1999 Honda City 1.5 Exi-S (SOLD) afterglow

manveet’s Team-BHP Garage
1999 Honda City 1.5 Exi-S (SOLD) afterglow
Performance Mods:
  • Induction: Ractive SF100
  • Exhaust: Automech FFE setup with 4x2x1 MS Headers
  • Engine Oil: Mobil 1 Supersyn
  • Tires: 205/50/15 Yokohama ES100
  • Alloy Rims: Prestige
  • Automech front Strut Brace
  • Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs
Other Mods:
  • Bi-xenon HID's
  • steering wheel: Elevo Ducaro R
  • Body Kit: OE type
  • de-badged
  • HU: Pioneer 6950ib
  • Front: Hertz ESK 165 Components
  • Rear: Hertz ECX 165 Coaxials
  • Amplifier: JBL GTO 755.6 (5 channel)
  • SubWoofer: JBL CS1204B
  • Front Doors & Boot damped
  • Audison RCA, Power and Speaker Cables


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Author Comment Date
manveet Now Sold. 4th May 2010
ashish22 well lets sit together sometime and decide on tht shall we! 4th May 2009
manveet @ashish22: Not after what I have been hearing about Skoda A.S.S. lately :) 29th April 2009
ashish22 wat happened to your TPi project?? is it on dude?? 28th April 2009
16v100bhp Your car looks good lowered.. 2nd February 2009
abhinav.gupta88 Love the car.
The way it revs and throws you back
Amazing ride dude.
11th January 2009
BUSA Excellent ride, very good tastes in mods :) You have kept it simple yet elegant. 8th February 2008
hellspawn welcome back dude...hows bhabhiji... :) 8th February 2008
JayD Hey dude! awesome ride! just a suggestion, why dont u upgrade to type 2 looks? 17th November 2007
manveet Thanks aZa, FL, R_H - I'm VERY happy with the ICE now, the coaxials have made the sound so much fuller .. my JBL Hertz combo is NOW kickass :) 13th August 2007
faithless_1984 Time to post in the ICE section now eh Manveeteh :D 13th August 2007
aZa anuj wait till you see the damn size of the AMP !!! 9th July 2007
rev_hard manveet thats one h**l of an upgrade.. 75.4 se sidhe 755.6 GTO!!! demo please.. and fast! 27th June 2007
hellspawn hey the life support system for the filter looks 15th June 2007
noidaboy our goldie looking hot!! 7th June 2007
Ford Rocam which all light weight pulleys you going for? 27th May 2007
drifter Nicely kept manveet!! Love the way it looks. 22nd April 2007
elf So how 'bout a snap of your new HID lights? 21st April 2007
ashish22 nice changes manveet...i also own the same model, wud love to do the same with my car 12th April 2007
caroholic1 Oya manveet niceeeee. Loved those smoked out lights. 12th March 2007
planet_rocker much better now...thw first pic looks very sweet. 12th March 2007
Hellraiser awesome work bro 12th March 2007
JUELZ 41 your honda looks pimp...good job. think abt getting a better spoiler too. 6th March 2007
manveet thanks planetrocker. the paint on the rear bumper is badly chipped - will post pics by next weekend when I get that fixed as well as the new ICE :) 5th March 2007
planet_rocker upload the new pics of the smoked tail lamps...and the new mess grill. drive safe :) 5th March 2007
turbotime i wish you could lower you car (lowering springs) a little bit would add up to your car's sporty look 16th January 2007
elf Hope she gets better soon... a really lovely OHC & I like your understated body kit with the alloys. 10th January 2007
manveet well .. hotrod & faithless .. the car is currently recovering from her crash .. another 20 days and you get to see the improved version :) 17th December 2006
HOTROD woo this is one hot honda 14th December 2006
faithless_1984 oye nice ride bro, bling shling n all huh.!! 11th December 2006
PrincePavs U a KOOOL KAT .............Manveet singh keep it up 16th November 2006
manveet @vijjukrishna: glad you like it - me contemplating an undercar kit | @v1p3r: me not too fond of it - would have preferred a pastel shade anyday :) 13th November 2006
vijjukrishna looks good from front in the dark with those neons......... 28th October 2006
v1p3r Sweet ride, nice colours especially. 26th October 2006
manveet @LBM: ICE setup is from 3+ yrs ago .. so i don't remember the Pioneer model names except that they are 10" and 5" in dia. :) .. perhaps you can help ? 15th October 2006
manveet @aZa: yessir. as that was before the skirtjob. pics have been taken later. (note the missing bumper protector on rear RHS) 15th October 2006
low_bass_makker phaji "Mid-range: 10" (Rear)" what is this model never hear of it...... 15th October 2006
aZa manveeteh: bumper damage theek hogaya ? 15th October 2006
manveet @ranjith: about 12k.. it's all in this thread > ttp:// 15th October 2006
rranjith_kum how much did the exhaust cost you completely.... 15th October 2006
manveet @ Ford Rocam : Thank you hai ji. Par aapki OHC phir bhi #1 inspiration hai :) 12th October 2006
manveet @manson / caroholic1 : thank you paaji's .. 12th October 2006
manveet @ hellspawn / aZa : skirts always look good ;) 12th October 2006
manson one more nice ohc on the forum. nice simple kit unlike most i see around. cheers. 9th October 2006
Ford Rocam Alloy skirt aur grill nal badi soni gaddi lagdi hai paaji ;) 9th October 2006
hellspawn nice...skirts look good 9th October 2006
caroholic1 Hey dude nice car :) 8th October 2006
aZa oye bling bling !! nice skirts ;) 8th October 2006
hellspawn hey dude finally got my grill fixed(did it myself) so doesnt look as good as yours. 17th September 2006
gamerno1 arre just say gamer or gamerno1 (gamerno :O) lol .... yea, i had the same Type R's on my zen (1400/- pair). they lasted me for a year :) 8th September 2006
manveet @hellspawn & gamerno .. fitted from car raunaq in noida ( .. hellspawn > same place i caught you stalking me bi*ch.. he he) .. 8th September 2006
manveet @gamerno .. it's the same brand every roadside dealer sells .. TypeR something .. i think the set costs abt 2K .. mine is 1 small tube so ~ 500 bucks 8th September 2006
gamerno1 hey manveet. give some detials about your neons please. As in brand/$$/place of purchase, etc. 8th September 2006
manveet @shan2nu .. want to graduate to a octavia 1.8tpi rider sometime in near future .. saving dough for autopsyche & pete ;) 7th September 2006
Shan2nu I like the chicken mesh grill. Wheel are nice. Any plans to get the type 2 mods on it? Atleast get those clear lamps fixed. 7th September 2006
hellspawn dude help me with the front grill man and where did u get the neon from? 5th September 2006
manveet @aZa : dude i'm just inspired by the LORD :) coming up next : flashing strobes in the headlights :D 5th September 2006
manveet @gamerno1 & @ hellspawn: thaankoo thaankoo 5th September 2006
aZa pimpinnnnnnnnn bro :) Awesome alloys + Grill + Blue nose job :) heheh 5th September 2006
hellspawn oh so this is the pimpin' taht u got...looks damn good with the neons man. 5th September 2006
gamerno1 i was waiting & watching all this while as you were uploading the pics 1 by 1. thats one sexy OHC you got! 5th September 2006
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