z klasse’s Team-BHP Garage
Engine Specifications:
1600cc, G16B
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
Fuel & Tuning:
Mallory Hyfire with MSD Blaster SS, Fuel Pressure Regulator, High Pressure Fuel Pump.
Custom Made with 5Zigen Muffler.
Close Ratio Gearbox, Dual Friction Clutch
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
Lowered stiff suspension with re-worked springs front and rear, 195/45/14 wheels with stock steel rims
  • N/A
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Member: z klasse
Created: 24th June 2006 19:36
Last Modified: 12th August 2007 23:07
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Author Comment Date
Utopian You have certainly pushed it to the limits. Awesome mods. How's the car doing nowadays, BTW? 6th September 2010
z klasse No stopping power even after upgrading brakes to larger size and pads etc, parts were not available freely..
7 years and had my fun with the car.. so now its for someone else to have fun with it and will move on to something bigger and quicker!
28th July 2008
Cyrus43 why did you sell off the car? 28th July 2008
yasw_anth Wer did you get the wheel arch's done ? 22nd March 2008
Xehaust One of the best looking zens ive ever seen. And its got performance to match 17th February 2008
ron_9191 G16B on that one>?????? you are not mistaken right??? or am I. Dude I am sure thats the mother of all Zens then. Awesome dude. Love the G16B!!! 15th December 2007
ashish22 wicked zen! 2nd November 2007
badboyscad dude.....where r u the UNDERHUD PICS??? still waitin for em 3rd October 2007
manikjeet under the hood pics please 27th September 2007
IronWolf Neat B-Zen. Any Q-mile timings? I'm sure its breakneck first and second gear pull. take some engine shots. G16B is one sweet engine. 20th September 2007
z klasse at Karan Shah KS Motorsport 11th September 2007
im_srini ZClasse, simply awesome, I'm too shocked for words :) Can I ask where you got the G16B install done ? 11th September 2007
z klasse buddy.. lately have found no time to drive the car where is the question of pics.. i will post soon.. i wil have to delete some as ive reached the max 23rd August 2007
badboyscad STILL NO UNDERHOOD PICS????? i wonder y.... 23rd August 2007
badboyscad pls do it soon, very anxious to see ur engine bay 18th August 2007
z klasse not at all.. i havent clicked one as yet.. funny as it may seem but i dont have a lot of pics of my car.. will take some and upload them 17th August 2007
badboyscad WHY are you hiding the engine bay??? post a pic of your G16B 17th August 2007
ashish22 wicked looking zen! 12th August 2007
warchild mate u got one lil monster!! some pics engine? 6th August 2007
Ford Rocam Did you run your car on the dyno to see how much she is putting to the wheels? 28th July 2007
z klasse thank you thank you! :) 9th June 2007
noidaboy nice hood dude 9th June 2007
glmohan2002 dude....this is reeeeally awsome!!!!! You gotta greate ride..... 8th June 2007
z klasse yes it was... 4th June 2007
varun_patra Hey was your car ever featured in TopGear along with a fiat running a conti engine and a honda city running a b16b ( is this 1 owned by Ford Rocam ) 4th June 2007 Plannin for a wheel upgrade on my EZEN, prefer steel rims so can you pls help me out on this? 28th April 2007 Nice car man,thats one helluva hot car. Whats the quarter mile timing like? and can you let me know more bout the Optra steel rims?i have a EZEN 28th April 2007
z klasse Stock Optra rims fit the zen. Hence 195's on the steel rim. Give me your email address il mail u a pic with 4th April 2007
esteem_lover 195/45/14 on stock steel rims ? how is that ? 4th April 2007
z klasse never thought of it.. im not much into looks. much of the looks are for practical purposes. wheel arches, hood etc. 25th March 2007
SirAlec dude! did u ever tht of giving it a flashy paint job. 2k bright shade. If u know wat i mean. 25th March 2007
z klasse thanks man.. its all the hardwork that has gone into each and every detail into making this car 26th January 2007
whicked wheels Sweet on the outside and spicey on the inside.dude you really got a hot car. 26th January 2007
z klasse hahaha.. it does.. sometimes gets scary as the brakes arent good enough.. handles better than stock.. much better.. 23rd October 2006
CaliforniaKnight that mean should rocket like crazy right? 23rd October 2006
z klasse I havent really taken pics.. will take some later on. Top speed I dont know exactly but the needles crosses 160 and goes all the way to the odometer. 14th October 2006
tazz_rules wat a hell of a beast u have got bro, can u get some pics under the hood. wats its top speed. 14th October 2006
tazz_rules wat a hell of a beast u have got bro, can u get some pics under the hood. wats its top speed. 14th October 2006
z klasse thanks.. the tech specs are already mentioned in the garage details 14th September 2006
dragger hey buddy that's a sweet ride..i believe that the hood was a lil different earlier..anyways can u shed sum more light on the technical aspect thnx 12th September 2006
sdsmy where in south bombay r u located 20th August 2006
panesar7685 cool car man. i would like to knw abt total money spend on this ride. 19th August 2006
z klasse Heavy? No not really.. They are very light infact.. You can say max weight of all 4 arches could be in around 1~2 kilo's. Its of the thinnest gauge. 7th August 2006
khanak has the car become heavier cos of the flaired wheel arches? 7th August 2006
buzzin_hornets wow! wudnt want that mean ride lookin at me through my rear view!! :D 24th July 2006
z klasse Thanks Edmund. Engine was made by me with my friend Karan. Body work was done by a friend as the wheels would touch the fenders so had to flare them 1st July 2006
Edmund whoa momma, mean as hell!! love the black wheels!! where did you get it done!! 1st July 2006
z klasse Yes the G16b is the baleno engine. 28th June 2006
seanmatt this g16b is baleno engine tat u hav rite 28th June 2006
khanak you have a really nice car there. must be reaaall fast. 27th June 2006
z klasse This is my car.. Dont have the patience to write down all the specifications but will keep updating and try and get better pics on the digi cam. 24th June 2006
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