2012 Mahindra Thar (SOLD) CRDE 4x4

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2012 Mahindra Thar (SOLD) CRDE 4x4
Safety & Comfort (Exterior)

* Hard-top - by Performance Auto, the official modifiers for Mahindra Adventure North India. This HT is installed after reducing the height of the A and B pillars to give the vehicle a wide body and low height look, which is very similar to the Jeep Wrangler.

* Single Diaphragm Brake Booster replaced with Dual Diaphragm Brake Booster derived from Scorpio MHawk. This adds a lot of improvement to the braking and vehicle stops completely in one pump of the brakes. Removes problem in Thar where one has to press the brake twice to stop the vehicle.

* Rear Iron Leaf-springs replaced with Composite Fibre Leaf Springs, manufactured by Arc Industries, for increased stability and to significantly reduce the jumpiness.

* SA internal 4-point Roll Bar installed and connected to Targa Band of the vehicle. This reduces the rattles due to A and B pillar not being connected. A much better solution to the steel bar cross member added to the front part of roof (between A and B pillars) of the newer Thar.

* Custom fabricated side steps and front Bumper from Bimbra.

* Tires - Upgraded to 255/65/16 Yokohama Geolander A/T-S

* For towing purpose, Pintle Hook and D-shackles in rear and front, all connected to chassis.

* Brand new Battery

Safety & Comfort (Interiors)

* Front seats upgraded to Innova Seats and Rear front facing folding Seats from the Toyota Qualis

* Central Locking (including tail-door) and Power windows that auto-shut when car is locked with Remote. Upgraded Horn and 12V charging point installed.

* Fully carpeted interiors and upholstery in black with red out-stitch.

* Original Mahindra Centre Console, Original Momo Steering wheel in black leather + suede with red out-stitch, and replica Momo racing pedals.

* Alpine components with
Pioneer HU, and front doors damped with Dynamat.

Functional Aesthetics

* Alloys - 16"x 8J HiJoin (HR) alloys

* 1.5 [U[Rear Spacers[/u] to match the front and rear wheel track

* 6 fender flares to prevent water splash on body and cabin.

* Fifth wheel (Stepney) centre-aligned for the Jeep Wrangler look.

* One Pair Hella 7003 Fog-Lamps in front with 2 pair Hella Work-lamps in front and rear, with high-quality wiring and fuse-box.

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manveet October 2012 model, for Sale on As-Is basis at 7.5L. 22nd May 2015
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