2003 Hyundai Santro 1.1L

rareone’s Team-BHP Garage
2003 Hyundai Santro 1.1L
Engine Specifications:
  • N/A
Engine Misc.:
  • NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K&N Stock Replacement Air Filter
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol (Power or Speed)
  • Custom Made Free Flow Exhaust from Automech
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Custom Made Rear Suspension Springs
  • Aura Alloy Wheels
  • Michelin 185/60 Broad Tyres
  • Custom Made Red & Black Seats
  • F1 Sports Steering Wheel
  • Type R Neon Handbrakes and Padels
  • Musical Neon Rings Under Front Seats
  • ICE :
    HU -
    Pioneer 6850
    Front - Pioneer Tweeter with 4" JBL Front Speaker
    Front Door Panel - 6" Morel Pulse Coaxl connected thru JBL CS60.4 Amplifier
    Rear - JBL T595 Limited - 15 x 24cm (6"x9") 3-Way Multi-Element connected thru JBL CS60.4 Amplifier
    Rear - JBL 1000Watts Base Tube connected thru JBL CS60.2 Amplifier
    Wiring Used - 2 Monster Audio Cable Kit & JBL RCA Cables
  • Ebony Black Colour
  • Llumar SunFilm
  • Red painted Brake calipers and drums
  • Custom Made Vinly Graphics
  • Custom Made Decals
  • StreetGlow Under Body Neons (With Blinkers)


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Created: 13th June 2006 10:33
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Author Comment Date
kick.throttle why not some neon pics as well .. well the car is sexy..... 15th September 2007
Team Fiat Man love the decals where did u get them from cool car dude 14th May 2007
vezj420 nice ride man! 2 questions - how're the automech FF and 60.4 amp? Planning on getting them u c! 6th March 2007
ramie2400 If those stickers were your sponsors your car would rock man...nice car 25th December 2006
suren181 Nice ride rareone... but do tell me... how do you find the ride on the 185/60? 11th November 2006
payam nice car buddy i like ur steering wheel how much did u get it and where ?let me know plz 28th October 2006
original_sin steering wheel like dis 1 from Momo italy make costs about 900 without Hub and wid bub 1350 4th October 2006
Steeroid THats some heavy machinery inside. Stickers are awful but its to each his own... 15th September 2006
ollie Dude !! Got a new Hood as yet ? 13th September 2006
deena nice car. happy birthday dude! remove those decals on the side of the car. looks like accessory shops on wheels... 6th September 2006
gr8guzzler Nice car mate...keep seeing it regularly on palm beach..hope to see you at the meet this weekend 1st September 2006
rareone Hey Amit ur ICE setup rocks more thn mine yaar. Hoping 2 meet ya regularly... 26th August 2006
rareone Amit i m not in dy patil college. But few of my frens are i just went there for some fe raggings ;-) It was nice meeting u amit. 26th August 2006
amit_sound hi rareone, do you study in DY PaTIL? jst saw ur car there today.looks nice.. nice ICE setup too. good to see fellow bhpian in the same college 23rd August 2006
manson bbs and enkei decals on a car that runs on aura, wudnt get one, but the steering wheel has a nice bling thing to it. 18th August 2006
rareone Thanx BUSA for the snap. Why did u contact me. BTW thats one of my Gaming Parlours. Next time u come 2 newbombay we will meet :-) 11th July 2006
BUSA Check that out.. 8th July 2006
HOTROD From a dull looking family car to hot looking hatch 29th June 2006
~~VinZ~~ duude .. hw much ya spend for ICE setup?? 29th June 2006
rareone Ya its the woofer rings which i have installed under the seats :-) 24th June 2006
Knight Rider "Musical neon rings " Is it the woofer rings?? Your car has got a lot of stuff that I wanna put in my car man 20th June 2006
shrivz !!! dude you dont need a sub with those T595's... that's a bloody loud setup you got there, just one advice from my side, get the GTO series amps.. 20th June 2006
Rgu88 is that a honda or a sounnd factory 20th June 2006
rareone The Steering Wheel i got for Rs.3000/- including the Hyundai Santro Hub from Milan Subway 17th June 2006
aZa Awesome stuff rareone !!! 14th June 2006
Knight Rider Dude, Nice car, how much did you pay for the steering wheel(Excluding hub) 14th June 2006
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