Y2K Mitsubishi Lancer - MIVEC

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Y2K Mitsubishi Lancer - MIVEC
Engine Specifications:

Type: 4G 92 MIVEC - 4 cyl. Inline, DOHC - MIVEC 16Valve MPFI
Displacement(cc): 1597
Max. Power (Bhp / rpm) : 175 / 7500
Max. Torque (Nm / rpm) : 167 / 7000
MIVEC Kicks in at : 5300 RPM.
Rpm Redlined: At 8350 RPM.
Top Speed: Jap Spec (JDM) - Electronically limited to 185KPH (but working on that).
MIVEC - Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control System.

Turbocharger & Induction:

Turbocharger - Huhhh ????
Induction: -K&N Universal Air filter. Battery shifted to the boot. Working on the enclosure for better breathing.

Fuel & Tuning:

Fuel: Speed97 + Octane booster. Engine requires 100+ Octane for optimal performance. Fully synthetic OWS Hybrid Racing (Naturally Aspirated) engine oil.


Factory Tuned. Aftermarket NGK performance plugs.
APEXI SAFC - II Fuel Computer.


4x2x1 tuned length Headers with custom tuned low restriction exhaust - Factory supplied. 2.50" Dia custom piping.


RPW short Shift.
Close ratio Box with bult in LSD (no not the chemical)

Weight reduction & transfer:

Still promising to sign up with the health club.

Suspension, Brakes, wheels & tires:

8 spoke 17" 7.0J Aluminium Alloys.
Yokohama AV Sport 215/40/17. (this car is not my daily drive, so no reason to get all excited)
Peddars Street Race suspension with comfort springs.
4 Wheel Disc brakes.


Factory converted SFX interiors, including seats and Dash Board.


Metallic Silver.
EVO IV ABS bumper and side skirts. EVO IV full aluminum bonnet. Regular SFX boot spoiler.

ICE (In-Car Entertainment):

Head Unit - Pioneer P80 RS and 12 CD changer.
Zapco - Digital Amp Controller.
Front Speakers - Illusion Carbon Series 6.5" Components.
Rear Speakers - Ground Zero 6 x 9.
Subwoofers - 2 x 12" Pioneer Infinite Baffle.
Amplifier - Zapco Digital Reference 1000.4 (For speakers)
Amplifier - Zapco Reference series 1000.4 (For Subwoofers)

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Author Comment Date
Turborun Do you still have this car?
Or the engine?
2nd July 2020
regnex two words "Awesome Ride", i envy the MIVEC on your car :) 1st April 2010
Games Goblin A track day special! Awesome car sideways! 2nd December 2009
binz Dream car! 30th September 2009
Sideways yup, still have it, have made a few changes and will update the pictures. 27th August 2009
Nikhilb2008 I hope you still have the car! It's a lovely lovely car. It's been a year since you typed something in here. Cars on tbhp change hands faster than booze flows at a typical tbhp meet! 27th August 2009
rageshgr What a car! 26th August 2009
Sideways Thanx Sujay, mistake noted and correction made. 21st July 2008
sujaylahiri How come you have OHV and DOHC in the same sentence? How can en engine have both? 20th July 2008
salilpawar1 The last pics are simply mindblowing 7th June 2008
PatienceWins The last two pictures on the track are awesome. Nice choice of alloys. 7th June 2008
n_aditya Seen this wicked ride plenty of times... on the street and on the track. Mighty fast. One helluva ride i must say. 8350 RPM for redline says it all. Most of all the effort and the passion that has gone into this project is commendable. Hope to ride in it sometime. 15th May 2008
joe_mclaren dope dude..totally ! ! ! 7th March 2008
redeye you must be feeling like god with this beast....awesome ride ... 19th January 2008
PatienceWins Awesome!! 15th January 2008
moralfibre Hi Farhan, would this engine be a stock replacement in the Diesel Lancer too? 8th December 2007
Bhargava_sr I saw this Hot Sexy Car at MMSC Race Track chennai on 06-10-2007 11th October 2007
.anshuman Superb car 6th October 2007
BUSA awesome, how much does relocating of battery cost? 3rd September 2007
mclaren1885 Farhan, kindly post a couple of pics of your ICE. Specially the Alpine Amps. 31st August 2007
mclaren1885 Hhhmm. 100 Oct for optimal performance eh? This is the only thing that is holding me back. Considering the long drives I do. 31st August 2007
akshay1234 great car bro. saw it in OD this month. 31st August 2007
Sideways Yes Srini, had the battery relocation done in Electra 17th August 2007
im_srini Hi Sidewayss, cool car - saw it at Electra a few days ago. I'm interested in your battery relocation, did you have it done at Electra ? 17th August 2007
Sideways @lancersfx -Japan 24th July 2007
lancersfx Hey sideways....U got an awesome ride. I wanted to know where did you get the evo bumper from????Smashing beauty...!!!!!!! 24th July 2007
Sideways @ mclaren - Power sterring belt kept getting loose cause the idler pulley bolt thread was worn out. Rectified now. 14th June 2007
mclaren1885 Heard some rumours after returning from the last track day. Thats why. Anyways will PM you the details. 14th June 2007
Deepz Hey man, the engine bay looks so neat! 13th June 2007
Sideways No Rahul, Why ? 12th June 2007
mclaren1885 Farhan, did you have any problems with your engine? 11th June 2007
TRANSAM thats one awesome beast, super alloys.great specs on her. 11th June 2007
noidaboy how about giving this mean monster new paint job or about gettin led breaklights 7th June 2007
MontYadav I like ur car a lot, its awsome. We are the only 2 having 17 inch rims. You have done a lot to increase the performance of the stock car, share it pls 30th May 2007
streetsdisciple AWESOME.!!!!!!!!!! 8th May 2007
vid6639 LOL!!! the extra pedal is the dead pedal to rest ur foot on!!! 8th May 2007
nischint yea whts the extra pedal ??? 8th May 2007
raajks Awesome ride Farhan!!! Ramsagar, that is the dead pedal 16th April 2007
Ramsagar Hey..what's the xtra pedal that is left to clutch..... 16th April 2007
chetanhanda best lancer @ TBHP... 1st March 2007
JUELZ 41 damm son, this car is gangsta. u shud get alluminium wings instead of having a stock spoiler. also change the hood and fenders. 175 hp, thas crazy yo. 20th February 2007
speedfreak01 man..get a bigger spoiler,it wud look much meaner..and man those alloys are to die for!! 17th February 2007
Sideways @ free2rhyme - got it from Singapore. There is a newer version now available. 24th January 2007
free2rhyme_666 dude nice lookin ride u got...was just goin thru ur engine specifications..was curious to know where and how much did u get the fms fuel computer 24th January 2007
Tool wow wow wow.. dunno what to say....ok ill just droolllll.... That is a BEAST :) 11th January 2007
sAP "That driver must be good", I reacted when I saw this car run on track (Feb 06). Didn't know til later 'twas urs. RAID certainly proves my point! 2nd January 2007
v1p3r Wow, an Accord with a Mivec engine. I'd like to see that. 8th December 2006
Sideways @ gigy - Bumper was sourced from Japan. EVO IV ABS bumper. Please PM for cost. 4th December 2006
moralfibre Thats one hell of a ride. RPM redlined at 8350!! Damn neat job. 4th December 2006
gigy nice setup. where did you get that front bumper? how much for it? 2nd December 2006
Jay Nice car there Farhan... 175bhp... cool... 2nd December 2006
maxbhp Rear end looks neat , and 175 sounds awesome and wheels are just drool maal , hmmm.....wish someone buy me this on my B'day . 1st December 2006
tifosikrishna looks great. very nice ride. 30th November 2006
v1p3r Oh, it's here! When am I getting a ride?! 29th November 2006
khanak real those rims 29th November 2006
Godfather Sweet ride.. 26th November 2006
elf Sweet sweet sweet... In case you didn't geddit, sweeeeeeet! :) 24th November 2006
Sideways @ Steer - transplanted JDM engine. Not available here, but those are the specs. Havent dynoed it so cant verify. Figures are from their website. 23rd November 2006
Steeroid Farhan - WOW! Is 175bhp stock output? Not in India anyway..... 23rd November 2006
Revvhead Hey hey Hey- didnt realise that you just put your gallery up!!! AN Awesome ride of course!! Way to go buddy 23rd November 2006
planet_rocker YUMMY! nice ride.... love it! 23rd November 2006
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