Mercedes E 250D (sold)

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Mercedes E 250D (sold)
Engine Specifications:
  • 5 Cyl. in line
Engine Misc.:
  • 2500 cc
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Naturally Aspirated
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Diesel
  • Stock
  • 5 Speed Manual
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • None
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Bilstein Shocks, OE Alloys, 195/65/15 Yokohama V550 Decibel Series
  • Stock fabric (yes it is 18 years old)
  • Standox - re-done in WHITE all the way, no two-tone with grey claddings. Bumpers with Matt Textured Black as OE. New front windshield

With the fender indicators finally there !

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Glaring into the camera !! The tailend !! I am 18 years young ! Fresh out of a bath !!! The underdog !! She is finally home !! 006.jpg She is finally home !! 004.jpg She is finally home !! 001.jpg Finally the caps on the Alloys Merc Audio Install 011.jpg The corrected grille allignment With the fender indicators finally there !
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supercars How much did you sell the car for ? 7th February 2012
Ricky_63 Just put in a new Amaron battery last month. Disuse took it's toll I guess :-( 7th March 2011
Ricky_63 It is the Audi White.......Ironic but true !!!!!! 23rd January 2011
mycarhasablower beutiful car there....i always believed that most colours might look great at the first glance but become boring after a while ,while white and black are two colours that are timeless. Can you get me the codes for the colours you used in standox for the body and rims? i wanted the same colours on my contessa. 23rd January 2011
Ricky_63 There is a thread on the whole restoration already.Thanks 3rd October 2010
Knight Rider This is great. Beautiful, You should start a separate thread for this beauty 3rd October 2010
Ricky_63 LOL thank you for the kind words. Understated is what I like. LOL 27th August 2010
AirWind Beautiful.... is an understatement 27th August 2010
Ricky_63 Thanks Varun !! Glad you like it. 4th July 2010
varun m beautifull !!! i miss my w124 which is in mumbai at the moment. Great job sir !!! 3rd July 2010
SuperSelect Wow ! What a stunner... Ricky you've got a Lovely 124, beautifully done. Hope you enjoy miles of motoring with her !! 2nd July 2010
Ricky_63 More pictures will follow !! 20th May 2010
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