1998 Esteem VX

esteem_lover’s Team-BHP Garage
1998 Esteem VX
Engine Specifications:
  • 4 Cyl inline, 1.3 Ltr All Aluminum Engine
Engine Misc.:
  • Carburettor
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K & N 57i
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol
  • Custom Made 4x2x1 Headers & FFE
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Trying to transfer some of mine to my car.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • HR 13" Alloys (15/03/2007)
  • Michelin Energy XM1 175/70/R13
  • Stock Suspension
  • Beige Mock Leather Seat Covers / Fabric depending on the Chennai weather.
  • Clarion DXZ785USB
  • ALPINE MRP-F600 4 Ch Amp
  • Sony 12" Sub
  • JBL GTO 937 (Rear)
  • Front Comps - Illusion EL series 5.25".
  • 3M Suncontrol film - RE35
  • Crime Stopper Car Alarm


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With New Alloy Rims 3511-6513.jpg TbhpgarageP9050030.JPG TbhpgarageP9050012.JPG After Painting P22102071.jpg
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esteem_lover Thank you sap & ravi. I just did an overcoat. Only the last 2 snaps are of the car with the new paint. Did the painting with my regular mechanic at Padi. Costed me around 15k including a lot of tinkering. 2nd July 2009
rr_zen John, nice coat of paint there. How much did you cough up for that ? More importantly, where did you get it done ? 30th June 2009
sAP Looks clean and nice. Did you get it sprayed or was it always this colour? 23rd June 2009
esteem_lover Thank you Surprise. I got my FFE for 6.5k. 6th November 2008
Surprise Nice looking alloys.

Where did u got that FFE and how much it costed?
15th October 2008
esteem_lover Ok benny, removed the gaiety part to stop gays giving the looks to my little girl. thanks for the tip. :) 14th February 2008
esteem_lover Benny baby, gaiety is the name of a theatre in madras where you can see 'nice' movies, only straight. 6th February 2008
benbsb29 Green Gay-ety? Why is it Gay? :D 6th February 2008
esteem_lover Someone sponsoring the 1.6 engine, i am game for it. :) 22nd January 2008
Tool 1.6 Transplant :) heheheh lovely idea :) id kill for one of those engines.i blush everythime i look at your car too bro. sooo well kept its sick.hehe 19th January 2008
BUSA nice and well maintained, why not turbo it or transplant a 1.6 Twin Cam engine :p 18th January 2008
esteem_lover Thank you raghu. 9th January 2008
rocksterraghu I am not surprised that this car looks wonderful. It should be, look at your Team-BHP handle. :p Cheers! That is a nice ride with a sweet set of mods. 8th December 2007
esteem_lover @ gump, did i say you can drive it ?? 6th December 2007
gump Wow nice car... can't wait to drive it 29th November 2007
esteem_lover Riju & bottle, i am one terrible lazy soul. will do whenever the time comes. 21st November 2007
esteem_lover rocksterraghu & Tool, thanks for the compliments, i assure you there is a drink on me when you guys come down here. :) 21st November 2007
bottle update the specs E_L sir :D 11th November 2007
Tool wow... thats a phenomenally well kept car. Gives me inspiration :)....rock on bro 10th November 2007
rjstyles69 knock knock !! Did the FFE come thru ? If yes please post an audio clip of the exhaust note. 29th October 2007
rocksterraghu Beyoooootiful Esteem E_L! Anyone who doubts your love for esteem needs to look at your garage! Two thumbs up! 10th October 2007
esteem_lover Look out for some new pictures with some small mods. 7th October 2007
esteem_lover Kamal, mileage at best has been 12kmpl in city with AC(Can you drive without it ?) 31st August 2007
Kamal Hi EL-nice car! What kind of mileage r u getting in city-w/wo AC, on petrol? How much has she run? 30th August 2007
benbsb29 Aha... the green warrior is dazzling as usual. Doesnt look the age, i must say. 23rd August 2007
esteem_lover Wouldn't mind swapping them with yours riju, just name the time & place, will be there :) 22nd August 2007
rjstyles69 Those rims make me feel jealous. 21st August 2007
esteem_lover Costs too much to spend on an ageing warrior, kingsley. 9th May 2007
benbsb29 When is the spoiler comin up on this car, Travolta? :D 9th May 2007
blueraven316 No it was no waste, I enjoy working on equipment I give as I want it to work no matter what :) 28th April 2007
esteem_lover Thanks elf.. what is the different colour, if i may ask? 28th April 2007
elf Nice alloys & a different colour... She looks good. :) 25th April 2007
esteem_lover Blueraven .. Coming up soon & thanks for spending/wasting half a day for me. 20th April 2007
blueraven316 Putting up pics of the Compos ?? 19th April 2007
esteem_lover @spatafarose .. i have the bigger plate as well. i keep changing them every year. I will get a snap with that as well. 3rd April 2007
esteem_lover @bensb29...dude, there are new snaps in the gallery. Do you want me to change the car or what ? 3rd April 2007
spatafarose Hey get that rear number plate changed into a big one. That will make the car look hot. 2nd April 2007
benbsb29 Me back again... time for some new snaps, dude. 2nd April 2007
esteem_lover @shuvd.. was thinking of the same & clear lens headlamps too. Nitrous, do you hear ? 22nd March 2007
shuvd Sweet! How about clear lens indicators? IMHO, the car'll look more mature 20th March 2007
esteem_lover Sorry pal. I will snap em up & post them. And it is 3k not 1.8K. I just checked the bill. I paid him 1.8k for an exchange 8th February 2007
ASH-WINS can u post me the image of ur seat covers what u got for 1.8K,pla messsage me...thz in advance 29th January 2007
esteem_lover Sorry pal. everytime i decide to take more snaps, some mad auto fellas seem to cause some damage to my car, just waiting to get it in prime shape. 5th January 2007
benbsb29 Just one snap, Pal??? 13th December 2006
esteem_lover Thanks Nitrous.. Will try to improve my garage sometime soon 6th November 2006
kick.throttle hi, what is the BHP of u r car... 22nd October 2006
nitrous Well kept! 22nd September 2006
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