2009 - Swift Vdi - Mods in progress

naveen.raju’s Team-BHP Garage
2009 - Swift Vdi - Mods in progress
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 15" Stamford Alloys
  • Yokohama S Drives 205/50/R15
  • Blue neons
  • Pioneer-DEH-6250BT
  • Sony Xplod Amp
  • Pioneer front speakers
  • JBL rear Speakers
  • JBL Bass Tube
  • Single Full CCFL Projector Headlights (Motorized Auto Level)
  • 4300k HID
  • Custom Mesh grill (Upper & Lower)
  • Custom Side Skirts
  • Roots Horn (Skode Type)
  • LED side blinkers and rear parking light
  • LLumar Windshield Sun films

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IMG_1961.jpg IMG_1960.jpg IMG_0903.jpg IMG_0901.jpg 36386_414478425944_701335944_4523585_5948080_n.jpg 36386_414478405944_701335944_4523583_603481_n.jpg 34631_418841230944_701335944_4633130_2966923_n.jpg 34631_418841225944_701335944_4633129_7944881_n.jpg high.jpg P1030758.jpg DSC02446 [640x480].jpg DSC02464 [640x480].jpg IMG00424-20110422-1453.jpg IMG00309-20110326-1801.jpg P1030759.jpg
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Author Comment Date
naveen.raju @omthoke- I got these from Cochin. Havent seen one for Cedia though. Think you need to retro fit them onto your existing assembly. 1st April 2013
OmThoke Hey great - I had been looking for someone who had got angel eyes, and a good HID - can you pls tell me from where did you get these? I'm looking for something similar for my Cedia Sports :) 1st April 2013
dhanushmenon very true... the one which focus on the moss is better than the other one 24th December 2011
naveen.raju @thanks Dhanush. Was experimenting with my BB. :-) There's one more similar snap which focus the moss with a blurred image of the car. That came out well. will upload it soon. 23rd December 2011
dhanushmenon The eleventh snap is the pick of the lot (with the green moss in foreground).

Beautiful ride and very tastefully done mods... Bravo
22nd December 2011
naveen.raju @autoslave - I got it from Emperor. 23rd September 2011
autoslave FXX Hi Naveen - Were in Kochi did you get those projector lamps from? 21st September 2011
naveen.raju Thanks a lot nikibusa 17th August 2011
nikibusa Amongst One of the best Swift's I have seen. Neat set of alloys, projector and angel eye setup, neat looking grille too. 4th August 2011
naveen.raju @Streetracer - LLUMAR Charcoal Black ATR Series - CH 50/CH05. I got everything (front film and side glass) for 4.8k 29th April 2011
streetracer_919 could u giv the the details of your front film. its price.model? 11th April 2011
naveen.raju Thanks iceman.! 17th February 2011
iceman7 With golden coloured rims though.... 15th February 2011
iceman7 If I ever buy a White Swift, this is exactly how it will be looking. In the 2nd picture it looks like a Viper (the snake). I like!! 15th February 2011
naveen.raju @cityvic - Thanks a lot 13th January 2011
cityvic Wow,looks great.:D 29th December 2010
naveen.raju @Edmund - Thanks Mate. I got it from Cochin. 11th October 2010
Edmund Superbly clean look! Where did you get those sweet headlamps from? 10th October 2010
naveen.raju Thanks guys.. Waiting for more addons in the future ;-) 27th August 2010
KRIEG150 the first two pics remind me of a facia (specially the eyes) of bullsharks scanning its vicinity in the dark deep waters, searching for prey...

your ride's amazing!
21st August 2010
niazjifri your ride looks stunning. need to know about the Headlights, such as price/place to buy coz i would like to buy the same for mine. appreciate your help. 18th July 2010
hellraiser_yank can you please PM me the details of the h/l assembly. overall a very menacing yet sleeper like appeal. 24th May 2010
naveen.raju Thanks. You can see the second pic. 29th April 2010
kutlee can't see the mesh. looks nice anyway. 27th April 2010
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