1973 Premier President

karlosdeville’s Team-BHP Garage
1973 Premier President
Engine Specifications:
  • 1089cc 4 cyl
Fuel & Tuning:
  • stock
  • stock
  • stock
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • stock
  • stock factory, barring loads of extra guages fitted 20 years back
  • repainted 20 years ago in original colour, still was purchased by my grandfather when it was a few months old


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Author Comment Date
karlosdeville Get me undented aluminium side roof rail trims, I shall remove the carrier. I dont want two ugly marks to be visible if I remove it. 15th November 2008
SuperSelect She's a beauty Karl. The blue colour is outstanding !! Err.. Do you REALLY need to have that carrier on ?!? 10th November 2008
moralfibre Please re, remove the carrier. Please re remove the carrier. 17th March 2008
President PLEASE RE move the carrier. Please re MOVE the carrier. please re move the carrier. 13th December 2007
karlosdeville She has always behaved well. Moral, come over one weekend we'll remove the carrier. 13th December 2007
planet_rocker how is she behaving now? take care of her! 13th December 2007
moralfibre And once more PLEASE REMOVE THE CARRIER!!!!#&Q$^#*&% 10th December 2007
moralfibre Please remove the carrier. Please remove the carrier. PLEASE REMOVE THE CARRIER. PLEASE REMOVE THE CARRIER. PLEASE REMOVE THE CARRIER. 10th December 2007
raghu apparao Thats not a RMP meter. It was called a Performance Gauge. It was attached to the carb and worked on Vaccum. 13th October 2007
karlosdeville Certainly not. The cars priceless! 12th September 2007
Monster_BHP Would it be right to say the RPM meter is worth more than the car? 12th September 2007
karlosdeville well, paint is delayed since i couldnt get my act together before the monsoons...while my bugs being painted in the middle of monsoons! 13th June 2007
moralfibre The wheel spins machine! Good luck with the paint job! 13th June 2007
Stanher If I rememebr right, the presidents didnt have the reverse lights as the rear....right? 5th April 2007
karlosdeville you bet i still drive her...daily! the carrier will go when i repaint...will leave nasty scars otherwise... 17th October 2006
NIP i think you need to lose the carrier on top...unless u really use it. 15th October 2006
planet_rocker nice ride... do you still drive her? 10th October 2006
karlosdeville i have an italian meter (horizontal needle) which i planned 2 put in some time...need to get down to work on her, focussing on my other car these days 8th August 2006
1100D Ours have the original silver ip but the speedo gives lower readings. 95 when the cars going 110 (ikon nxt). 8th August 2006
1100D The Flat bumpers are more prone to get misaligned/dented. We have ours somewhere. Neither they look good nor they provide protection. dont change. 8th August 2006
karlosdeville also looking for delight model flat bumpers with larger guards, so not bothering to fiddle with the current set...they need plating as well... 8th August 2006
karlosdeville yeah, my grandad unfortunately changed the meter when the s1 unit came out...original was silver faced... 8th August 2006
1100D Instrument panel from the Padmini S1 deluxe. Get the Bumpers aligned. 8th August 2006
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