2006 Honda CRV & 1961 Dodge Dart 440 The Black & White Beauties

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2006 Honda CRV & 1961 Dodge Dart 440 The Black & White Beauties
Engine Specifications:Dart: 7 Litre
  • N/A
Engine Misc.:V-8
  • N/A
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:Premium only
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • N/A
Interior:Turquoise Leather
  • N/A
Exterior:White with Turquoise Details
  • N/A

Push Button Automatic and a RHD..Very Rare

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The Black Cat 2751-2348.jpg Push Button Automatic and a RHD..Very Rare 2753-2348.jpg
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Created: 11th January 2007 21:13
Last Modified: 11th January 2007 21:18
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Author Comment Date
FINTAIL Wow! So how is the Dodge running? What is the engine size in cubic inches? 28th October 2013
abishek2222 Swell great!! 7th April 2010
karlosdeville When do we see the Dodge up and about? 20th April 2008
V-16 @-Dipen, you are right mate 10th January 2008
dipen He could be eligible for getting cars under EPCG scheme - just a guess 10th January 2008
.anshuman you have a yellow plate on CRV,do u use it commercial purpose? 5th January 2008
chargerman again i have a dodge charger..1971 440-4bbl 3rd January 2008
V-16 @-Mustang Man:_ Yeah that may be right as I had another car like that, with the next years specs but imported a year before. These cars usually get s 22nd December 2007
V-16 @_Revved up:- LOL no mate, 22nd December 2007
MustangMan It could be a 62 car as American always launch a car as the next years model? 22nd December 2007
revved_up Do you have a taxi business byany chance as most of your cars sport a yellow number plate. 30th August 2007
v1p3r Hmmmm, ok, I WANT TO SEE AND HEAR IT THEN!!!! 21st April 2007
V-16 @ viper, the car was imported in 1961 so it cant be a 62. 440 is the spec. 21st April 2007
v1p3r Boss, looks like a 62 to me, though I can't be sure! Is 440 the ci spec, or is it just a trim? 21st April 2007
V-16 thanks guys am going to post some front pics soon 17th April 2007
Aditya Ofcourse, Stan! You see many CR-Vs on our roads, but, I bet most people here haven't seen a Dodge Dart in their lives. 10th April 2007
Stanher Awesome man!! I bet the dodge has been noticed more here than the CRV! ;) 10th April 2007
SohailPistawala Hey V-16 when can we see the Dodge personally pleaseee :( 16th March 2007
moralfibre Sir almighty can we see some front view pictures of the Dodge please? :) 26th February 2007
ram Error in judgement. White car is 1962 Dodge 440 4-door. Was no 7 litre V8 in 1962. Engines were 2786 and 3687 cc slant-six and 5.2 and 5.6 litre V8s. 27th January 2007
hkanitkar awesome !! PS: that dodge has a 7 litre engine ??? darn we small hearted people - still stuck at a mere 1.4L 18th January 2007
sajo Awesome car V-16!! 14th January 2007
khanak Nice Car!! Some pics of the front pls 14th January 2007
Aditya Coolest car on Team-BHP? Probably! More pics please. 14th January 2007
karlosdeville Wicked! more pics please! 13th January 2007
moralfibre Hey V-16, that Dodge looks awesome!! How about some front view pics. 12th January 2007
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