2004 Ford Ikon 1.6 ZXi

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2004 Ford Ikon 1.6 ZXi
Engine Specifications:
  • 1600cc 8 Valve 91 bhp, pretty conservative for a car that packs quite a punch, means on the real road its the torque that speaks (especially when it comes early)
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K&N Stock replacement
Fuel & Tuning:
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD 3 (185/65 R14) upfront, Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD 3 (185/65 R14) at the rear. Basically used to have a lot of fun with my front wheel drive radio control cars after covering the rear tyres with cello tape!! More grip upfront means the rear steps out more frequently. But then has to be enjoyed responsibly.
  • N/A
  • N/A


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pc73 Well maintained! Despite the image that Ford has, my 2002 1.6 Ikon has run about 140K Kms and is still in great shape! In terms of driving pleasure and handling, it feels better than my new Vento (I may be biased!), which is a very capable car on its own merit. 8th August 2013
Catalyst_delhi HI i have a 1.6 zxi too. i changed the heater diverter valve but i think i swapped the hoses.. would be great if you could guide me with a pic. one hose has a temp sender and the other is a regular hose 5th November 2011
Absar Beautifully maintained shade of black. Your car has to love you for the maintainance you do for it without any sacrifices. 18th September 2010
Jayabusa Nice car, cool pics. 17th September 2010
benbsb29 I didnt know the 1.6 had so many lights in the cabin! Ford scrimped on these for the 1.3 version. :( 31st May 2010
planet_rocker aha! new pics :) 23rd April 2010
benbsb29 Isnt it about time you updated the pics, Anirban? 6th January 2010
planet_rocker no difference in front and rear tyres? so did you mention them seperately? old and new?

you can still add 8 more pictures to this gallery. take care. What about the new In-Car-Entertainment?
2nd December 2009
planet_rocker Needs an update to indicate ICE change :D 17th August 2009
shuvc Needs an update to indicate the tyre change. 17th August 2009
anachronix Pic3 is amazing! lol 21st February 2009
planet_rocker beautiful - as always :) 21st January 2009
benbsb29 Finally, you updated the Gallery! Wondeful! 21st January 2009
vivekji05 Nice Ikon 1.6 you got there. I have a silver ZXi of 2004 vintage and love the low end response of the ROCAM motor. Has your ikon been running trouble free? 3rd January 2009
Xehaust Nice pics man.
P.S. - Tyres that grip better (Or are older) must be put on the rear, else the car has high chances of aquaplaning in the rains and can cause a bad accident.
18th April 2008
planet_rocker Atlast, Aronnyo Debi is here! love the pic. gorgeous. 18th April 2008
planet_rocker Red Sonja wants to speak to Dhanno - Da, you listening? when are you coming back? 7th April 2008
planet_rocker where is the "aronnyo deb" pic? :D - well see you guys soon. 16th January 2008
hormaz looks great 6th December 2007
BUSA very well maintained. 5th December 2007
lancersfx Me just became the owner of ikon1.8D 2000 model same color...Just love the pic of the car with the beach as the background.....superb photoshoot... 4th September 2007
planet_rocker why - what happened to her? i am sure Mr. Ghosh must be taking care of her! see - she misses you so much! 21st August 2007
1100D Get well soon Ma'Baby! Miss you. 21st August 2007
Fiero BEAUTIFUL !!! 25th May 2007
planet_rocker damn! what happened to the other break the wall pic? lol. arey i need to update my pc pic folder. 10th May 2007
1100D Its actually a Break-the-wall pic (the wall is office wall), what better way than backing upto it! 8th May 2007
benbsb29 Nice last pic, although the rear looks like its propped up against the wall.!! :P 8th May 2007
planet_rocker mamamia! the last pic looks yummy! 5th May 2007
MaserQ boy, that josh machine is pure aggression, those Eagle F1s look awesome! 23rd April 2007
planet_rocker not missing "dhanno" ?? i bet u are....hope to c u soon with dhanno n rampyari. 17th April 2007
1100D check out my other gallery, that car needs more attention than this!!! 12th March 2007
planet_rocker your gallery needs to be updated. new pics dada! oh yeah a must upload is the "phantom" pic from orkut. 12th March 2007
S Pathak Nice pics you got here too. Looks like we have the same car insame colour with same tyres. Coincidence ? Or is it great minds thinking alike ;-) 1st March 2007
Edmund very clean.............. i like.............. 23rd February 2007
benbsb29 So, disregarding performance, i get the other features. I am very HAPPY with my car. Strongly advocate the IKON.. anyday. 19th February 2007
benbsb29 I NEVER said the car was bad. Which is why i went in for an Ikon myself. but alas, only the Flair was on offer. 19th February 2007
1100D Show me another car that offer the same levels of handling and Throttle response. These two easily overcome everything negative. 17th February 2007
1100D Problems are not with the car, but with the sole workshop for Ford in Kolkata (Ganges Ford). Spare parts quality at this workshop is a suspect. 17th February 2007
danlalan who said anything about problems...what problems.. 15th February 2007
benbsb29 Nice car, dude... Pity about the frequent probs though... 15th February 2007
danlalan Great pics dude...your ikon looks a stunner in black.. 9th February 2007
1100D 185/65's are available, check my car out!!! 9th January 2007
shuvc Checked at one tyre shop. They said F1's are not available in 185/65 R14 size ! Are yours 185/65 or 185/60 ? 9th January 2007
planet_rocker Oh mamma! it definitely came better than the pics i took... love it...looove it...whr on earth did u take the pic? 19th December 2006
1100D underbody neons too flashy for my liking now!! will send u old pics 24th October 2006
planet_rocker hey man! take a snap with the underbody neons at night! looking forward to it! 20th October 2006
planet_rocker where did you take the pic? shankarpur beach? and i guess it was in the afternoon... 11th October 2006
1100D have the tyre setup like that deliberately to aid oversteer a bit. But soon F1 on all 4. 28th September 2006
sankeerthreddy for how much will u sell it man? 26th September 2006
Mpower Great car but really odd suspension setup. You should go F1s on all four. 26th September 2006
1100D Eagle F1's help braking by a lot with respect to the stock ZVTS's. Its the stock tyres that are bad and now I dont have any braking issues. 24th August 2006
hellspawn despite the f1's the front gip of the car is amazing.once u drive a 1.6 every other car feels so lazy.good pics.i miss my car. 24th August 2006
1100D Dont like mudflaps. They dont really protect, instead run more water thru wheelwells at speed, which could unsettle car at high speed. 10th August 2006
sunilchakola Neet work.... keep iti up!. why you remove the mud flaps? 9th August 2006
gr8guzzler Gr8 Pics....Ikon looks gr8 in black 4th August 2006
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