05 Suzuki Esteem VXI Simplicity

Tool’s Team-BHP Garage
05 Suzuki Esteem VXI Simplicity
Engine Specifications:
  • Type Petrol engine, 4 stroke cycle, all-aluminium Water cooled SOHC
  • Cylinders In-line 4
  • No. of valves 4 / cylinder
  • Piston displacement 1298 cc Bore X stroke 74 x 75.5 (mm)
  • Compression ratio 9.0 0.2
  • Maximum output .. I Dont Know Anymore!! @ 7000 Rpm. Probably 100-105 Flywheel Bhp Now
  • Maximum torque 110 Nm @ 4500 Rpm
  • Engine Control 32-Bit Electronic Control Module (ECM)
  • 0-100 Kmph in 9.8 Secs
  • Does 165+ Kmph in 3rd Gear @6500 Rpm
Engine Misc.:
  • OWS Iridium Spark Plugs
  • MSD Blaster HVC (High Vibration Coil)
  • MSD 6AL Ignition Control With Variable RPM Limiters From 7000 - 8000 RPM
  • MSD 8.5mm Super Conducting Ignition Wires.( Was running MSD Heli-core 8mm Wires)
  • Mobile 1 Super Synth
  • Optima Red Top RT34 Battery
  • Exedy Sport Tuff Stage 1 Racing Clutch
  • Larger Fuel Injectors From Suzuki RD
  • Lightweight Aluminum Adjustable Cam Gear From Suzuki RD
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K&N Apollo Cold Air Intake Kit (CAI)
  • 4x2x1 tuned length Headers with a custom made low restriction exhaust system.
  • Complete Free Flow System With Maganaflow Exhaust Can.
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Speed 97 / Xtra Premium 93 sometimes
  • Race Dynamics Stand Alone Engine Management System Coming Soon
  • Magnaflow Exhaust Can
  • Custom Made Stainless Steel Medium Bore End Pipe
  • Pricol Xenos
  • Gear Lock
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Koni Sport Dampners (Yellow Ones) with Elbach springs
  • K-Speed Racing Turismo series 14 inch Alloys
  • Yokohama EVS ES100 185/60 R 14 tyres
  • Strut Braces From AR Motorsport
  • EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads .
  • 2 Pot Willwood/Brembo Callipers with Cross Drilled Discs is Next Upgrade. (Whatever Fits Still Searching.. Somebody Help!!)
  • Dynamat Extreme 3 Bulk Packs ( Damn this stuff is heavy!!)
  • V-Kool Tints
  • Bosch Aero-Twin Wipers.
  • Alpine - 9833 Head unit ( now only being used to display Voltage lol )
  • Alpine - 9887 Imprint Head Unit
  • Alpine - KTX 100EQ Imprint Eq On Order.
  • Alpine - MRD-M 1001 - 2000 Watt Monoblock
  • Alpine - KCE-501M Amplifier Link
  • Alpine - KCA 422 iPod Adapter.
  • 2x12 inch Image Dynamics IDQ V12 Subwoofers
  • 1x 12 inch Image Dynamics ID MAX.v3 Subwoofer
  • AudioBahn 1 Farad Digital Stiffening Capacitor
  • Blaupunkt - Vpa 4120 - 1500 watt Class AB 4 Chanel Amplifier
  • Hertz Hi-Energy HSK 165 6.5 inch 2-Way Components Front And Back
  • Connection Audison Sonus 2 guage Main Power Wire
  • Connection Audison Sonus SFH 11WP Main Fuse Holder
  • Connection Audison Sonus BFD 41 Fused Distribution Block
  • Connection Audison Sonus SFC 41C Ground And Main Power Fused Distribution Block
  • Connection Audison Sonus SGT 11 Ground Terminal
  • Connection Audison Sonus SL 214 Speaker Wire
  • Stinger Expert Series Silver Wire OFC RCA Interconnects
  • Stinger Expert Series SXTBM Battery Clamps With LED Voltage Display
  • 60GB Ipod Video

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Author Comment Date
kari Hey....are they EBC DP2762. How is the performance?? 30th May 2012
blueraven316 Looks like the most loaded Esteem ever, I hope it's been setup as well as the equipment list :) 11th February 2011
stanjohn123 We still have the old Skoda, the new Skoda's case is still pending in court. 21st November 2010
Ranjan Sharma I Meant Dollars..!

$$s looks like something else.. lol
21st January 2010
Ranjan Sharma and your saved $$s :D 21st January 2010
Ranjan Sharma So u not selling the Car anymore..?

What bout the Skoda..? :P
21st January 2010
stanjohn123 Whats the resale value you're gettin for esteem now ?? I have almost a similar model with same color but no where near your crazy MODS :-) 27th December 2009
Tool she aint up anymore :) now have special plans for her.. *dastardly smile* lol 6th September 2009
Tool She is Up for Sale guys. !! 13th February 2009
chiragh_bir really awesome !! 24th September 2008
SRShrikanth Perfect case of a Wolff in sheep's attire. Awesome stuff in there mate. 11th June 2008
Tool hehe bro bro esteem lover.. am getting a MID LIFE ICE upgrade. :)
2 new 4 channel amps coming soon.
21st April 2008
esteem_lover Another major upgrade ? what is it this time ? Engine swap ? 11th April 2008
Tool major update coming very soon guys.. cheers.:) 1st March 2008
hellspawn damn!thats a lot of stuff in an esteem....some more pics of the konis and the audio pls...cheers 1st March 2008
Tool Just got my image Dynamics ID MAX.V3 12 inch Subwoofer yesterday... simply sinfull SQL now. Wooo Hooo 29th February 2008
needforspeed88 awesome well thought out mods . 22nd February 2008
Tool hey binz bro.. not yet bro. aunt is delayed in the states but should be down in another 2 weeks or so. 14th February 2008
binz hey,has the g-tech arrived? 13th February 2008
Tool Hello.. The koni's cost 25 K for all 4 and the springs cost me about 15 K. 28th January 2008
Baburajs how much did it cost for the Koni dampners and the springs. I have to change mine. 22nd January 2008
Tool And a New Spec Regrind Piper Bp275 Cam. 19th January 2008
Tool hey guys thanx ffor all the support :) its the reason i keep going :) . Just added K&N Apollo Cold Air Intake And A Exedy Sport Tuff Stage 1 Clutch . 19th January 2008
joe_mclaren koni dampeners.. could we have some pics of that.. awesome mod 15th January 2008
stryder hat's off..!!! to yer ride :) 11th January 2008
max_911 Nice specs there dude ... 28th December 2007
esteem_lover I love my esteem, but you still manage to make me blush with all the expensive stuff you have put in yours. :) 6th December 2007
rayid2 what should i fix in my esteem so that air exhaust sound comes when it reaches certain RPM ? 5th December 2007
Tool wape the car ?? sorry didnt understand rthat 13th November 2007
team suzuki did you wape the car? 13th November 2007
holysheldon excellent ;) 10th November 2007
Hellraiser Am glad that ur ride is one the most viewed cars on t bbhp ,it dsrvs it.! 10th November 2007
Tool Also Shit loads of dynamat extreme and my new HERTZ Hi-Energy HSK 165 Components Back and Front. Loveeee them too much.. 9th November 2007
Tool Hey everyone.. Thanks for all the Nice thigs you guys have said :) New additions MSD blaster coil& 6AL ignition control and MSD 8.5mm Super conducters 9th November 2007
cyneverdie yup yup yup been in the car and its the tightest sound system i have heard in a car....rock on mate 5th October 2007
quadra Quadra has been added to the wow list :) 31st August 2007
swift8847 simply superb ride dude. engine mods are amazing. ICE is jus mind blowing. wonder how people manage to sit in the rear seat :-) 12th August 2007
nikkibike aaaaaah!!! Pretty 'regular' looking car!!! Having MONSTER mods inside!! Great ride dude! Envy you!! 26th July 2007
Tool The Positive battery clamp has LED's and shows Alternator Charge. Its a quick check for voltages basically. 7th June 2007
Tool hey everyone.. Connection Audison Full Wiring Upgrade Done. Noidaboy those are Stinger Expert Series -ve and ve Batterly clamps. The LED one is ve 7th June 2007
noidaboy what is that thing on the battery?? 7th June 2007
vishal tinani hey tool was up im n team bhp now lets roll t wheels n burn them 26th May 2007
Sidewinder$ a neat & clean beast... :) 7th May 2007
Jon damn car man !!.... 23rd April 2007
esteem_lover Would appreciate if you can post the install pics of the front components. Thanks 12th April 2007
grizzly HOT...HOT...HOT.....:) 11th April 2007
Tool Complete Audison Wiring Overhaul In Progress Everyone. Will Update With Full Install Pics Soon :) 12th March 2007
manson same wheels on my ikon, would love to see this car in person sometime. 21st February 2007
ASH-WINS bro..keep it up////////// 14th February 2007
whicked wheels cool ride, sweet, simple a and fully loaded power house. every penny wisely spent. keep 28th January 2007
Hellraiser whoaa both ICE well as engine/performance pro , rare combination bro 25th January 2007
Tool im sorry if i offended youby caling you baba, sir ford rocam.. didnt mean to at all .. :) 21st January 2007
Ford Rocam baba ??? 18th January 2007
Tool The Cam is a re-grind of BP285H or BP270H dont remember exactly baba. 17th January 2007
Tool as for the injectors baba.. they are rated at 250 cc/min. Will find out exact specs from my bro whos garage the car goes to :) 17th January 2007
Tool i had to send him a original cam from here. 17th January 2007
Tool Hello baba Ford Rocam. umm cousin got the re-machined from piper as a one off but its what piper calls the Fast Road Cam . Think it was a BP270H 17th January 2007
Ford Rocam Thats a good list of mods u have under the hood what profile cams are those? & what rating are those injectors? 17th January 2007
turbotime Thats some great pieces for your ears, me likey are you gonna turbo your car? 16th January 2007
elf Understated. Fast. Neat. Sweet. :) 13th January 2007
Tool hey thank you bro.. you got one bitchin ride tooo ;) 11th January 2007
Abix Hot stuff buddy! 10th January 2007
Tool adding more pics of engine bay / koni suspension etc shortly people :) 8th January 2007
Boom Shiva Very nice...quick and loud! 21st December 2006
prince85 Amazing mods on an amazing car. Tool bro........some under-bonnet snaps plz? 21st December 2006
Tool well i paid 25 k for the set of koni sports. They are the yellow ones. Also am running Elbach springs. My koni Fsd's are now in the Skoda RS. 20th December 2006
nosfreak Nice Looking ICE setup dude.. could u specify the details on it.... mind if i borrow teh multi colour duster in ur car : ) 7th November 2006
v1p3r You're running the Koni Reds? Man, those things are STIFF! How do you manage a daily drive?! 4th November 2006
karthik247 Thats some great ICE in there 10th September 2006
grvanand Thats one awesome car... 10th September 2006
driven2win Cool... Whats the performance like ??? 27th August 2006
Tool pics of the engine bay comming up soon.. 9th August 2006
Tool hello guys.. umm paid 44 K for the dampners , Umm my ice details can be found in what ICE @ what price post in the ICE section. 9th August 2006
diven_b lets have some pics of the engine bay 8th August 2006
dmitri Wow....More details on ICE please... Also how much you paid for the Dampners? Are they FSD? 8th August 2006
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