1996 M&M MM540XD 2WD converted to....... 4WD

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1996 M&M MM540XD 2WD converted to....... 4WD
Engine Specifications:
  • 2498cc XD3P 73BHP
Engine Misc.:
  • Torque 15Kgm@2000rpm
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Raised Air Intake aka Snorkel.
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Lucas TVS (C.A.V) FIP.
  • Fabricated OEM type.
  • Front - 57" Track Width OKBJ Dana 44 Full-Floating with 5.38:1 with Conical-Clutch LSD and Fee-Wheeling Hubs.
  • Gearbox- KMT90
  • Transfer Case- Dana/Spicer18 (High 1.00:1/Low 2.46:1)
  • Rear - 53" Track Width Dana 44 One Piece FFRA with 5.38:1 with Dog-Clutch LSD aka Auto-Locker.
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Custom Pack Front 9 Leaves
  • Custom Pack Rear 10 Leaves
  • Tyres 5 "Re-Treads" 7.50X16 i.e 31"
  • 5 Apollo "Bullet" 7.50X16
  • Manual Re-Circulating Ball Steering Box (23:1)
  • Stock
  • 6 Point Roll-Cage.
  • Factory Fitted Metal Hardtop removed for Canvas Top.
  • 12000lbs Electric Winch


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blueblooded Great pictures Arka.The more I see this the more i am inclined to pray GOD that one day please bless me with mm540 stock.Lets see If God really Listens,until then my mmCJ500D would be fine 19th August 2011
Manas The first "split" number plate i'm seeing ! Great work overall ! 16th October 2010
.anshuman Nice Pics 12th August 2009
Blue Thunder Arka, looks like the front axle change has been done : please post some pics of the same. How is the handling/steering now? 18th November 2008
Sankar Is that Samurai san driving the jeep? :) 26th May 2008
rranjith_kum I have turned into a jeep freak now,credit goes to GTO's ride and yours; hoping to meet you all in real 2nd March 2008
.anshuman Awesome thing you own. 4th January 2008
Samurai Happy BHP garage anniversary! How about refreshing the images, you have plenty to choose from the latest trip. 13th December 2007
1100D Real nice, but need some more action pics! 28th August 2007
.anshuman Wonderful offroader with cult appeal....nice job Ex670c 29th June 2007
dwaraka hmm. I see you here too. nice pics Arka 20th June 2007
planet_rocker wow! nice pics ..especially the 6th pic. :) 2nd June 2007
khaadu75 the best gallery on this forum I must say ... SWEET !!! 4th May 2007
condor Where was this? Nice pics 5th April 2007
tifosikrishna nice shots arka... jeep climbing down the rocks looks quite scary. 13th December 2006
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