1960 Fiat 1100 Select

karlosdeville’s Team-BHP Garage
1960 Fiat 1100 Select
Single owner, 60k miles

A gift to me by the first owner, he promptly took it back the next day after missing it...we went through that cycle a couple of times, and i eventually persevered!

She has done genuine 60k documented miles, with piles of history, including books noting date and amount EVERYTIME fuel filled, air and battery checked...! Repainted in the 60s, but still surprisingly good. She came with original italian tools, keys, manuals...the works!

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chanu Nice looking car Karl, any updateds on this car?. 4th July 2010
john a milne Karl,
It would be great if you could post current detailed photos of your car.
It's great that you are taking the "purist" approach to it's restoration where ever possible.
What have you done with the interior? Any chance of finding the original vinyl upholstery materials?
Any further thoughts about the roof rack and had you considered putting a sun visor on it?
14th January 2010
karlosdeville I do have the grille and wheelcaps, Im not able to source tail lights. Any help will be greatly appreceated. 25th November 2008
anjan_c2007 Karl excellent car 'n pictures. Wish you had done up some areas where its lacking the original 1100 features like:-
the front grille-thats a Super Select grille fitted.Hope you'll get the original one which is not very difficult.The SS grille lands you up with two FIAT logos one on the bonnet and the other on the grille.
tail lights- these with the reflector at the centre are again of the Super Select. Changing it is to the original also not that tough.
the hub caps - these used to have the dull aluminium finish and were not so shiny with chrome.
The chrome strips on the sides are original. The petrol tank lock is original.
17th November 2008
karlosdeville Actually thats an oil pressure guage to the left, an extra fitment. The differential now gives me quite a baritone, must sort it out. 12th April 2008
gendarmee Lovely!
Just a glance at the dash is so very nostalgic, aleast makes me....clock to the left, amp meter to the right, the window n door levers & the speedo & the super neat stick shift( which even more comfortable to use than a floor gears)all the bluidy chrome on the exterior.. on the beading on the side & under the wind screens(the aluminum was chrome on mine)....I can almost hear the sound of the engine running, all so very unique.

I had a Green one of this kind, drove in it since i were a toddler, learnt & perfected driving on it too...had to give it away one day...
Reminds me how I'd pour a tablespoon of petrol into the air filter screw to start it if it didnt, and it always started after that. Never let me down on any trip, ever!
27th March 2008
moralfibre No, that is a Chrysler Windsor (In Red?) unless you are seeing some vintage that I do not :P. 11th February 2008
Jayabusa Hey, is that a Hispano-Suiza? 7th February 2008
hillram Awesome car 30th November 2007
supercars Cool Car. A Similar Model was rusting away in our building till it was sold. ;( 18th September 2007
President Nice car Karl. How about posting multiple pictures of the SELECT that you have. 7th August 2007
karlosdeville this is what is reffered to as a select...(with a super select grillle)..the super select came in late 62, had quater windows amongst other changes... 29th March 2007
ananthkamath is this a super select? 29th March 2007
karlosdeville my car too has a horn ring now...this is an old pic 27th February 2007
prabuddhadg That is a very beautiful car. I love the way they sound. And that bald look without the roof rack. A great uncle had a black one. It had a horn ring. 27th February 2007
HOTROD wow what a classic 3rd January 2007
NIP learnt to drive in one of these. my unc has one in SHOWROOM CONDITION. will post some pics asap ;) 17th October 2006
karlosdeville thats an old photo...i got a period 2 spoked one other fiat is has a 4 spoke one... 17th September 2006
moralfibre Cant see the horn ring on this one. 16th September 2006
moralfibre Cool pics Karl! Please put up a few close up pics of the speedo. 13th August 2006
karlosdeville the car did around 5000 miles in the last 25 years...rarely used, and mostly neglected...shes a rolling retoration 8th August 2006
1100D Lovely car, the front left wheel looks off-camber. 8th August 2006
karlosdeville aftermarket yes, but a period unit fitted in the early 60s...was in two minds, but will remove it when i repaint 7th August 2006
khanak I guess you should take out the luggage carrier. its an aftermarket addition right? 7th August 2006
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