2005 scorpio crde

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2005 scorpio crde


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Member: tifosikrishna
Created: 28th June 2006 12:28
Last Modified: 3rd July 2006 18:48
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Author Comment Date
Jayabusa Kool pics there! 7th October 2010
benbsb29 Ages, and no updates?! 10th June 2009
FATAL3RROR awesome pictures..great ride! 11th October 2007
tifosikrishna monster, its a 2wd. 4th September 2007
tifosikrishna thanks e_l and sorry for the very very delayed reply. 4th September 2007
tifosikrishna true coolamol. engine is super smooth and torque is addictive. 4th September 2007
Monster_BHP Krishna is this a 4WD Scorpio? If so how does she handel of road, any stuck ups? 4th September 2007
esteem_lover Superb pictures kk. 3rd August 2007
COOLAMOL what a pleasure its too drive this car in heavy traffic and highways ..crde is too good 4th July 2007
tifosikrishna thanks carholic.... 29th June 2007
caroholic1 Nice pics dude ;) 26th May 2007
tifosikrishna wizardofid and aditya, thanks for stopping by. sorry, i dont have pics of interiors. 28th April 2007
tifosikrishna thank you mansidea, i dont have the moolah to buy the alloys and am not very keen too. Some snaps were taken at bandipur forest road. rst arnd wayanad 28th April 2007
Aditya Brilliant pictures. The car looks great too. Any snaps of the interiors? 28th April 2007
wizardofid Awesome pictures, they do complete justice to the beast. The version without the side skirts looks lighter on its feet 24th April 2007
mansidea Great Pics. Why dont you think about a set of alloys for that macho black beast? also pls. give some detailes regarding this location in wynad 23rd April 2007
tifosikrishna thank you rider. All photos were shot with Canon EOS 300D 29th March 2007
Knight Rider Awesome photographs man....What camera did u use? 26th March 2007
tifosikrishna sumit, thanks for your compliments. 5th March 2007
sumitsingh God Gracious.. amazing pictures. I think they really bring out the beauty of the black color. Excellent..keep them coming 16th February 2007
tifosikrishna thank you faithless. compliments like these gives me oodles of confidence and help me in becoming a better photographer. 4th February 2007
tifosikrishna Thanks for stopping by bensb, if i add anything new to my gallery, will inform you for sure. 4th February 2007
faithless_1984 awesome pics.!!!! 31st January 2007
benbsb29 Nice snaps pal ... always was in love with a Scorp. Each time i c these snaps on the member galleries on the home page, i click in. :D 31st January 2007
tifosikrishna quadra, pics were taken at wayanad, and some at bandipur - enroute to wayanad 30th December 2006
quadra very nice pics this munnaar ?? 29th December 2006
NIP really good pictures...and neat looking scorpio ! plz post pix of your ICE 18th December 2006
tifosikrishna kiran, the pic was taken after it had just rained. amazing site it was. 25th November 2006
tifosikrishna blueraven, thanks for your generous compliment. 25th November 2006
kiranpashtakar Good pics specially one with the grey sky.. 15th November 2006
blueraven316 Snaps look really good, can be used for Scorpio advertisement. 10th November 2006
tifosikrishna thanks mate. 21st August 2006
nitrous Awesome gallery,machan..Pls do try to join our upcoming chennai meet. 29th July 2006
tifosikrishna thanks w 12. ya alloys will be nice, but dont have the budget. 10th July 2006
w 12 nice pics..and well maintained.. Good Alloys will make it a killer IMO 7th July 2006
tifosikrishna thanks for the compliments candor. 5th July 2006
condor Beautiful pics .. 5th July 2006
tifosikrishna guys, here are a few snaps of my love. all shots were taken at wayanad. 3rd July 2006
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