2010 My Wicked White ANHC

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2010 My Wicked White ANHC
Engine Specifications:
  • Stock
Engine Misc.:
  • Stock
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Stock
  • Stock
  • Stock
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Stock
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 205/50/R16
  • BFGoodrich Sport tyres
  • CarPC : Lilliput 7" touch screen, intel D201GLY mother board, 1gb RAM 80 gd HDD.
  • Head Unit : Pioneer DEH-P8650
  • Front Components :Image Dynamics CTX65cs
  • Rear Fill:- N/A ( i drive alone , so whay waste money on it)
  • Subwoofer: Image Dynamics IDV3 12D4
  • Amp : Harman/Kardon CA470
  • Wiring : Rockfor Fosgate RFK4D, Kicker for speakers
  • Damping : Noise kill (all 4 doors) and Dynamte Xtreme (trunk)
  • Matt balck alloys with yellowish orange lip.
  • Mugen RR body kit
  • 35% Tints for Sides
  • De-Badged, only HONDA logo
  • Team-BHP Sticker at rear
  • Sporty Looks Head Rests.


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Author Comment Date
Jayabusa Cool calipers, alloys and yellow rings. 1st February 2011
monty9991 thanks ashish.. :) 11th November 2010
ashish22 very nice taste... 11th November 2010
monty9991 those are just the caliper covers. just for the show ;) 8th July 2010
l_tejash Wow your car looks stunning
Are those just the Callipar Covers or u have got a kit for them?
8th July 2010
monty9991 thanks for the comment on my alloys and caliper covers .

I had this mod in my mind while i was putting uo with these alloys. about 60% of people disliked my choice with the alloys.

But i like them so i dont care about what they say. I only hear to people who appreciate my choice. hehehe
7th July 2010
yzfrj Nice alloys man. With the brake caliper covers (in the thread) looks awesome. 7th July 2010
monty9991 thanks might have seen the install but i think you got the date wrong.. i bought the car on 29th Jan 2010 and install work was done in april 2010.

@dj .. thanks mate and yes it was done at GYRO
6th July 2010
djbasscreator i suppose its the same one done by Gyro.. i admire this Honda job very much..!
congoz mate, u've got an awsome ride there. :)
27th June 2010
desideep Where is the bai jee.. hehehe any ways i think i was there when you got this installed it was in 2009 march or so rite 27th June 2010
monty9991 Yes, thats why its blacknd for some serious attitude.
12th May 2010
Utopian The front grille gives it some serious attitude. Looks really good on it. 12th May 2010
monty9991 thanks for the comment.
these are 205/50/R16 on GF Goodrich rubber.
16th April 2010
arjunrudra Wow first One to comment ! Truly awesome modifications. What profile tyres are they ? Are the pirelli p6 's ?
Looks to me like it.
16th April 2010
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