1986 Mitsubishi Sigma (Wrecked)

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1986 Mitsubishi Sigma (Wrecked)
This is the first car I've ever owned and also the first car that i crashed. Sorry i don't have any other photos of this car as i crashed it within 10 days of purchasing it. Apparently i was high on loud music being played from the car stereo and i thought i was Michael Schumacher while i was indulging in a very reckless turn. This is what happens when you are a novice driver who thinks too much about his own abilities behind the wheel before he actually gets enough experience. I bought this car for $500 (Australian) in 2003 just one week prior to my birthday. The registration and compulsory insurance worked out an extra $1000. Since the car was a total wreck after my accident all i had to do was to call the junk yard and have it carted away. Fortunately for me i was wearing my seat belt and i was able to walk away from the crash. The person in the other car that i ended up hitting was totally shaken up but was not injured either. The cops, fire and ambulance were at the scene in about 3 or 4 minutes. The cops checked to see if i was driving under the influence of alcohol and let me leave the scene of the accident. If the same accident were to have happened in India...i am sure that i would've been carted away to the police station by the moronic cops out here. I received a citation for Reckless Driving in the mail about a week later and the fine was $275. I thought that was it however about a few months later i received a claim from the insurance company of the other persons vehicle for repairs worth $10000. The problem was that i had the compulsory insurance which covers pedestrians however i had not opted for the 3rd party property damage part and hence i was a sitting duck for a claim.
My first car.

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