1997 Tata Sumo Victa -Sold 20/01/2011

nitrous’s Team-BHP Garage
1997 Tata Sumo Victa -Sold 20/01/2011
Engine Specifications:
  • 1968cc Diesel-Naturally Aspirated
Engine Misc.:
  • 200,000 kms done.Completely Rebuilt at 126,000 kms.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Turbo engine-on the cards
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Regular.
  • Standard
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Weight transfers depending on where Im seated :D
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Standard Suspension
  • Standard Tata Rims
  • Tyres- Bridgestone Dueller HT 195/R15
    Ex MRFs were absolute crap!
  • Front Bench seats converted to Bucket seats;
  • Last row 4 seater is converted to 2 seater.
  • Middle row modified and for more legroom and rake.
  • Aftermarket SuperKing AC
  • Dupont Silky Silver repaint
  • Tata Sumo Victa OE body-kit
  • Victa Spare wheel cover
  • M3 styled Rear view mirrors with inbuilt turn signals a la Mercedes
  • Narva 90/100 power white Headlights

Rear again! (Baby got back :D)

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Timber yard Background! Rear left during sunset Front & right-Petrochemical refinery in the background! Rear & right (Notice team-bhp sticker) :) Rear again! (Baby got back :D) MRFs tread pattern!
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planet_rocker Bye Bye 21st January 2011
chanu Good job done! thought its an original Victa. Original wheel caps would make it look complete. Can you also post some pictures of the interiors. 19th August 2009
nitrous Thanks yaejay. Absence of power steering and stiff suspension makes this quite predictable. Had a few moments in it(of course), but always managed to get it back to control. This babe's the one I learnt to drive in AND do the driving license test in. Very very sentimental for me. 5th August 2009
YaeJay Dear Nitrous, I suspect you grew up with this one. Or liked this one best while you were very young ( in years, not knowledge). I have always been curious about the SUMO. I've known a dear Mangloorian, Extremely passionate about cars, say the SUMO was the best set of wheels he ever bought ('tortoise coil', (flash back), the early 90z). I haven't driven it a lot, felt it to be torquey,in lower gears, high CG, ( normal) but space, I still don't think anything can beat it on that! The worst thing, I truly believe to happen to a SUMO is taxi operators finding a use for it. They let guy's who are just out of bullock carts to take control of a SUMO. Result, turn turtle sumo's, bad rep and that's it. As I've said before, I have been a non member for quite sometime, and I know most of the best out here. All I can say is, If Nitrous LOVES(?) a SUMO, there has to be a very good reason! :)
Nirtous, I am sure it would have given you plenty of satisfaction on the rebuild!

P.S: (to all t
4th August 2009
rider60 hey put in some pictures of the interiors too.
three words for the sumo's looks "authentic sumo baby"!.
10th March 2008
hellspawn wow!never seen such a well maintained sumo...kudos to u bro 19th February 2008
nitrous Thank you guys for the compliments. :) 7th February 2008
BUSA get a CRDi engine and then pete it :p nice ride buddy and doesnot look 10 years old, you maintain cars very well. 17th January 2008
vid6639 so dude when you getting this on the track? lol!! 23rd December 2007
supercars I am also thinking of buying a Sumo. Please PM me if I need to know something before buying it. :) 2nd December 2007
supercars The Body Kit assembly has been done quiet well. :) 2nd December 2007
ashwin_seattle how the hell u got those m3 kinda rear mirrorz man? look good 29th August 2007
Absar WoW! Nice job there nitrous. Giving life again to the Sumo! 26th April 2007
nitrous Kiran,Ractive on old school just makes noise. Steeroid's Dicor reacted well to the K&N! 7th April 2007
moralfibre Heard it had an RActive? Does it make a difference for Diesels? 5th April 2007
lancer_mania what the hell is so pimped up about this car ? 19th March 2007
esteem_lover Boy, are you in love with that or what ? 19th March 2007
drifter Hey thats really nicely done man nitrous! Keep it up!! 7th March 2007
cheap_deal lookin good, the front bumper not fixed properly? a big brush guard should take care of those pesky motorists :) 6th March 2007
nitrous @Speedfreak: She was a "Call-centre cab" kind before i got her to look like this.She is mildly pimped.But,let MTV sponsor and she'll be like no other! 28th February 2007
speedfreak01 what is PIMPED out about that ride???? 28th February 2007
manikjeet Man nice ride but alloy will do justice 2 da car 27th February 2007
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