1951 Morris Minor Series MM

khanak’s Team-BHP Garage
1951 Morris Minor Series MM
Car Number: SMM 120770
Engine Number:

Engine Specifications:

Displacement: 918cc Sidevalve Engine
Bore x Stroke: 57 mm x 90 mm
Power: 28 hp @ 4400 rpm
Torque: 53 NM @ 2400 RPM

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Author Comment Date
khanak Unfortunately not. 21st January 2010
IndrojitSircar Whats the status have you started anything on it ? 31st December 2009
john a milne Khanak,
I've been going through this great thread and see you are in Toronto. Are you still in TO?
If so please give me a call - Mobile 416-678-4741
John Milne
2nd October 2009
anjan_c2007 Khanak very nicely kept car indeed. Hope you'll fit original bumpers & taillights. The car has the original side valve engine. Hope you'll soon post a better picture of the engine as the view is eclipsed by the sunlight. 20th November 2008
khanak Still sitting in the garage under a cover. 8th June 2008
Stanher Any updates on the status?? 30th April 2008
karlosdeville Hmm, i see traces of blue under where the rear bumper wouldve been. 15th January 2008
khanak @JayD - As far as I know the car has always been black. 12th January 2008
khanak Got a cover for her a few months ago and so shell be protected better 12th January 2008
JayD Hope u got some arramgement for storing her. Would be sad to see her rot away. Btw, was this car blue earlier?? 26th December 2007
khanak the tail lights and the parking lights arent original 24th August 2007
Stanher Say, looking at the rear end pic. again, the tail-lights look like they r from a beetle?! 24th August 2007
khanak will a cover help? Im kinda getting worried now. 9th August 2007
khanak covered garage, not enclosed though, its open from the front and sides. 9th August 2007
karlosdeville Did you get a breathable cover and the like? Im keeping a look out for some spares here. ;-) 9th August 2007
karlosdeville Bah, the car will rot a lot by then. What are your storage arrangements? 9th August 2007
khanak Once im back for good ill restore her. 24th July 2007
khanak Update: My plans on restoring her this summer have gone down the drain. Im going to wait for another 3 years. 24th July 2007
khanak @RacingforIndia: Thanks 24th July 2007
khanak @Nitrous: Yea I have to jack the car up, will try and do it soon 24th July 2007
RacingForIndia Beautiful car.... stunning. 3rd July 2007
nitrous Bro, if the tyres dont have air, U might risk flat-spotting the rims. Jack it up! 27th June 2007
1100D Some parts cars maybe available in Calcutta 12th June 2007
Stanher Glad to know that! :) 18th April 2007
khanak was planningn on a hot rod project but iv decided on restoring her instead. 5th April 2007
Stanher Sorry, hit the submit button by mistake before completing the last messge! Are you planning to restore her to stock or customize/hot-rod etc.?? 24th March 2007
khanak i think the "lowrider" look is because the front right tyre has no air in it!! 19th February 2007
kkr2k2 The front views gives the car a low rider look. What do you say guys?? :) 15th February 2007
khanak There was a rear one as well which I ripped out. 14th January 2007
khanak @karlosdeville - Yea tht bumper was made by the guy who restored it the 1st time as he couldnt find the original bumpers. 14th January 2007
khanak @ V-16,karlosdevilla - Thanks a tonne guys!! 14th January 2007
V-16 buddy id love to help u restore her. Lemme know whenever..its a standing offer..Love the car. 13th January 2007
karlosdeville add me to the list as well! u should be able to source taillights and bumpers amongst other things in pune... 13th January 2007
khanak @Tool : Ill send you a PM once shes done. Unless you want to see the restoration or somthing 11th January 2007
Tool can i pleaseeee come watch ? what a beaut !!!!! :) i have a major soft corner for oldies.. those curves just arnt made today.real art right here :) 11th January 2007
khanak @elf : I plan to start around may-june when im back home from uni. will definitly PM you when I do so 10th January 2007
elf Do PM me when you start the restoration - I'd love to help. :) 10th January 2007
khanak @karan561 : thanks. still got to restore her. had got her done previously but have to redo her again. trying to get it done this summer. 10th January 2007
karan561 UNIQUE ........... impressive .......... 10th January 2007
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