2005 Suzuki Swift - SOLD

Abix’s Team-BHP Garage
2005 Suzuki Swift - SOLD
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.3L
Engine Misc.:
  • Iridium spark plugs
  • Automech header, down pipe and mugen power exhaust can
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • k&N conical air filter
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • 205/40/17 Hankook Ventus tires
  • JVC EXAD dvd head unit
  • Dyna Audio component speakers
  • Alpine Amp
  • Blaupunkt Subwoofer box
  • Push button ignition switch
  • ADS audio meter
  • 10,000k HID
  • Strobes
  • Autopsyche custom bodykit
  • Satin Matte black paintjob


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2634-5304.jpg the button does more than start the car ;) .... if u catch my drift! 3080-5304.jpg 3082-5304.jpg 3083-5304.jpg 3084-5304.jpg 3085-5304.jpg
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Member: Abix
Created: 5th January 2007 21:57
Last Modified: 28th May 2008 18:24
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Author Comment Date
ShortShifter Man thats one of the sweetest swifts in the country. I am completely in love with the Matt Black Paint Job. Simple yet Elegant, you'v certainly got some taste and the guy whom you'v sold your Beauty must be a Lucky Chap ! 9th March 2011
thedreamcatcher Dude, why did you sell it and for how much and to who.? Ill buy it from that person 25th March 2009
amit V8 only i word.......GREAT. 8th June 2008
SRShrikanth Does she also wink as wickedly as she looks !!! Wicked Wheels mate. 28th May 2008
Jayabusa Are the back doors functional or sealed? 27th May 2008
liv2drv Now thats a killer car... I love the Matt black finish. i wanna do it on my ride soon. 16th April 2008
dockap wow nice nice car how did u feel like selling it 9th March 2008
Xehaust Thats a hot hatch 20th February 2008
vasant open ya hood and click some pics 15th February 2008
vasant sexxxxxxxxxxy 15th February 2008
wmax now dats smthing wat i call JST GREAT!! 3rd January 2008
DocG the ride looks sweet...can't believe u sold it!!! 11th December 2007
DocG dude how'd they hook up the ignition switch? does it still need a key? and what'd it cost u? 11th December 2007
o.D Your cars foto is in today's Bangalore-Times Auto on page-2 with someone(cud ne u) in it.Recognised it to be a TBHP car and must say very neatly done. 6th December 2007
anish9000 hey cool car, try some graphics in black gloss paint like the 350z in fast and the furious:tokyo drift 14th November 2007
ktnaseem now thz a treat 14th October 2007
~~VinZ~~ Yes, even i think this was featured in news paper... in the auto mag... believe so 10th October 2007
im_srini Cool ! I know the Swift is an easy car to mod, but you've really turned yours into something :) 4th October 2007
lamborghini Abix, was your car featured in any newspaper? 23rd August 2007
car_freek Dude This Taste Damn Gud Awesome Work Done .Indeed Nasty Beast on Road 9th August 2007
GTO Sheer taste, and expectedly Autopsyche. Good job! 4th August 2007
Kabeer A. Razak great job dude... 2nd August 2007
Deepz Howcome 2 door? 28th June 2007
rlather Has it been sold yet???? 21st June 2007
rdas45 Its nice, but why did you make it a 2 door? 24th May 2007
horsepower great car dude. awesome. Can u post pictures of your HID in night and how much did they cost you? 23rd May 2007
general_neo Always wishin to see the car lowered.... 23rd May 2007
general_neo UR ride is sick man!!! Good work!!! I wud have stopped u on the road to appreciate the work 23rd May 2007
blueraven316 Thats some really neat work done, front looks too good, Spoiler too big, One suggestion Change your headlamps. 8th May 2007
TRANSAM whoa! what a beast, good job on the wheels and love the push start ignition.. 28th April 2007
highwayblaze dam she looks mean dude...i doubt though its carbon fibre. i guess its just matt finish paint! wud love to hear how it sounds :) great mod bro! 27th April 2007
ananthkamath how many horsepower does she put out 11th April 2007
ananthkamath wow is the body made from carbon fibre 11th April 2007
kick.throttle wow... just no enough words.... to tell how sexy this cat is lookin 26th March 2007
Abix naah fb1 its got a special coatin on it to prevent that! but yeah it does get dusty, but nuthin a wet cloth wont fix :) 17th March 2007
fb1 Brilliant car, how hard is it to maintain matte black finis?? doesnt it scratch easy. 17th March 2007
shrinkaqua really its lookin gr8 ....both bumper hv awesome design 10th March 2007
karan561 thats one HOT looking swift .... love the paintjob .... 5th March 2007
Godfather I LOVE IT.. great job bro.. 28th February 2007
khanak Awesome stuff bro, she deserves better pics though... 26th February 2007
hari_rama front bumpers n bodykit is ride bro.... 26th February 2007
Ricky_63 The car looks GREAT with that paintjob & those alloys !! Hmmmm & it lost 2 doors somewhere down the line !!!! Great looking car 26th February 2007
danlalan the way to go...awesome stuff...looks hot hot hot...!!! 25th February 2007
rev_hard ekdum jaabar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25th February 2007
Z_addict Things that make you go hmmmm........:-) 21st February 2007
JUELZ 41 this car is gangsta !! 19th February 2007
NRKUMAR Love the console & the rims 1st February 2007
Sidewinder$ the wheels look ausum... & how much did the ignition switch cost... i liked it ...?? 31st January 2007
amitverma where did u get that ignition switch and for how much. and how much time reqd for the installation? 26th January 2007
gigy buddy where did you get the instruments from which are there below the jvc? 24th January 2007
blueraven316 Nice hood and front bumper, needs side skirts and rear bumper work, overall good looker ! 24th January 2007
karan561 Neat ride , espescially like your HOOD ..... how much did you get that one done for ? 21st January 2007
turbotime great kit very well matched wheels too 16th January 2007
Tool kindzaza all the way!!! woo hoo... :) hehehe i love parasense too.. ahh Russian Hardcore .hehe thats why i released them both on my compilations too 16th January 2007
Abix Goin stock on bumpers for now, cuz the custom ones were too heavy! major change in performance after i junked those! 11th January 2007
Abix Yepp parasense it is stevie! :) 11th January 2007
faithless_1984 awesome man.! hey what happened to your custom made rear bumper ? 11th January 2007
stevie did i see 'parasense' in track name on the hedunit:):)??some rave happening here eh?? 11th January 2007
Tool ahh i forgot to ask that question too :) .. please do enlighten us baba :) 11th January 2007
revtech nice ride much did the ignition switch cost you and where did you get it done ? 11th January 2007
Tool Absolutely Gorgeous alloys... Lovely ride bro...Not overstated and not understated at all too.. Super job bro :) 10th January 2007
elf Really lovely alloys, hope you keep them clean! 10th January 2007
aZa Awesome :) 9th January 2007
Abix yeah planet rocker this is like my 3rd set of rim! got sick of chromes! 8th January 2007
planet_rocker your profile pic has different alloys!!!! 8th January 2007
planet_rocker the 17 inchers. 8th January 2007
rev_hard some daytime & clear pics please. 7th January 2007
angelfire The 17" look sweeeet....awesome man!!! 7th January 2007
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