2007 Carbon Bronze Pearl Honda Civic V/MT - Shark!

Ace F355’s Team-BHP Garage
2007 Carbon Bronze Pearl Honda Civic V/MT - Shark!
Engine Specifications:
  • 4 Cylinder In-Line 1.8L SOHC i-VTEC
    Maximum Power - 132 PS @ 6,300 rpm
    Maximum Torque - 17.5 Kg/m @ 4,300 rpm
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K&N Typhoon 69 series SRI, Planning to turbocharge the Shark in coming years...
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Stock PGM-Fi
  • Stock
  • Synchromesh 5 Forward, 1 Reverse
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • None, Do I really need that, in a Civic?!?
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Koni FSD coming soon!
  • Stock 15" wheels painted matte black with Yokohama A Drive rubber, 205/65/R15 (Now Sold)
  • Currently running on 17" Konig Again 5 alloy wheels with Yokohama A Drive R1 tyres (225/45/R17)
  • DIY - Steering mounted audio controls + Type R Engine Start button
  • Custom headlights + tail lights, Mugen RR body kit, Red Honda emblems, Red brake calipers

Type R

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Shark from the front Rear 3/4 Honda Type R Dual Exhaust pipes, look so sexy... My Type R + Sumit's Abarth Matte black wheels + Red calipers Interiors Engine Start button Close up of smoked custom made headlamps Angel/Devil eyes glowing red Type R key fob me with my Shark Type R My and iTNerd's Civic Sexy Back
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Created: 26th April 2011 12:15
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kutlee Nice car mate. Love the attention to detail. Esp the tail lights look awesome. Me too fan of black wheels. 21st February 2017
abishek2222 Car looks nice.very well done
Great color
Hard to imagine now they won't be sold anymore by honda.
9th March 2014
Vandit A nice bunch of mods. Could you share some more details on those HID?? 30th July 2012
Ace F355 Thank you Cityvic for answering it for me.

@aajtaksabsetej: Thanks buddy. Paid USD 96 shipping for the OEM Button with trim kit and couple of hours of brain storming for figuring out the connections! Did the installation by myself.
13th October 2011
cityvic All in his thread aajtaksabsetej.

Please update the pictures.
12th October 2011
aajtaksabsetej hey nice mod man.For how much did you get the Type-R engine start button for?I wanted the same for my car. 11th October 2011
Ace F355 Thanks raVan, no neon lights for me! They look good in Need For Speed computer games et al. However, in real life they make the car look too ricer IMHO... :) 5th October 2011
_raVan_ Its one hot looking civic! Looks absolutely perfect. Wonder if you have the underbody neon planned up? 5th October 2011
Ace F355 Thanks for the compliment, mikon... :) 20th September 2011
mikon Love the afterburner effects of the angel eyes! 15th September 2011
Ace F355 @ karthik123: Thanks dude. Better pics coming up soon. Wait till I shoot my car with her new shoes! 7th September 2011
karthik123 the best looking civic I've seen till date! awesome taste! 6th September 2011
Ace F355 @ ryan_wheelz: Thank you buddy! Cheers! 20th May 2011
ryan_wheelz Lovely Car you have there , everyting looks perfect - Great taste you have ,
cheers !
20th May 2011
Ace F355 @ FlyingSpur: Appreciate the appreciation, bro ;)

Without a spoiler, personally I felt Civic's tail was lacking something! Therefore, the OEM spoiler!!!
29th April 2011
FlyingSpur Don't like spoilers, but the rest of it is very well done :) 28th April 2011
Ace F355 @ Planet rocker: Thanks mate! Glad you liked my car...
@ cityvic: sexed out for what?!? lol :P
@ kutlee: Thank you buddy. The Engine Start button is equally good to operate too, as much sexy it is to look at! Check out in the video...
27th April 2011
kutlee looks sexy man. Love that start button and the red logo. 27th April 2011
cityvic Looks sexed out.:D 26th April 2011
planet_rocker *ignore the typo 26th April 2011
planet_rocker the HOTTEST looking civics on this Forum. Take care and drive safe. 26th April 2011
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