1984 Toyota Supra (Sold)

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1984 Toyota Supra (Sold)
This is the only sports car I've owned till date. Everyone has a dream of owning their first sports car. I was able to fulfill mine by purchasing the first generation Supra for $2200 (Australian) back in 2005. It had power everything and an awesome space age instrument cluster. It also went fast and made heads turn inspite of its age. It had a 2800cc 6 cylinder engine and it guzzled gas which made my aussie friends question why i purchase cars like this. But i love sports cars....which guy doesnt? It had its share of problems but i still loved it. This is the one car apart from my GT TSI that's still in my dreams. Oh did i mention i used to deliver pizzas for Dominos in this car. I used to get comments such as "look at what the delivery driver is driving", "they must be paying quite a bit of money for pizza delivery nowadays". This was also the first car that i had fitted with a thunderous MTX Sub and amp that almost filled the entire boot and announced that i was coming before they could actually see the car.
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