Palio 1.2 ELX, 2002. ~Hydra's Hatch I~ (Sold. Miss her, though.)

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Palio 1.2 ELX, 2002. ~Hydra's Hatch I~ (Sold. Miss her, though.)
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.2 liter, Petrol
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K&N Apollo CAI System.
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Fuel = SPEED only.
  • Stock.
  • Stock.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Suspension = Stock.
  • Wheels = 15" HR Alloys (Hyper Silver).
  • Tyres = Michelin Pilot Preceda 205/50 R15.
  • Spare Tyre = Stock (steel) wheel & tyre.
  • Stanley Black + Cinnamon Art. Leather seats and Door Trim; Leather Gear boot & Steering Wheel.
  • LLumar Platinum series Neutral 20SR Tints.
  • Blue LED lighting in the rear of the cabin and in the foot-wells.
  • Vibration/Sound damping done with AZ Audiocomp Fonomat.
  • Custom door-panels, custom panels & carpeting in boot.
  • Nippon Anti-theft system with Ignition cut-off.
  • HU: Alpine CDA-9887. (With iPod full-speed connection established through KCA-422i cable).
  • Amp1: Audison SRx4 (4-channel Amp, drives the front & rear speakers)
  • Amp2: Audison LRx1.4 (Mono Amp, drives the sub).
  • Front Speakers: Hertz ESK163s (6.5" 3-way component speakers).
  • Rear Speakers: Hertz ESX130 (5.25" 2-way co-axial speakers).
  • Subwoofer: Image Dynamics IDQ12 D2V2 12" Sub in a custom-built Sealed Box.
  • Damping: AZ Audiocomp Fonomat.
  • Cables: Connection Audison power cables & accessories (distribution block, fuse holders, ground terminals, fuse, etc). Connection Audison RCA interconnects and Speaker Wire.
  • Install: Custom install job by Zuheimi.

* Blaupunkt CDC-A03 10 disc changer, * Audison SRx4 (4-ch Amp), * Image Dynamics IDQ12 D2V2 12" Sub in a Sealed Box, * Audison LRx1.4 (Mono Amp), * Hertz ESX130 rear speakers, * Connection Audison power cables & accessories. * Connection Audison

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2401-7149.jpg 2856-7149.jpg 2857-7149.jpg 2858-7149.jpg * Blaupunkt CDC-A03 10 disc changer, * Audison SRx4 (4-ch Amp), * Image Dynamics IDQ12 D2V2 12" Sub in a Sealed Box, * Audison LRx1.4 (Mono Amp), * Hertz ESX130 rear speakers, * Connection Audison power cables & accessories. * Connection Audison * Hertz ESK163s (3-way component System). * Alpine CDA-9887. K&N Apollo CAI
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Author Comment Date
Grafin Great ride! Too bad u sold her.

Btw, how much did the CAI cost?
8th June 2010
evo very good job on the interiors 22nd October 2008
JayD Bye bye!!! :( 23rd April 2008
esteem_lover where's the maruti ? :) 13th April 2008
hellspawn i love the interiors of your car...thinking of copying them.... :) :) 8th February 2008
hydrashok Zakko, I don't think I'll go any further with engine-vengine. Maybe a set of headers, max. Not even FFE :)

Busa, TURBO???? Not me. See above :)

Thank you, SRSrikanth! Limitations of the flow of Vitamin-M more or less does the planning for me, heh heh. And now, since I'm not planning on selling this car ever, a bit of performance modding is needed to get some fizz into the relationship.
8th February 2008
SRShrikanth Extremely well-planned effort. First with a mind-blowing ICE set-up & now the engine mods are beginning to flow. 8th February 2008
BUSA hey nice CAI, any plans for a turbo? 8th February 2008
speedzak WOW! ICE guru gets into the engine WEngine! 4th February 2008
hydrashok Hellspawn, yep, the performance mods begin :). Very good improvement in top-end. She gets fast *real* fast. Slight loss of low-end. Need to shift gears at proper RPM/Speed now, or engine protests. Great intake-roar - Not too loud, just right :) 4th February 2008
hydrashok Thanks, Guys! Thank you for the nice words! 4th February 2008
hellspawn aaah!!now the performance mods begun..ehh!any noticable improvements with the CAi 3rd February 2008
wmax great work!! very neatly done. 26th December 2007
D1ISTHE1 Gr8 work... you knew what u wanted .. and u got it 27th October 2007
raneeshvijayan Excellent work on a Palio Ashok.....very sexy car!!!!! As you suggested here I am upgrading my tyres to 195/60/R14 on my 1.2 ELX. Thanks 25th October 2007
rocksterraghu Hydra's hatch! That is an awesome car with a sweet set of wheels. As expected, ICE is outstanding! Two thumbs up! 4th September 2007
warchild neat dude ...u got one loud palio:) 8th August 2007
hydrashok Thanks, rohan, sabret00the, vishnuvijay & Bottle! :) vishnuvijay, I got the seats done by Emperor Car Accessories here in Kochi (Stanley dealer) 16th July 2007
bottle really love the install (boot) cleanest i have ever seen :D 16th July 2007
vishnuvijay hi hydra, really cool audio system on the palio. liked the seat cover as well. din't know stanley had art leather as well. where did u get it done? 8th July 2007
sabret00the wow guess u cud take that thing to the next world war..ha ha 25th June 2007
rohan_fonseca A very well planned system! Must sound awesome! 25th June 2007
hydrashok Thanks, Busa and e_l! :-) 22nd June 2007
esteem_lover clean & elegant 21st May 2007
BUSA Awesome ICE :) 11th May 2007
speedzak Man!! Nothing I can say. Completely out of words to describe your car. Great work! 25th April 2007
hydrashok Thanks, mansidea :-) ICE was installed at Emperor, Palarivattom. 25th April 2007
mansidea Great Car Hydra. Where did you get it installed in Cochin? 25th April 2007
hydrashok gamerno1, album updated :-) 20th April 2007
gamerno1 c'mon hydra bhai. update the album with some shots of the IDQ 17th April 2007
bottle how much did it cost to get the seats done ? 30th March 2007
hydrashok Thanks, 16v100bhp! No more exterior mods now. Right now, all the mod money is going into stuff I can shift to a new car when I sell this one. 27th March 2007
16v100bhp it seems like the headlamps get fogged on a wash. You can get it replaced if still under warranty. If not PM me, i'll tell you what i did for my ride 12th March 2007
16v100bhp Nice ride dude.. neat ICE setup at the rear.. get a pair of those extra lights for the front bumper.. looks like it lacks something 11th March 2007
nikkibike heyyy.... wherz the pic of that classy tacho?!! 8th March 2007
hydrashok Thank you, ramie, sidewinder$, extreme_torque, juelz & grvanand :-) 3rd March 2007
grvanand Too good. Looks like the best Palio on Team BHP. 3rd March 2007
JUELZ 41 your car looks awesome man...keep it up. 20th February 2007
extreme_torque Neat... 14th February 2007
Sidewinder$ the setup is neat ... keep it up 31st January 2007
ramie2400 I love dis Kenwood 3005 subwoofer man.. i regret selling it awsome setup dude liked it 19th January 2007
hydrashok Thanks, shuvc :-) Tyres bought: Aug 2006. They aren't *that* worn. Must look that way 'cause of the mobile cam. They do wear out faster'n normal, tho. 17th January 2007
shuvc Great ride and ICE. Btw how old are the tyres ? They seem a bit worn out. 17th January 2007
elf Lovely looking ride Hydra. Love that you've kept the exterior stock. Enjoy her... :) 13th January 2007
hydrashok @hellspawn, they are 98PCD. I was lucky to get them. No issues with the alloys. No wobbling, nothing. Car stays rock solid even at 130kmph. 12th January 2007
hydrashok Thanks, Tool & BlueRaven! 12th January 2007
hellspawn are the rims 98pcd.have you faced any problems with the alloys.... 12th January 2007
Tool Absolutely Gorgeous setup baba.. Lovely ride bro...Not overstated and not understated at all too.. Super job bro :) 11th January 2007
blueraven316 Nice compos, clean setup, though the Grey looks very plain, it will be easier to maintain. Nice. 31st December 2006
hydrashok Folks, install completed! New pics posted. 31st December 2006
hydrashok Yep, JK! Hertz ESK163, ECX130, Audison SRx4, Audison RCA x3, Audison speaker wire, AZ Audiocomp damping, Neons, Zuheimi's install. Watch this space!!! 27th December 2006
jkdas ICEing in 2 days? 27th December 2006
kpzen Wheel setup looks great...get sparco mud flaps nah..!!! 17th December 2006
hydrashok Thanks for the compliment, finneyp. Especially because you are a fellow Palio owner :-) The tyres are Michelin Pilot Precedas: 205/50 R15; HR Alloys. 16th December 2006
finneyp Your babe looks great Hydra! Especially the Alloys and Tyres! Which brand is the tyres? 16th December 2006
mobike008 Nice Alloys :) 4th December 2006
hydrashok All new pics uploaded! 4th December 2006
hydrashok 195/60/R14 is a fine upsize. No tyre fouling problems. They will definitely affect FE. I've lost 1 kmpl with 205/50 R15s. Have PMd you with details. 27th November 2006
moralfibre Is 195/60/R14 a right upsize? I want to have them for my car. Let me know? Will they affect FE :( 25th November 2006
hydrashok Thanks, moralfibre. The tyres do foul if I drive a bit roughly with passengers in the back (90% of the time I drive alone). No passengers = No problem 23rd November 2006
moralfibre Nice car...Dont the 205/50 R15 faulter with the wheel archs? 14th November 2006
hydrashok kpzen, it is a 2002 1.2 ELX. Only the 1.2 sport came with a tach then (in the 1.2L range). Later they started giving a tach with the 1.2NV on. :( 13th October 2006
kpzen how come no tacho??? 12th October 2006
hydrashok Thanks, khanak. Will be taking some pics, once I get her washed :) 11th October 2006
khanak those alloys look really nice. can we have some more exterior pics pls 11th October 2006
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