1956 Volkswagen Beetle 'Oval Window'

karlosdeville’s Team-BHP Garage
1956 Volkswagen Beetle 'Oval Window'
Engine Specifications:
  • 1192cc 4 cyl boxer, air cooled.
  • Red, with white piping
  • VW shade L41 Diamond Black
The car sat for 20 years, I chased it for 3 years, and has been an on and off resto for 6 years. She now runs well, still plenty to be done though.

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pdpyen great restoration sir! 22nd August 2019
tushar_lalsan great work Karlos. Please let me know, if you ever think of liquidating your bug. 15th November 2010
karlosdeville The original number plates are safely at home. I hope to restore them and mount them on my wall alongwith others from my collection. 14th August 2009
President Karl, I hope you have stowed away the OH REE G NAL number plates safely.
Knowing you, I'm sure you must have. He he!
13th August 2009
karlosdeville No way! This combo of Diamond black and pearl white on the wheels is OE VW, and I'm very happy with it thank you. 17th July 2009
nitrous Congratulations on the restoration! We'll send Cyrus to get your wheels painted black! :D 17th July 2009

Your Beetle sure is taking a lot of time, Hope to see it soon.
Where's the restoration thread buddy?
15th September 2008
karlosdeville Yup she's in Bombay right now, body removed from chassis, (was welded earlier), new seals being fabricated. Paint was completed, but some touch up will have to be done once work is completed. Still looking for 2 rims. 7th August 2008
JayD *Bump* Any updates?? 6th August 2008
S@~+#0$# Karl, any update on the restoration? Pics please. 2nd May 2008
karlosdeville Sigh, give me a month more please. I have way too much on my plate to complete the Beetle at the moment. 27th February 2008
brat001 Where's the pics Karl, waiting for your resto pics on this Beauty 27th February 2008
karlosdeville Painted, engine mounted and started, but brakes to be assembled. After that, drive to Bombay and finish the upholstry. Im trying to bring her for the Bombay rally in Feb, lets see how things go. 31st January 2008
khanak Any Updates? She should be about done by now right? 31st January 2008
javed hi th
i too have a beetle 62 model farrari red in colour
i would like to meet beetle owners
i can be contacted on 9880933266
hope to hear from u soon
28th January 2008
brat001 any resto project vws in b'lore?? 15th November 2007
DYNABOOST hey dude!! nice car....can u temme whr i cud find 1 ?? been looking for 1 to restore 4 ages !! cheers ! 30th October 2007
supercars I also was going to buy a Beetle. Good luck with the Restoration. :) 18th September 2007
JayD Hey! what is the present status of the car? resto over? Can we have a seperate thread for its restoration? 23rd August 2007
moralfibre Nice to see some progress and the first coat of L41 Diamond Black! 13th June 2007
petrolhead89 dude...i guess i know where u can get an engine for that....its somewhere in santa cruz, mumbai.....near chowksi... 25th April 2007
karlosdeville certainly wasnt mine...did the one u see have traces of blue paint? 8th March 2007
manson nope, i think the one i saw was all rusted, probbaly another car. 8th March 2007
manson i think in saw this car ebing towed a couple of days back, monday to be precise. 8th March 2007
manikjeet hey i my naniji also have a blue bettle 65 all original his father had imported from south africa 8th March 2007
karlosdeville yup, the lights are post 61 hassia units...identical to hella, but very VERY rare... 25th January 2007
V-16 lovely oval u got there karl. Think the lights r or a newer model. PM if u need help restore her. 25th January 2007
Stanher hey karl, how bout sum updates on the pics. plse?? :) 18th December 2006
karlosdeville i am looking for a 36 horse engine though...any leads? 15th December 2006
karlosdeville hey, no not yet...the ones ive found are too expensive! 15th December 2006
awini hi karl, did you manage to find a radio for the kafer? iv seen several on ebay. 15th December 2006
khanak hey it would be really nice if you could create a worklog while you restore her..with lots of pics .... 28th November 2006
trj i too got a beetle 1962 model, its in the similar condition, gotta restore it, don know where to get the parts for it. mine is green coloured 4th October 2006
karlosdeville um, yeah, she does need alotta work...thats why im restoring her! 19th August 2006
zulfikar hi buddy it needs a lot of work on it... i alos had a Beetle. its a very good car. 18th August 2006
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