1975 Jayaram GT Custom everything...chassis included..!!

cinclaturbo’s Team-BHP Garage
1975 Jayaram GT Custom everything...chassis included..!!
Engine Specifications:
1360cc Pushrod 8v.

Engine Misc.:
Isky Cams
Lightened Flywheel
Racing Pistons
Plus the Works..!

Turbocharger & Induction:

Fuel & Tuning:
Weber 40 DCOE X 2

Custom 4x1 into 2

Home built 8 Speed Forward
Overdrive on all 4 gears....all electrically controlled
Custom Close ratio.

Weight reduction & transfer:

Suspension, wheels & tires:
Custom built independent front w/disc.
Custom built independent rear
Sachs Adjustable Shocks

Custom built
Motec Steering
SMITHS series instruments.
HALDA Road Master

10 coats of home mixed paint.
Pop-up head lights

It took 5yrs to build,completed in 1975.
Built single-handedly, with members of family chipping in.
Registered as a custom built car " Jayaram GT".

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Created: 29th September 2006 13:53
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cinclaturbo Thank you all.
@jatinpatel you will find a few recent photos here
25th July 2013
paulprv She is a dream! 25th February 2013
jatinpatel is this car still there with you ? can you upload its recent pics ?

Hats off to jayram sir for creating such a beauty from scratch its a feat on its own.Superb i must say.
26th January 2012
Abhi2902 Did not know you could register custom built cars and bikes?!? if so, i am sure this is just the beginning of excellence in India :) 19th August 2010
ajay2233 No words to express! Great car from great hands!
Hats off to Jayaram sir!
12th August 2010
EssYouWe Godlike stuff. Hats off to Jayaram sir. 13th February 2010
TractionAvant WOW! So great to see this car here. I remember reading about it in the Indian Auto Journal when I was a kid. Compare this with the Bond Equipe (which was also based on the herald) and the you will feel a renewed respect for Mr. Jayaram.
PLEASE start a new thread on this car!!
22nd June 2009
YC.BALENO.CHD Love those looks. Timeless beauty and that too a custom built by an Indian. Hats off. Its really magnificent. 31st May 2009
ACM WoW, Great craftmanship, well maintained, most customs dont last this long, especially in India. You could get into business if this could be repeated, its a timeless design. 6th March 2009
fieroid Awesome man, the car is a gem. Hatts off to your grandpa!
WHoever is calling this a Jag, well I have no words for you.
26th January 2009
frankmehta sorry i didnt know he's Mr Jayaram's grandson. this is an absolute dream of a car! cheers! 10th January 2009
v1p3r Yeah, we know that. Cincla is his grandson. What's your point? 9th January 2009
frankmehta ad jayaram built this!!!! 9th January 2009
cinclaturbo @stanher it's based on a 13/60 block..
Internally every other bit is changed.
2nd December 2008
punterccrx8s Beauty! 24th November 2008
Stanher Awesome! Is the engine from a Triumph Herald 13/60? 19th November 2008
Aditya Here's proof that it is possible to custom build a car that can last for more than 30 years. Great effort and a beautiful car. Take a bow! 8th November 2008
evo very very very very cool...
unbelievable, I`m transfixed
5th November 2008
flyingspur That is absolutely amazing. Is there a thread about this car? Incredible. Make it. Sell it to the elite in EU and Gulf. :D 2nd May 2008
Jayabusa Incredible! Unbelievable feat is all I can say! 2nd May 2008
cinclaturbo @SirAlec...thanks a lot...that's a huge compliment 15th April 2008
SirAlec Man! had he got favourable environment as USA, here, I am sure he would have been in the same league of caroll shelby today. 14th April 2008
the mole why not build it for others, I am in line.a real beauty. 4th April 2008
DocG way too cool...interested in selling it? :D 23rd February 2008
spawnofsatan I am very impressed...this is some excellent work !!!! I have a few questions for you could you email me? 30th January 2008
PAVAN KADAM Close in looks to a jaguar, rear looks more a Ford. 3rd January 2008
govigov real beauty man.... 11th November 2007
im_srini Really cool car ! I'm intrigued by the electrically operated 7-speed box, could you shed some light ? 2nd November 2007
kasli un real ! mindblowing .. Speechless 23rd October 2007
Monster_BHP The craftmanship on this one is preety extrordinary! The man had the drive and the talent to do somthing so nice, Great. 2nd September 2007
kicksperliter nothing to say, just a BIG bow.................... 24th August 2007
kick.throttle man i m freaked out 24th August 2007
mclaren1885 Its not JAG. Check this link, will help u clear all your doubts. 7th July 2007
sabret00the whre was the engine sourced frm...and hw did u end up with this car? 7th July 2007
sabret00the looks like a jag e type...was that a donor car I mean? 7th July 2007
badboyscad JAGUAR E-TYPE it can you call it custom??? 5th July 2007
abhi1309 Jayaram GT is fine :) but whats the real name anyways? 22nd June 2007
absynthguzzler eeerrm uh huh ahem !!!! forgive me for thinkin .......... aint this a jaguar e-type ? n not a custom design or is it based on the e-type . 13th June 2007
mclaren1885 Now , the big question is ?? When do I get to see it ?? 29th April 2007
rider60 man great job what was the chassis used and how did you register this car? 29th April 2007
bottle you made the whole car from scratch? some info will be appreciated 30th March 2007
v1p3r very much. 27th March 2007
RJK truly splendid job 17th March 2007
cinclaturbo @v1p3r....happy..? 10th March 2007
v1p3r Finally! And it was worth the wait! 10th March 2007
Z_addict very easy on the eyes...! 1st February 2007
whicked wheels Some can dream of building a car,some can build a dream car. simply awasome.mindblowing. hats off to you and your family. 26th January 2007
Sidewinder$ speechles..... i think it had a covertible 2... if iam not mistaken... 17th January 2007
angelfire hey why dont you start a thread with the pics..Am sure it will be very interestin to know all th deatils.. 18th December 2006
Vipul.Sharma Wooooooow..........Love at first sight 14th December 2006
drift2race classic beauty ! 13th November 2006
Speedme The man and the Machine in perfect harmony.. A feat of Jayram engneering... Kudos to that... 29th October 2006
dr fate amazing feat,did you guys know that even the tail lamp covers were fabricated in mr jayrams background!heis perfection should be seen and heard. 28th October 2006
rankoz350 AMAZING!!! JAI HIND! 26th October 2006
v1p3r Wow. When do I get to see it, if ever... 16th October 2006
cinclaturbo mods can u move this into a thread ??....i try to answer ur queries 13th October 2006
MalluDude Art, no less. 12th October 2006
suren181 Hey and I second the move on a seperate thread on this one.... 12th October 2006
suren181 This is a groovy piece and tell me is this the only one in the whole wide world? 12th October 2006
ajmat Tell us more - have heard about this car in my youth but never saw it 12th October 2006
karlosdeville brilliant...we need a thread on this...tell us more! 10th October 2006
princesri1981 amazing, thats all what i can think of, great car 10th October 2006
ported_head OMG, fantastic, India's first and probably only GT!!! Absolutely brilliant. 8 speed forward!!! Can we please have a thread on this for more insight?? 7th October 2006
punka23 Woah.. great job. Kinda looks like a Jaguar E Type 7th October 2006
janeckozzy wow..... im floored definitely the most interesting cars on team-bhp.. lovely work. how is she to drive.. handling etc? e-type front end?? 5th October 2006
cinclaturbo Persistence, it was reg. only in 1980's. There were no bribes paid either..! 4th October 2006
Steeroid Have read about this car in one of the old automage. Please tell us how you got it registered! 4th October 2006
Psycho My best compliments to your Grampa for the beauty we adored from the times we understood cars. 3rd October 2006
cinclaturbo nitrous, he's not my uncle..!!! 2nd October 2006
manson very beautiful car. 1st October 2006
Steeroid Lost for words............totally! 1st October 2006
nitrous Sweeeeet. Btw, i heard about Mr.Bobby Jayram. Is he ur uncle? 30th September 2006
speedofreak wow .....mast hai bhai 29th September 2006
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