2005 Hyundai Tucson 4WD - 2.0 lt CRDi SUV

Insane Devil’s Team-BHP Garage
2005 Hyundai Tucson 4WD - 2.0 lt CRDi SUV
Engine Specifications:
  • 2.0 LT CRDi
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Airfilter: K&N Replacemtent Filter
Fuel & Tuning:
  • TUNEX Power Box pumping out upto 30bhp more
  • Front Air Suction baffle removed for increased Airflow - increased power
  • 2 Milotec Double Holed Exhaust Tips
  • 4 Wheel Drive - Automatic, On the Fly
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Bigger Tyres: Pirelli P6000 235/60/16 W
  • Beige Color With Metal Finish looks
  • Illuminated "TUCSON" Door Scuff Plates
  • Body Color Bumpers and Claddings
  • Indicators on Side View Mirror
  • Front Fog Lamp Chrome Rings
  • Rear Tail Lamp Chrome Frame
  • Working on Custom Made Front Crash Guard


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Maky Hi.

Who exactly recommended putting Two pairs of 6x9 Speakers and a Subwoofer in a single sealed enclosure to you?

23rd May 2015
Insane Devil SOLD!!! :) 30th May 2009
Insane Devil 1. Its not Yellow plates, just i covered the real with yellow color in adobe., 2. Ride quality is too good, awesome power. 3. Pioneer -7500,944 amp 11th October 2007
Insane Devil hi all! thanks for the comments! 11th October 2007
chintu210 u cudnt hav had a better combi or speakers!!! wat Amp r u running dez daddies on?????? wht head unit is it???? 7500 or 6500??? 9th October 2007
Lalvaz Just saw it today. Always liked Hyundai, and this really tempts me to get an SUV. Hows the ride quality? Is it really good as an offroader? Enjoy!!! 16th September 2007
Ricky_63 Yellow number plates ?? Is this a personal vehicle ? Audio could be better installed. Great car though the TUSCON 26th August 2007
JUELZ 41 nice SUV. its a shame that there are not som many of these beauties on the roads. its a hot seller in the US market. 19th February 2007
Sidewinder$ ausum... ride with some ausum sound... keep it up... drive her safe ... & update the pix... 12th February 2007
Steeroid Yo Insane - do you lend your car out for election campaigns? Whats with those loudspeakers? 6th December 2006
fast_ajmal wat a maen monster man 15th November 2006
Insane Devil Lots of new additions are there, just not finding the time to click the pics, and if time is there, the camera is busy elsewhere! will update vry soon 31st October 2006
mobike008 Wanted to leave my footprints too. Having seen your car personally and heard the ICE, i can only say one word " wow" 7th October 2006
Tarun A.R CoooooL :) 26th September 2006
Insane Devil @rahulthegreat: They are tilted upward a bit, the angle aint clear in the pic., @cheap_deal: arnt 18pics allowed anymore or what? 11th September 2006
cheap_deal how did u get 18 pics in here??? 6th September 2006
929RON That is a really crappy Audio setup for a nice car, you can do better ! 21st August 2006
overdrive56 worst !!!!!!!!! i can keep this SUV for drivers 9th August 2006
rahulthegreat Nice ride. I suggest you consult an audio-expert for your rear speaker set-up. It would sound much better if they were tilted upwards... 17th July 2006
esteem_lover cool 17th July 2006
Insane Devil upgraded the Rear Camera with an infrared one from Thailand, and some lovely emblems! 24th June 2006
alloy Done up well!!!Macho 9th June 2006
sumeet_basak REAL COOL but try changing the tracks:p . JOKING. 8th June 2006
impact not at all bad......... 17th March 2006
Insane Devil Just got fit Pirelli P6000 Tyres in this one. will update soon. 16th January 2006
buzzin_hornets nice!! :D 14th January 2006
Insane Devil hey Srasania, for the front i got Pioneer 200 WT Yellow Cone speakers, they are too good! costed Rs.4,500/- 2nd January 2006
DINESH DAMA GOOD ! 2nd January 2006
srasania nice car..l like the head unit.what speakers do you have for the front? 1st January 2006
nitrous Awesome ICE. Keep it up. The tucson is a CBU manufactured in Korea. 19th December 2005
turbo_lover he's a SHOWOFF !!!!!!! 17th December 2005
karizma_devil i had never seen the interior of tucson,touch dissapointed with the finish of the a/c controlls,for me honda crv is a better bet in this price range 11th December 2005
IndianDawg Thanks 7th December 2005
Insane Devil @ IndainDawg: Its the Pioneer AVH-P7650DVD Costing Rs.70,000/- more info on 6th December 2005
IndianDawg Which pioneer model is that and how much did it cost u? 5th December 2005
Insane Devil thanx a lot all for the comments, @ROHIT.D : well u should hear this sub, its 2000wt Dual Coil. AAH78: well its this way for best performance. 4th December 2005
hkanitkar man - that HU is kewl !! 4th December 2005
RohitD Wow nice HU insane....but i think you should go for 2 woofers anyways its your choice.i guess u dont need that extra bass/hey whats with yellow plates 3rd December 2005
aah78 shouldn't the speaker's be facing the other way? - just a thought. too gawdy for my taste. 3rd December 2005
dceite Awesome SUV! 2nd December 2005
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