1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit The Majestic Lady

V-16’s Team-BHP Garage
1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit The Majestic Lady
Engine Specifications:6750 cc
  • N/A
Engine Misc.:V-8
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:Premium Only
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • N/A
Interior:White Towel Covers on Grey Leather
  • N/A
Exterior:Metallic Maroon
  • N/A

Rear Door Panel

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Full Frontal Glory Huge Presence Steering and Dash Daily Brushing Rear Door Panel The Royal Rear
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Member: V-16
Created: 11th January 2007 20:20
Last Modified: 11th January 2007 20:37
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Author Comment Date
shankar.balan Wow is all I can say! 21st October 2016
Shubhendra Love this beauty!!!!!!!!!!! 21st April 2011
DMehta Man! I am in love with your car! 26th January 2011
_raVan_ Very well maintained. Awesome car, loved it! :) 8th September 2010
karizma_devil Wolha !!!! What the heck do u have in this garage ????

Bombay ?? Can i drop in ??

Man what car ..

U got serious taste man
2nd September 2009
quickdraw Absolutely beautiful would love you see your collection in person someday. 3rd May 2009
frankmehta oh hoy paaji! you have a great taste for food, and an even more sterling taste in the 'ladies'! may you keep the beautiful collection growing! cheers! 1st February 2009
1self Classic for sure...maintained like one too! Love your luxury-on-wheels Gogi! 10th September 2008
anjan_c2007 V-16 excellent example of the best car in the world.What about its maintenance? Do you have competent workshops to do an excellent job? Of course, now the company has its authorised showrooms in some metros. 4th August 2008
SRShrikanth AWESOME babe, Gogi Bhai. Certainly worth all the attention & care that is bestowed on her. Cheers Sir. 7th July 2008
smsrini Was this car featured in NDTV Good times " All about my car honey" program ? I saw the episode yesterday! Amazing car. 6th July 2008
rider60 finally i come across a RR, always liked these for the majestic and the elegant looks and the quality. kudos mate a wonderfully maintained car. 6th March 2008
Blue Thunder hey v-16, 1990 is the year you bought this car or the year of manufacture ??? The dash/steeringwheel looks too old-fashioned to be 1990 RR. 5th February 2008
chargerman amazing how we have the same cars...mines a blue spirit 2 90, with abs and fe 3rd January 2008
DocG takes my breath i feel poor now!!! 19th December 2007
speedzak Great to see your car. I wanna see it in flesh! Pleeeeassse? 18th September 2007
V-16 @ cheap_deal thats a cigarette lighter with an ashtray 1st September 2007
Sidewinder$ i dont mind dusting her either... :) a well kept beauty... Appreciate it 31st August 2007
speedy very well kept car bhai !! 12th August 2007
cheap_deal what is that on the door next to the speakers?? awesome car btw 19th April 2007
sinhsha I am feeling confused. Why a 1990 RR doesn't have even a single airbag even on the steering column. I had a 1989 SAAB a 1991 Jag and all had dual. 19th April 2007
Aditya That grille makes any other car look poor. Speaks a lot about class and taste. I love the rather funny dashboard layout. 18th April 2007
karan561 phew !!!! 22nd February 2007
Z_addict amen....! 22nd February 2007
ASH-WINS good 1..yaaaar 11th February 2007
V-16 Thanks guys 19th January 2007
scooby05 Very Neat Car, Boss!! 19th January 2007
sajo Fantastic car V-16!! 15th January 2007
khanak Awesome Car!!! 15th January 2007
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