2002 Hyundai Santro LP Zip Plus

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2002 Hyundai Santro LP Zip Plus
My first ride and daily companion for the last 15 years. Sold after clocking 81K Kms on August 2017. Apart from consumables, replaced the below during the 15 year ownership. During this tenure, i came across the best and worst Hyundai Authorized Service Centres.

1. Fuel pump relay - Got replaced at the age of 4 by On Road support

2. A/c fan rheostat - 1 & 2 speeds of fan stopped working at replaced at the age of 6

3. Steering lock kit - Had an issue with worn out keys and the new key created problem with unlocking. Had to change it at the age of 7

4. Fuel inlet hose - Immediately after a periodic maintenance, filled a full tank petrol from a reliance pump and the car started smelling petrol. On checking in detail, found the fuel inlet hose had a leak. Replaced at the age of 12

6. Starter motor solenoid - Only click sound when cranking. Replaced at the age of 13

7. Coolant temperature sensor - Coolant fan was not working, when engine was hot. Replaced at the age of 14

6. Muffler - Rust attracts very soon and got it replaced 3 times in 15 years of ownership

OEM Bridgestone lasted for around 60K Kms and 7 years. Changed to JK and it hardly lasted for 20K Kms in 7 years. The treads didn't worn out, but the tyres got bumps all over. Back to Bridgestone last year.

4 Battery changes during these 15 years. After 3 changes, thought of a change and moved to Amaron few months back.

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