2003 Honda City VTEC "DHANNO"

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2003 Honda City VTEC "DHANNO"
Engine Specifications:
  • Type: 4 cyl. Inline SOHC 16Valve MPFI
  • Displacement(cc): 1493
  • Max. Power (Bhp) : 106 (Stock)
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Not yet!!
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Speed/Speed 97
  • Free-Flow with straight through pipe
  • FWD, 5-speed gearbox
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • None yet
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock suspension
  • Standard 14" Enkei Alloys
  • Michelin Pilot Preceda 195/60 R14
  • Stock
  • Changed stock Naples Gold colour to custom Inza Red
  • Other than that stock. Thank God!!
ICE (In-Car Entertainment):
  • Alpine 9813 Head Unit
  • Front: Velocity 130.1 Reference Components
  • Rear: Velocity 170.1 Reference Components
  • Surprise coming soon!!!!


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Author Comment Date
udit78 Hi Raghav,

I got ur reference from Pramod, that you got VTEC pepped up from Pandit and co... can you please tell me what all u got done and how much did it cost...

I have an 96 model Esteem LX.... which i am looking to pep up... please suggest what all can i do... max. budget = 1 L....

Waiting to hear
17th October 2009
m4ugr8 Where is the Getz Garage?? 10th March 2009
abhinav.gupta88 Damn. Bbbye dhannooo 26th February 2009
planet_rocker sold? 5th February 2009
Steeroid Goodbye, Dhanno. Thanks for the night rides in Delhi with the siren on and red light on the roof. 5th February 2009
muneemmk Poor Old Dhanno is Gone for ever. 5th February 2009
autoenthusiast Dude, where's your surprise ? 11th December 2008
n_aditya 177k KMS? Wow. Maintained like a charm i must say. She looks gorgeous. 14th August 2008
iraghava 177k kms! And counting! 8th August 2008
m4ugr8 Ishaan how many KMs till now?? 8th August 2008
BUSA Irags - Get a B16 motor. 17th February 2008
nischint whre r the ice pics ? 30th December 2007
iraghava All inclusive including colour change was 44k. 10th December 2007
anonymous How much did you pay for denting/paiting? 10th December 2007
iraghava No no, he caught me at around 120 kmph. 2nd December 2007
supercars I think you should be careful about going that high in speed. So the cop in the Versa caught you at 195 kmph ? 2nd December 2007
neoonwheels Beautifulllllllllllll..... Exhaust looks mighty :) 24th October 2007
Steeroid Dhanno on the Rocks, eh raghava? Dont spare the ICE! 29th September 2007
iraghava ICE Upgrade! Will post a topic & pics in a day or two. 29th September 2007
mclaren1885 Chal Dhanno! Surprise kya hey bhai? Ishaan Raghavaji? Batao toh sahi! 29th September 2007
BUSA are tyre wala bhaiya suprise likhte ho aur gayab ho ja te ho? 29th September 2007
BUSA Is the suprise a B16? 2nd September 2007
BUSA eh where is ur suprise? 2nd September 2007
tamaron could you suggest ideal tyre/wheel & filters 27th July 2007
iraghava Anyways can't do it since I already have a bad back & travel mainly on bad highways. So big tyres are going to be torture!!! 28th May 2007
iraghava EL - You advising the offical tyre dealer of the forum??? :p 28th May 2007
iraghava Bigdad - No man she's not on sale! 28th May 2007
streetsdisciple 120 bhp ????????? how ??? 27th May 2007
esteem_lover Hi saurabh, change your wheels to 16 inchers asap. Your ride deserves it. 27th May 2007
bigdad hi thr...dou wish to selld car dude?? 11th May 2007
benbsb29 I noticed majority of the shots are from the rear.. u like the rear so much? :D 10th May 2007
nischint kool color and the exhaust makes ur car a devil.. :D 8th May 2007
mclaren1885 Dhoondteh dhooondteh marjayenge .. Aur kuch sochna , dhanno ko saja ne keliye .. 26th April 2007
nitroxx what piggyback are you running?the colors exceptional... 25th April 2007
gamerno1 i know the 'surprise' ;) when are the pics coming up? 20th April 2007
V-16 scotch ke liye kuch bhi karega!! 7th April 2007
gigy thats a clean and mean looking honda 1st April 2007
v1p3r What's the stock tyre size? I remember the 185/60 R14 being a better upsize for a 1.5 Exi. 1st April 2007
Ford Rocam "Dhanno" ki Basanti kahan hai??? 2nd March 2007
viper Hey WHat Piggyback chip are you using and where did you source it from and cost 25th February 2007
iraghava Well if I plonk V-16 in it then I'm going to have to fill it up with Scotch!!! It'll be too expensive for me to run then :p 24th February 2007
moralfibre Nice car. Heard a lot is going to go inside the car? B-16? Why not plonk our own V-16 into it and then the car will start clicking pictures at meets:) 24th February 2007
The Wolf What piggy back do u have in there??? 27th January 2007
Hellraiser nice ride and a nice name as well `dhanno` :) 25th January 2007
karan561 Your CAT - BACK rocks man !!!! hats off !!!! 7th January 2007
mobike008 Nice ride, i am a fan of OHC. Where are the alloys? And, your number is 10 so why add the 2 zeros in front. Here in AP, we dont add them 5th January 2007
Bass&Trouble Aaaayyyyy Chiknaaaaay! Not you... the car! 8-) 13th December 2006
iraghava About 195 km/h!! 8th December 2006
Mr.Rage Nice Ride Dude... Nice music system... whatzzz the top speed that you have belted her?? 8th December 2006
iraghava Plus assorted work keeps cropping up every now & then & it becomes irritating due to lack of time on my part. So she needs 4-5 days in the garage now 29th November 2006
iraghava Ummm... she's done about 122k in 3 years & now she's a little tired. She needs a new fuel pump, 2 new axles, A/c blower motor & a suspension rebuild. 29th November 2006
danlalan so whats the trouble with her... 28th November 2006
iraghava Thanks Roland!! "Dhanno" is a little troublesome now so needs some time in the garage!! Hopefully soon! 13th November 2006
gamerno1 hey ishan! so i finally get to see your "dhanno" :P . very nice car. just like everyone mentioned, 195/60/14 24th October 2006
viper very nice clean car, well maintained. Good choice of colour. Agree with Elf need fatter tyres 195/60/14 recommended 5th October 2006
hellspawn aaahhhh!!! finally wat took u so long b***h .car looks great. 5th October 2006
iraghava Thanks for noticing the details, very few people do! Also notice the number plate surrounds red at back & silver at the front!! 5th October 2006
iraghava Thank you Elf sir!! Your comments are highly appreciated! As for the tyres I'll get fatter ones next time around. 5th October 2006
elf Just noticed your detail work around the grille & rear plate surround... I say we have a connoisseur in our midst... 4th October 2006
elf That is truly a beautiful ride. Nice choice of color. Need fatter tyres, smaller exhaust, Paaji! 4th October 2006
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