2003 Toyota Corolla (On steroids)

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2003 Toyota Corolla (On steroids)
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.8L,16 Valve,DOHC,VVT-i
  • 92 kW @ 6000 rpm/125 PS @ 6000 rpm
  • 158 Nm @ 4200 rpm/16.1kg-m @ 4200 rpm
Engine Misc.:
  • NGK iridium spark plugs
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K & N Typhoon Intake Air System (series 69)
  • Throttle Body Enlargement (1.5mm)
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Speed
  • 4x2x1 Custom Header by Automech
  • Free Flow Exhausts System by Automech
  • FWD , 5-speed manual
  • New Stock Clutch Plate
  • Lightened Flywheel
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • New Stock Suspension
  • H & R springs (coming soon)
  • 17 " Spinners
  • 225/45 Bridgestone Potenza G-III's
  • Head Unit - Sony S460U - (USB , Aux in)
    6 Spks , 1 Sub (800W) , Sony 600 W Amp.(4-channel)
  • MOMO Shift Knob
  • Custom Body Skirts
  • TRD grill
  • Smoked Angel Eyes Headlamps
  • Custom Spolier
  • Custom 2-tone pearl paint (Electric Purple)
Exhaust Sound:

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2797-7037.jpg 2799-7037.jpg 2804-7037.jpg 4350-7037.jpg spinners have been removed for the monsoons ... 5986-7037.jpg 5987-7037.jpg 21082008.jpg dsc03097qg7.jpg 224223_10382097761_7811_n.jpg
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Created: 20th January 2007 14:16
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Author Comment Date
karan561 Thanks guys, but the car is now SOLD ! 2nd July 2016
aamir_subzero hey thats a lovely car. It sounds stunning , have fun take care drive safe . 12th January 2010
anjan_c2007 nicely done up Corolla karan.Its maintained very well. 15th December 2009
toretto wow.. 210 kph on speedo... i am afraid to push my corolla beyond 140 kph... sounds very loud after that.. ! 6th December 2009
singh.amrit Hi karan , Where can I get those headlights from ? 6th October 2009
faddy karan u have written that you were not happy with the idle rpm setting so u changeded it can u plz tell me from where and with whom did you do the rpm setting ? 27th September 2009
VIPER_SRT Looks great, especially the Xenons. To be honest didnt like the wheels. Magnesium Alloys would have rocked your ride. 6th December 2008
evo haha, one of the coolest corollas around.cheers! 31st October 2008
noidaboy Your ride is getting better and better man! keep on rolllin 25th June 2008
desigNation karan dude-thats the best lookin corolla i've seen, jus 1 suggestion,mag wheels with lip woulda been beter than the spinnys,have you done up the interiors? pls do put pics of interiors too,congrats dude,awesome lookin car there. 20th March 2008
karan561 planning to SMOKE the tail-lamps instead of the LEDs ... 22nd February 2008
hellspawn looks damn good...why not get LED tailights as well .. 19th February 2008
esteemer That one looks really mean. Man, I envy u. 12th February 2008
Jayabusa That's one wicked corolla!!!!! Let's have a proper front pic. 5th February 2008
ashish22 thats a wicked looking corolla..nice ride dude and i see that you really worked hard on your ride! 21st January 2008
abhinav.gupta88 Sexy Ride There Dude! 12th January 2008
BUSA nice ride, get a turbo n ull get going.................. 18th November 2007
karan561 Got the flywheel lightened from an local TURNER , and it was balanced with the new CLUTCH(Stock) & pressure plate & not the crankshaft. 10th October 2007
im_srini Hi Karan, can I ask where you got your flywheel lightened ? Was the flywheel lightened & then balanced with the crankshaft ? 10th October 2007
karan561 porting is up on the list ... not sure where to get it done from. 4th October 2007
akshay1234 get porting and polishing done yaar.. and IMO - get rid of the spinners and get some nice rims. bling look dosent suit the corolla. 3rd October 2007
kick.throttle hay man i love those spinners. well can you upload some videos with spinner on the move.. if u get it then kindly PM me .plzzzzzzzzzzzzz 12th September 2007
noidaboy wooow!!! thats one hot ride man...awsome 1st June 2007
karan561 @ viper , i did not participate as i had my exams on that very day ...... 21st February 2007
viper hey how did you run at the speed run how did you do 21st February 2007
JUELZ 41 awesome ride man...good shyt 19th February 2007
karan561 thnx bro ..... 16th February 2007
Sidewinder$ thanks for the ride karan ... the sound & the picup is just mind bobling ... keep it up... 13th February 2007
karan561 thnx vid6639 , akshay1234 , the car had gone 4 allignment n balancing last week , the guy messed it up , well the wheels will b interchanged thnx agn 8th February 2007
vid6639 Yup the tyres are fitted wrongly dude.... 8th February 2007
akshay1234 i think your front right tyre is fitted the wrong way. 8th February 2007
karan561 thnx man .... 5th February 2007
speedfreak01 those spinners!!hautest spinners i've ever seen on an indian car 5th February 2007
Sidewinder$ post the new pix with those tints.. waiting for them & drive safe ... chao ;) 3rd February 2007
cheap_deal those spinners are bling bling!!!! :) 31st January 2007
karan561 thanks man ..... yeh ur right the grille needs to be changed for that mean look , may get a TRD one imported lets c man ......... 28th January 2007
blueraven316 Nice Job, very simple yet nice kit, needs a chnage on the front Grill and it will look Mean, and that Exhaust note too is really sporty, NICE! 28th January 2007
karan561 Thanks man ...... it was a real big descison to paint the car purple ..... and that to a corolla , but its good to hear the compliments ..... Thnx agn 24th January 2007
faithless_1984 awesome ride karan.!!!! 23rd January 2007
karan561 not available for the corolla here , mainly for Accords and Lancers .... 23rd January 2007
karan561 naa ... its not of my car , would love to add those but , lets see may be in the coming months , they have to b imported but ..... 23rd January 2007
Hellraiser btw the pic in ur it of ur ride ? 23rd January 2007
karan561 HEY ..... wassup sidewinder ..... well JET BLACK TINTS have been added , will post the pics. soon .... 23rd January 2007
Sidewinder$ hey karan... wats up man.. 23rd January 2007
rev_hard looking hooooooooot dude. have ya heard about tints????? j/k cheers 23rd January 2007
car crazy kid killer ride man... spinners looking pimpin. 23rd January 2007
karan561 @ VIPER i got this one from 4-seasons automobiles ltd. @ 16990 with billl ...... why should i lie about such facts ? 22nd January 2007
viper Hey Nice Ride. I do not think that is a Typhoon Kit but a Conical filter with Aluminium Pipe 22nd January 2007
karan561 Thanks ...... muffler from AUTOMECH too ........ 22nd January 2007
Hellraiser thats one hot ride bro.! 22nd January 2007
binz very nice!Put up pics of the full engine bay.And umm...what muffler is your car running..trd?? 22nd January 2007
karan561 Thanks man ........ the car sure has come up well ....... 21st January 2007
aZa Awesome ride Karan!! Bling with performance eh!! niceee ;) 21st January 2007
karan561 i checked out RIO's kit also , but i found this better , they were charging me 33K , n their spoiler was real BAD 21st January 2007
karan561 Well i dont know the make wither , its just that i got the skirts from an aftermarket accessory shop , the entire KIT cost me 18-19k 21st January 2007
mega5918 Karan, Nice Alloys n Mods, By the way what make is your spoiler Looks damn neat... N how much did U pay? 21st January 2007
karan561 Thanks Adish ....... well have added BLACK tints now (not shown in the pics.) it looks much better now ..... 20th January 2007
khanak Pimped out ride bro.....lookin HOT!!!! 20th January 2007
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