Ford Ikon Flair 2006 My First Car.... we call him Mike (My Ikon)

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Ford Ikon Flair 2006 My First Car.... we call him Mike (My Ikon)
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.3L ROCAM, 70 BHP
Engine Misc.:
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Shell Normal Petrol (OR)
  • HP normal Petrol
Fuel Efficiency:
  • City Traffic : 11-14 kmpl (based on A/C usage)
  • Highways : 15-18 kmpl
  • Personal best : 18.8 kmpl
  • N/A
  • No.. i dont think he can drive a train.. :D
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • The owner needs to lose some weight.. Mike seems fine.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock 13" on MRF ZVTS
  • Leather Vinyl seats
  • LED cabin light setup (DIY project)
  • LED bootlight setup (DIY project)
  • Boot release setup (DIY project)
  • Maintained through normal washing and cleaning which means a semi workout for me.
  • Oh yeah.. taken a couple of scratches too, thanx to Bangalorean traffic.
  • B pillar blackening done (DIY)
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Being one with nature

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At Coorg - Looking stately as usual In Kerala - March 2008 Mike in action Being one with nature Standing proud among the relics A recent pose At close to 3 years of ownership Mike1.jpg Copy of DSC01065 copy.jpg Copy of DSC01104.jpg Copy of DSC01085.jpg Copy of Copy of IMG_4776.jpg Copy of IMG_2451.jpg Shot on Jan 2010 9.jpg
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Author Comment Date
benbsb29 Thanks a lot for the wishes. :) 26th September 2011
BurningHeart Great set of picture. Nice. 25th September 2011
benbsb29 Thanks Jayabusa! I try to click 'em as appealing as i can. 2nd December 2010
Jayabusa Nice car, great pics. The locations are splendid. 15th September 2010
benbsb29 @Utopian : Thanks for the comments. I agree with you, the facelift isnt too much to my liking either. Between, i still dont comprehend why they went down to 13"ers from 14"ers on the Ikon. 30th May 2010
Utopian The old Ikon still looks so fresh with that honeycomb grille. The face lift isn't that exciting especially with those puny 13" shoes. 15th May 2010
benbsb29 Anirban, i absolutely detest the looks without the wheelcaps! So, never clicked any pics without 'em. 5th April 2010
1100D Any pics of the car without the wheelcaps? 4th April 2010
benbsb29 Thanks Abhishek! Keep watching this space, as i update the snaps on a regular basis. :) 8th October 2009
_abhishek good photography... 7th October 2009
benbsb29 @sAP : I used the buttonizing effect early on during my chopping days.. these pics were done then. Have stopped using that effect since quite some time. 25th June 2009
sAP Nice scenic views. Not a fan of the buttonize effect though. 25th June 2009
benbsb29 @Unni : Nothing from the last trip atleast. Didnt really go anywhere as such, and the little pics which i had clicked at home arent better than any here. 4th May 2009
benbsb29 @Bakiya : Thanks pal. Keep visiting. 4th May 2009
unni.ak Good ones man. :-) Any pics from your last trip? 30th April 2009
BAKIYA_2K12 The car looks neat, and nice photos. 26th April 2009
benbsb29 Hey, thanks a lot for the nice words Lambo. Do keep visiting, i update the pics on a regular basis. 30th March 2009
lamborghini Ben - Amazing photos! The car is really well maintained and the photos are beautiful! 30th March 2009
benbsb29 Thank you, Ranjith. :) 17th November 2008
rranjith_kum Nice colour bro keep it up !! 15th November 2008
benbsb29 Thanks, Evo. :) Keep visiting. 20th October 2008
evo great photos 17th October 2008
benbsb29 Yes Dan, thats a PS image. If you observe, the alloys are the same from the Optra beside it. :D 19th September 2008
danlalan Is that a photoshop image..??? Looks awesome though. Love the wheels put on them. 16th September 2008
benbsb29 @John: Dont u think 25 is kinda too less? :D Err.. was that ur age? :P 20th August 2008
esteem_lover Nice to see the car kept well even after 25 years. :D 19th August 2008
benbsb29 @Jeep : That was my car, alrite ! Was heading to Kerala. Mom unwell. 21st April 2008
Jeep Yes, that's the Sabarimala route, right? Been there many times.
I thought I saw your car on the highway between Krishnagiri and Dharmapuri this morning at 11:15. I was in a red esteem travelling in the opp direction
15th April 2008
benbsb29 @Jeep : No, that was on the way from Ranni to Erumeli. Been there? Was taken during the Easter trip. 4th April 2008
Jeep The picture with the rubber estate in the background is perfect. Taken in Pala? 3rd April 2008
benbsb29 @Torqueguru : The status on that comment still remains the same. Owner HAS to lose weight. 2nd April 2008
Torqueguru "The owner needs to lose some weight.. Mike seems fine."<----------Hilarious! Nice choice of car, I love how this one handles! 1st April 2008
benbsb29 @1100D : I just cant seem to have enought of drooling over the new look bumper which is now standard. To me, that is the single biggest reason for the improved looks. 21st February 2008
1100D Ikon surely has one awesome front view, looks nicer in the new pic. 21st February 2008
danlalan Ahh new pics.. She looks nices though.. I know i keep saying this..but i love the colour. Mike looks great. 25th January 2008
benbsb29 @nischint : Thanks for dropping by, buddy. Added 2 new pics ystday. 18th January 2008
nischint nice car..... 17th January 2008
rjstyles69 Aye aye , total dink chik Ikon.. Update pics please :-) .. 21st December 2007
danlalan Hey u doing, Looooong time n see... Are u planning alloys 20th December 2007
benbsb29 @Kontoo : thankx for visiting. Do drop by, i update the pics on a regular basis. 6th December 2007
Kontoo Lovely pics! 6th December 2007
benbsb29 @PR : Thanks for visiting again, buddy. Keep doing so. Will update pics at regular intervals. 27th November 2007
benbsb29 @theMag : I posted the same pic in the Photoshop thread as well. Was taken on way to Meghedutt. 27th November 2007
planet_rocker the ps-ed pic looks awsome - make sure that she gets the shoes like the one in the pic and also the shades for the eyes (with HIDs may be) 26th November 2007
theMAG Benny boy - lovely pics. I love the last one - esp after its been PSed! 24th November 2007
benbsb29 @VC12, now your making me jealous !! Eagerly looking fwd to the pics. 17th August 2007
VC12 Benny, Toady my Panther Ikon is gonna get new set of alloys a 12 spoke and looks most similar to the ones in the picture , shall post the images soon 16th August 2007
benbsb29 @dan : I keep peepin into ur gallery too... i loved the smoked lights look. Anything new now? 14th August 2007
danlalan i just love the colour of your car,keep peepin into ur bhp-garage to oogle over it 13th August 2007
benbsb29 @arun, yes.. this was taken during my first trip to Nandi hills. Taken with N70. 6th August 2007
arunphilip Nice avatar pic, benny. Is this the Nandi hills pic? 3rd August 2007
benbsb29 @VC12 : Photoshop effects my friend... :P Havent done any mods at all. 1st August 2007
VC12 Hi Mike, I see u have new alloys do revert which make are those and any other mods you have done recently? 31st July 2007
benbsb29 @dan : Hopefully, shoes like those someday. :) 30th July 2007
danlalan yea for a moment i thought those were new shoes...but she looks greak anyway.. 27th July 2007
1100D Everytime I look at an Ikon (with this bumper) I keep looking...&quot;aap ki aankhon mein kuch mehke hue se raaz hai...&quot; 29th June 2007
benbsb29 @planet_rocker : Yup, in love. Even changed houses for the sake of the car. No covered car parking earlier. ;) 7th June 2007
benbsb29 @artofzen : Thanx dude.. tryin hard to maintain it well, but these days all covered with muck.. monsoons in Blore. :) 7th June 2007
planet_rocker boy - u are in love with your car. loved the comments for each pic. take care. 6th June 2007
artofzen Damn good snaps!!!!.Neatly maintained ride.Way to go dude. 6th June 2007
benbsb29 Shaz, thnx for the comments... the snap your mentioning is at Nandi hills, when i had gone with family. 25th May 2007
shazikon Hey benny, nice pics man you take somany pics of your car and that one near the hills are nice 25th May 2007
benbsb29 @sivadas: I thought this colour was taken off, but my visit to the dealer confirmed that its still available. 22nd May 2007
benbsb29 @sivadas : Its never too late, pal. Just in time u came across my Gallery. 22nd May 2007
sivadas Checking your gallery now only. I will definitely consider this colour if I am taking a Flair. 18th May 2007
sivadas Checking your gallery now only. I will definitely consider this colour if I am taking a Flair. Looks good. 18th May 2007
sivadas Checking your gallery now only. I will definitely consider this colour if I am taking a Flair. Looks good. 18th May 2007
benbsb29 @ E_L : Thanx a million, pal.. that too coming from you. :) Yoike... sounds like a rip off of Mike. Sponsored by Sprite?? hehe 20th April 2007
esteem_lover I love your ikon or should i say yoike. 20th April 2007
benbsb29 @VC12 : The tyres are the standard stock 13 inchers. Ikons' came with 14 inchers as standard in the NXT series. 19th April 2007
VC12 the tyres r 13 inch 18th April 2007
danlalan are they for sale..if so pick it up... 13th April 2007
benbsb29 @ Dan : I checked out the Ikon 5 spokes at the dealer, which was fitted on someone else's car. Looked really good. 10th April 2007
danlalan jus love the colour of your car..i know ive said it earlier...mike would look super cool with the ikon five spokes... 7th April 2007
benbsb29 @ hari_rama : Thanx buddy... alloys in some time from now. Struggling with juggling finances. :( 26th March 2007
hari_rama wow nice colour mate...5th pic is awsome...btw it wud look much better with alloys :) 24th March 2007
benbsb29 @netarchie : Pic was taken at ITPL in Bangalore. :)One of my favs too..!!! 14th March 2007
netarchie Mike looks great ;-), the last pic from the first row, where is it?? great pic that. 13th March 2007
benbsb29 @ Dan : Havent really thot of doing anything to the car as if now.. planning on keepin the stock condtn for a while.. hehe.. 8th March 2007
danlalan now if your doing k&amp;n might as well get a conical..or go in for Ractive 7th March 2007
benbsb29 @ 1100D : That was a nice way of putting across the message... Point noted. 20th February 2007
1100D Hi mike, you look Hot. Ask your daddy to give u a K&amp;N stock replacement breather. 19th February 2007
benbsb29 @ JULEZ_41 : New shoes are in teh pipeline.. though after a while as of now. 19th February 2007
JUELZ 41 nice car and a nice color too. mike needs some better shoes (rims, maybe 14 or 15 inches) 19th February 2007
benbsb29 @danlalan : Thanks pal.... guess Mike wud be blushing with all the adulation !! 6th February 2007
danlalan awesome colour...the car looks real real good... 5th February 2007
benbsb29 @theMAG : Finally decided to wash him myself.. get a free workout too. :D 1st February 2007
benbsb29 @theMAG : I had assigned the watchman to clean Mike initially, but the guy did a real bad job at it, and many a time i had to redo it. ;) 1st February 2007
benbsb29 @theMAG : Mike's color is called 'Jewel Violet' by Ford. 1st February 2007
theMAG I noticed that you wash the car yourself- congrats! Finally I meet someone who's similar to me! 31st January 2007
theMAG What color is Mike? Look nice. 31st January 2007
benbsb29 @elf : Thanx dude.. Just wanted some exclusivity from the usual silvers n all. 30th January 2007
elf Interesting colour... 30th January 2007
benbsb29 @scorp_1 : Please put up some pics of ur Ikon, and PM me plz. Would love to upgrade to alloys, but maybe after a while. 5th January 2007
scorp 1 benbsb29, you won't lose the mileage if a proper upgrade is done with alloys (14'' - 195/60). I had a similar config on my Ikon 1.3 Nxt. 5th January 2007
benbsb29 @gr8guzzler, dont wanna take a risk with the 12-13 milege figs which i am getting now. Wifey wud question the chioce aginst a sedan then.. :P 19th December 2006
gr8guzzler Nice colour..looks should have upgraded the rubber 19th December 2006
benbsb29 The seats are part of the Blast pack which Ford provides for the Ikon. 12th December 2006
sreenivass The seats have a good color combination 11th December 2006
benbsb29 Will put up more interior pics soon. Tires are the stock MRF 13&quot; ones. 11th December 2006
benbsb29 Thanx for the compliments Sreenivass. 11th December 2006
sreenivass the color is quite good, a few photos of interior would be good. Are the tires 14 inch ones 9th December 2006
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