R32_GTR’s Team-BHP Garage
Engine Specifications:
  • RB26DETT
  • 2600cc Twin Turbo
  • Straight 6
Engine Misc.:
  • Dynoed at 326bhp @ 14psi
  • 64XXX kms
  • REDLINES @ 8500 rpm
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • 2 x N1 Steel Blade Blowers rated 350 hp each.
  • Blitz Stage 1 Turbo Timer with boost control.
  • Blitz Series II BOV x 2
  • GTR SPEC interlooler - 600 x 300 x 100
  • Apexi pro - cold air intake system - GTR SPEC
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Shell Optimax High Octane - 103
  • HKS Stage II 3.5 inch all the way
  • HKS 4 inch cannon at the back
  • NISMO titanium extractors
  • ATTESA electronic 4 wheel drive system
  • HICAS electronic 4 wheel steering
  • NISMO Short Shifter Kit
  • NISMO 5PUK Clutch - (HEAVY)
  • NISMO Strut Braces (Front & Back)
Weight reduction & transfer:
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock GTR SPEC cushioning
  • 18 x 10 j STARCORP IMPUL RACING (all 4)
  • Deep Dish Drifters
  • 265 / 35 ZR 18's FALKEN ZIEX (all 4)
  • MOMO TREK R 320mm Steering Wheel
  • NISMO shift knob
  • All power options
  • RHINO 3 Point Alarm / Immobiliser
  • N1 SPEC Racing Seats
  • Pioneer ICE
  • N1 Spec GTR WING


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Author Comment Date
abishek2222 Very Very Very Very Very Cool................................. I benvy you 19th January 2010
JayD Any updates on your new project?? 27th May 2008
Jayabusa WOW!!! What a BABE!!!!!! 30th January 2008
viper0002 used to drive a full blown celica during 99 - 2000....didn't see many Indian broz with sports cars that time....good to see the trend 12th August 2007
viper0002 well...really delighted to see this thread....used to live in sydney....just made me nostalgic 12th August 2007
vezj420 noooo! just hope u didn't wreck it and lose it.... 31st July 2007
R32_GTR No more PM's of why, what, when, where...please...i hope you'll understand...cheers,,,Prasad :( 29th July 2007
dipen Did you just sell it as the insurance renewal was costing a bomb ? 29th July 2007
R32_GTR I am lost for words....she's gone... :( 28th July 2007
lancersfx It sure is a lean mean playstation.......Awesome ride....... 24th July 2007
hellspawn mileage aroung 60-80k kms.btw i make it a point to visit ur gallery everyday.even i am sad that ur selling it. 17th July 2007
hellspawn how much can i get a r32/r33.lets assume the lowest model with the rb26dett. 17th July 2007
nischint eeep !! sorry MOMO...not mom 10th July 2007
nischint hhow mch for the mom stuff dude? 10th July 2007
noidaboy yum yum yum!!!! 7th June 2007
R32_GTR All up - including the CAR Rego insurance wheels/tyres bits and pieces have cost me close to $30k 30th May 2007
R32_GTR @hellspawn - Depends on what spec you pick - the Skyline range is pretty i dont know which model you are refering to @ $20,000. 30th May 2007
hellspawn if u dont mind how much did u pick it up for??i guess u can get a skuline for aus$20k. 21st May 2007
R32_GTR Don't really want to sell it though...will put it up on the market soon...with a hefty price tag... drove just under 4000km since i got her a year ago 20th May 2007
R32_GTR I wanted to bring it back home to bombay...just do a TR at the end of next year..OR the stroker..Freakin insurance is running out..renewals a bomb.. 20th May 2007
Ford Rocam Why u selling it bro? I mean u were planning for the Stroker right? 20th May 2007
R32_GTR going to Eastern creek speedway in 6 hours...Will post times of her run today... 20th May 2007
R32_GTR Thanks guys...Unfortunately, i think the time of come to let her go..Never thought i'd complete this sentence :(Hope to win a lotto in the next 2 mths 20th May 2007
faithless_1984 whoaaaa....thats one helluva ride.!!!!!!! 23rd March 2007
101 RACING phat car mate! haha looking at the smokes i knew this was in australia! 22nd February 2007
abdul 65 amg great car man R32 GTR .Do you own that car in India? 21st February 2007
V-16 great ride man. My dream machine too. 28th January 2007
sajid33 R32, you've got my heart , plz keep her safe , and young . I'm serious man!! 21st December 2006
chetanhanda You are very lucky, congrats dude .. u own a Skyline 7th December 2006
maxbhp My dream Car ..Skyline GTR32 4th December 2006
accord masters if i new where u lived id buy or steal it asap ; ) my dream car , ur lucky man congrats 1st December 2006
Z_addict What can i say...i work for the guys who made it. i proud or what. You live only once bro'...seize the moment 10th November 2006
anishrajput007 this must be the first NISMO, i am hearing in india. Ur deep Mags are simply superb 6th November 2006
nitroxx That term gone in 60 seconds does apply to u doesnt it?:) this reality of yours is a dream 4 me.. 21st July 2006
HOTROD Really awesom car man.Sure is a playstation.A supercharged one 20th July 2006
Sideways Bring it back home - i would if I were you. Congrats, absolutely one of the sweetest mchines I have seen. Drive safe. 20th July 2006
R32_GTR Thanks guys..@ Ford Rocam-one can always improve perfection,saving up for a 2.8 litre stroker the Z Tune..Wicked eh?? Or bring it back home! 9th July 2006
Ford Rocam This is one car which doesnt require an Engine Swap ! :) 8th July 2006
nitroxx finally someone with great taste,hats off 2 u man u pulled it off!I'm amazed with that motor! 8th July 2006
himanshugoswami all I can say is- MINDBLOWING DUDE! droooooolzzz all the way! 7th July 2006
rOaD AsSaSin!! Oh man absolutely the best creation in the street racing spree till date!! 1st July 2006
R32_GTR the Pads do ware out quickly...but depends on your driving...if you keep trying 0-100-0..i've only heard of it on Top Gear:{...Never Seen it!!! 20th June 2006
R32_GTR @Nitrous-Guess you saw top gear's episode "buying a GTR" - thats B$...Anyways...YES...I have 330mm cross drilled ones...cheers. 20th June 2006
nitrous Congratulations on realising ur dream. Btw, i've heard that the R32's problem is that its brakes exploded.Have u changed urs?? 19th June 2006
Ford Rocam if possible give us some timings 0-100 , 1/4 mile & top speed of this beast. 18th June 2006
R32_GTR great engines; these RB's!!! more than happy to help you mate!! i would strong recommend upgrading to an RB25 if you have the moolah..PM me. 18th June 2006
2fast4u hey R32 thats a gr8 machine there ive got in a R20DET if u info on this RB need some help 17th June 2006
Edmund If it's perfect, it's perfect!!!! Just thought i'd ask!!! Sweet, sweet ride!!! 17th June 2006
R32_GTR by far the best compliment so far...Thanks heaps!!! 15th June 2006
diven_b by far the best car on the gallery 14th June 2006
R32_GTR @ Edmund...The 265's are a perfect fit for the R32. can go 275's or 285's but at the cost of them rubbing against the guard!! 14th June 2006
Edmund bro, aren't those deep dish rims asking for wider rubber?? Besides that.....its one helluva ride!!! 14th June 2006
Rtech Thats money well spent! 13th June 2006
R32_GTR Thanks guys..@ Ford Rocam - look me up when you in Sydney. @hell spawn..this is my dream realised!! 12th June 2006
hellspawn woah hohoho......dats my dream car....the godzilla. 12th June 2006
tidzterdesign SWEEEETTT................. coolio awesome wheels bro 12th June 2006
Jay Aaahhh thats a beast you've got there dude, Nice ride. 12th June 2006
Ford Rocam Dude thats an amazing piece of machine you ev got i wanna hitch a ride in it. Simply awesome !!! 12th June 2006
SatansEsteem WOW thats a nice set of wheels... 11th June 2006
R32_GTR This my pride and joy, wanted one of these since i was 15, finally got one at the age of 25!!! Thought i'd share it with you guys.. 11th June 2006
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