres for the drags 5th May 2008
Torqueguru Some day i wanna take a ride in this one psycho! 17th April 2008
alias how about another ride???

what say??
17th April 2008
heavy_foot Lovely rocket..still remember the ride i had in it last year. After all that additions cant imagine how fast it would be...swwoosssh..cheers Keshav. 28th March 2008
TARUL Hey psycho waiting for another ride now with the race dynamics etc.Fantastic car
& its got some psychic pull.
18th February 2008
Psycho @Jay Living life in the slow lane : 8psi feels so slow... 24th January 2008
Jay been more than a year now eh ??? 27th December 2007
kmrao_in hi Psycho, i want to upgrade my car with Turbo. Can U let me know where I can get this upgraded in Bangalore efficiently at no big bills! Thanks. 10th December 2007
yasw_anth awesome lookingf esteem ... nice colour choice too...howz d difference with head portd nd polishing alone befor nd after?do u recommened it in my zen? 23rd September 2007
warchild ahh the most meanest esteem in the east:) 7th August 2007
Psycho Almost 6 months up since the turbo was put in and couldnt have done anything better for it to be a daily drive monster. 14th May 2007
mclaren1885 Its ok if its once in a while , not all the while in 1st gear and for a good part in 2nd gear ..Your loosing time ra !!!! 10th May 2007
Psycho Dont mind the smell of burnt rubber once in a while 7th May 2007
mclaren1885 Bump Bump !! Emanage added to the list .. And the car is flying even better .. Though u need to do something about smoking rubber !! 30th April 2007
Psycho One the way there... need some more time to get free and focus to get it done. 11th April 2007
Ford Rocam You need to set your piping right, dont you? 9th April 2007
Psycho Close ratio and final drive changed 9th April 2007
ananthkamath what is a custom gearbox? close-ratio? 7th April 2007
Psycho ET Weight and timing 23rd March 2007
nitrous Keshav,how did u calculate the WHP figures?? With the ET in the drag,is it?? 22nd March 2007
Psycho looks like there was a mistake when I entered in the numbers it is FWHP and not WHP 20th February 2007
Psycho Was 130 FWHP at the Speed Run with 5 PSI of boost, have run it with 9 PSI quite relaiably 20th February 2007
Psycho Was 130 WHP at the Speed Run with 5 PSI of boost, have run it with 9 PSI quite relaiably 20th February 2007
turbotime hey nice setup how many horses (whp) are u gettin out of it 18th February 2007
Psycho @The Wolf thanks for the wishes man... need em and need to keep my fingers crossed 14th February 2007
The Wolf Weight reduction, nitrous and few more of your gizmos should be good enuf for a top spot easily...All the best man!!! 13th February 2007
The Wolf Hey Pshycho, thanks for the ride man...pretty impressive...felt like an under 16sec car already... 13th February 2007
Psycho @mclaren1885 Yeah I know I need to lighten but there is more stuff to be put on tomm let me get down to it and close. 9th February 2007
mclaren1885 Psycho wont be satisfied with even 100 pounds of boost tht v all knw.. But after the TD yest, id say ITS QUICK. Now lighten her for goodness heavens. 8th February 2007
Psycho @mclaren you can get one when you want it :) and trust me it is not fast enough till I am satisfied enough with it. 8th February 2007
mclaren1885 That is one psychotically fast car , and im in love with the TC .. Uncle get me a TC ... 8th February 2007
Psycho @maxbhp: I dunno for sure as I never bothered to check but have taken down VTEC's and and Baleno's on closed loop 1st February 2007
maxbhp whats the 0-100 timing like ? Any way nice ride with custom everything ! 23rd January 2007
Psycho @kailashnj: Havent kept tabs on what has been going into the car... 5th January 2007
kailashnj How much have you spent in all on your esteem. Man it is a wonder to watch. I would also like to modify my esteem on the same lines if you can help. 20th December 2006
Psycho @Rocam thanks dude, but it just keeps getting better, need to stop experimenting am already on the verge of outrunning my injectors ;) 14th December 2006
Ford Rocam Your experiment with timing curve has paid off well, just take care of the seal & ur done. 12th December 2006
Psycho @ Steeroid : Well there is quite a list pending for the Lumina from the last time, do you want me to send you a new list? 12th December 2006
Steeroid Time for me to supercharge the Lumina, you madman! 12th December 2006
v1p3r Now with new rubber! 8th December 2006
The Wolf Aah...I was off the forum bt luks like lot hs happnd since I last sat in ur car...Well, when are v meeting?? desperate to hear the BOV!!!Fthrrrrr rr r 4th December 2006
BUSA Amazing Ride.. time some psycho was born in bombay 2.. 2nd December 2006
Psycho Well am a Psycho what else and I am not the first one to have a turbo on their ride... guess turboindia was the first one to have it on our forum. 1st December 2006
speedzak Psycho!!!! You know what you are right???? Yes!!! PSYCHO!! 1st December 2006
KINGAR hey the car looks great.. its missing some graphics .. let me help u if u are interested? 1st December 2006
viper Oye Mad man. Sure have a beast on hand. Pl put up some figures when you can 1st December 2006
kpzen Damn..!! Y dont v have psycho's around delhi.....!!! 1st December 2006
v1p3r Ok, so now your car is quicker. 30th November 2006
Steeroid !@$@#*())@! You really are Psycho.... 30th November 2006
rjstyles69 hey Psycho!! I suppose this was the same ride that you were working on the last time we came down to your garage. Looks neat !! 30th November 2006
Psycho Still got work going on it will have to do a proper run to confirm the figures.. But by the seat of the pants its around 130 on the wheels. 30th November 2006
nikhilb2008 hey, Awesome stuff there....but what are the performance figures like ?? 30th November 2006
Jay One of the fastest i've sat in... and too damn smooth too.... 30th November 2006
Jay Got a ride in it today... AWESOME !!! Super fast.... 30th November 2006
hellspawn woahhhhh!!!!!!turbo esteem.....u r psycho 29th November 2006
elf Really lovely colour, & your alloys are classy too. All-in-all: Superb. :) 25th November 2006
Godfather Have to see this car... Looks very good.. 5th November 2006
kick.throttle awsome.. mast it is........ wounderfull 7th October 2006
ajmat Hawe seen it in action on the track - goes well -am sure it will be even better once fine tuned 13th September 2006
hellspawn hey ur rims look too big for 13" 3rd September 2006
s0uljah keshav... your rides looking nice, ICED & SPICED ;) sweet paintjob btw !! 2nd September 2006
Psycho Just Completed my a/d/s install and beethoven never sounded so sweet 1st September 2006
sdsmy show some engine performance 20th August 2006
karthik1107 an amazing one!! THink this should be the best photographs of the year... 20th August 2006
Psycho yeah the headlights were removed to paint the car :) gotta wait till i make up my mind to finish the mods 3rd August 2006
veyron1 Why do I get the feeling that the headlights have been removed for a certain purpose... Screw the looks- the heart is what I'm interested in. 23rd July 2006
Psycho @v1p3r: For Now, @esteem_lover: didnt get what you meant 13th July 2006
esteem_lover hmph!!!!!!!! 13th July 2006
v1p3r My car is quicker. 13th July 2006
Psycho The T was meant for this one as the white one in the background is my bro's. 28th June 2006
Jay Neat, When did all this happen ??? and i thought the white one would have the 'T', what happened to that one ??? 28th June 2006
Psycho latest pic is of a diff shade as I had to enhance it to show the interior work. 1st photo is the accurate shade in the sun and 2nd one in the shade. 19th June 2006
mclaren1885 Oye , put up some better pics now that the car is all done up will u ?? 18th June 2006
Psycho well its not going to be more wicked than your ride, might just be able to keep up ;) 5th June 2006
Steeroid Hey Keshav when's the baby due? I gotta be there for this *wicked grin* 5th June 2006
Psycho 1 month and counting :) 5th June 2006
memo45_m remember i have the T monogram 4th June 2006
mclaren1885 Cant wait to see this car in flesh .. Come on psycho get this beast ready soon .. 4th June 2006
v1p3r Sweet. Can't wait to get my hands on it. 4th June 2006
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