2000 Mitsubishi Lancer SFXi

Vid6639’s Team-BHP Garage
2000 Mitsubishi Lancer SFXi
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.5L SOHC
  • 88bhp
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K&N stock replacement filter
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Petrol
  • Stock Exhaust
  • 5-speed manual
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Bridgestone Turanza ER-60 195/60-14 on OE alloys.
  • Mitsubishi leather seats
  • Ralliart racing aluminium pedals
  • carbon fibre finish instrument console
  • 3M sun film
  • kenwood HQ698 coaxial rear
  • kenwood 10cd changer in boot
  • stock kenwood HU
  • stock front speakers
Pics updated on 8/7/07

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Author Comment Date
kartikkumar The pics really don't do justice to how sexy this car looks in person. She's a beauty that refuses to show any signs of aging 27th May 2008
hillram Awesme Car dude...very well maintained 24th November 2007
lancersfx An sfxi well maintaned it is a marvel...... 23rd September 2007
vid6639 patience my dear friend BUSA. all in due course. first need to get dad a new car. 11th September 2007
BUSA Vid- Time you go in for a Mivec 2nd September 2007
benbsb29 Nice pics, buddy... should have realized this gleaming Lancy was yours.. :P 24th July 2007
vid6639 akshay the tyres are so so. they are good over bad roads. ride is better and handling ok. but they are very heavy tyres and surprisingly look bigger. 20th July 2007
akshay1234 how is the handling and braking of the turanzas? 20th July 2007
Ramsagar hey...y can't u go for lights on ORVM...similar one's Rudra's OPTRA...looks nice on black lancers...U OWN A GOOD MACHINE BRO!!! 12th July 2007
BUSA The new pics are very nice how abt a Mivec? 11th July 2007
moralfibre Very nice and gleaming car Vid. 10th July 2007
vid6639 same engine lol. need gearbox but. 9th July 2007
theMAG Did you retain the Alto engine or transplanted with a Mitsubishi engine ? :D 9th July 2007
vid6639 huh? what? where? who? why????? 9th July 2007
theMAG I see that you've had a Lancer body fitted to your Alto 9th July 2007
vid6639 thanks razor, just washed it today. she just completed 7 years last month. 8th July 2007
razor4077 Yay! New pics! Beautifully maintained. Doesn't look its age at all! Great ride vid. 8th July 2007
benbsb29 Well-maintained, Vid... 7 years is definitely a long period of bonding, and i can understand why u dont wanna sell it. 7th May 2007
BUSA beautiful...........:) very well maintained 6th May 2007
v1p3r But it NEEDS a Mivec. Everyone needs more power! 1st April 2007
Godfather v1p3r this is a sweer ride he has... why a MIVEC in this huh.. leave it na.. 16th March 2007
JUELZ 41 nice car...blck is by far the best color on a lancer...should get some bigger rims. itll looked pimped out. 19th February 2007
v1p3r Depends, yaar. When we next meet up, we can talk about it seriously, if you're interested. But the power gains are incredible. 7th February 2007
vid6639 thanks, v1p3r, NRkumar. how much is the Mivec? 6th February 2007
NRKUMAR good looking Lancer, keep it up 1st February 2007
v1p3r Nice. Needs a Mivec. We'll see you soon! 31st January 2007
vid6639 thanks hydra. difficult to maintain but the satisfaction is worth it. i dont have the heart to sell her. 30th January 2007
hydrashok Ahhhh... New pics. She looks hotttttt... Beautiful Ride, vid! You've really taken car of her. I can't believe she's 7 years old! (sorry, young :-) 30th January 2007
vid6639 Mivec not yet but a car-spa is coming up shortly. 30th January 2007
raajks Really nice car, A mivec engine would be an icing on the cake!! 29th January 2007
nevertouchme wow, woah.... that's one nicely maintained car... 29th January 2007
vid6639 nope not a forest went for a drive towards dodballapur next to angsana spa I have a plot in Silver oaks resort in front of that today evening. 28th January 2007
theMAG Where were the pics taken/car washed - middle of a forest ?! 28th January 2007
theMAG I'd like to smoke her tyres sometime. When would you have the honor of giving me the car ? 28th January 2007
vid6639 she is 7yrs young. nothing wicked, i like to keep her a virgin. 28th January 2007
theMAG Nice Gleaming metal! How young is she? What wicked things does she have?! 28th January 2007
MC Mayank hey thats one black beauty... lovely job with the wash vid.. 28th January 2007
vid6639 managed to get little better pics but still with cellphone. today was wash day.:-) 28th January 2007
nikhilb2008 Looks sweet !! Now, mod it more with a free flow exhaust and everything :s 22nd December 2006
ram Lovely Lancer. How about Armor All'ing the tires for a brilliant digicam pic under diffused sky? 25th November 2006
Maverick3136 good,, thanks for not installing stupid parts.. keep it up 24th November 2006
vid6639 thanks gamerno1. ill post some pics using digicam these were from cell. 25th October 2006
gamerno1 SWEET! cant go wrong with black.... more pics please.. 25th October 2006
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