1998 Honda City 1.5 Exi Type I

navin_bhp’s Team-BHP Garage
1998 Honda City 1.5 Exi Type I
Engine Specifications:
1.5 Exi

Performance Mods:
K&N Typhoon
FFE from Electra

Suspension, wheels & tires:
Titan Racing 15",
195/55/R15 Falken Zeix912

Converted the front to type 2 with custom made grill
Vtech Spoilers

Momo Gear knob
Elevo Steering Wheel
Sparco Lookalike seats

Narva white H4
Philips bluevision parking lamps
Necvox 7" LCD on dashboard connected to Ipod Video (Yet to connect Reverse camera to the AV2 )
Kenwood 8533 HU
Kenwood Components KFC-P605IE 200W
Kenwood 12" Sub 1200W
Kenwood 6" x 9" KFC-6970IE 400W
Kenwood KAC-6403 Amp 500W
JBL 60.2 Amp
JBL Amp Kit
Aux cable to connect ipod
With fog lamps...

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5944-9181.jpg 6326-9181.jpg With fog lamps... IMG_5248 (Large).jpg SATURDAY 298 (Custom).jpg IMG_2657 (Custom).jpg speed racer.jpg
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Created: 25th February 2007 14:30
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Author Comment Date
ryan_wheelz WHiTE - lightning.
lovely car - very well kept. is it still like that
7th February 2011
Jayabusa Too good! 5th February 2011
kutlee Nice car. I am looking for similar seats. any details please? 5th May 2009
lohithrao nice car...neat pics! 31st March 2009
ashish22 woah how's the pickup of this beast?? 7th January 2009
Ali G very well kept car, lovely wheels 17th December 2008
Ramsagar Nice car Is it possible to change the rear boot type-2 model.then it would be a complete car....

The front looks had completely changes the car dynamics.good
12th December 2008
sumeethaldankar Really nice car, you are lucky to own this buddy. 27th November 2008
16v100bhp Nice nice!! much better than the last time i saw it at Ravi's :) and that is the set of seats that I would like to have 22nd November 2008
yasw_anth a 10yr old car ???? it is still shinning like new ... romba azhaga irukku anna :) 15th August 2008
yasw_anth how much did the seats cost u ... ? wer did u get'em ... 15th August 2008
nitrous Regn number is very similar to that of my cars. 8th August 2008
ankitahuja Nice upgrade buddy, looks hot. What sticker have you used on the front windscreen and what is that on the hood, between the wiper nozzles? 18th June 2008
navin_bhp @im srini : Yes the headers and muffler is SS 30th March 2008
doomsday Very well kept. IMO, chuck the logos on the doors and get VTEC Enkeis somehow. Steering looks authentic JDM. Good work. 21st March 2008
navin_bhp Thanks Srini. 19th March 2008
im_srini Hi Navin, your car looks really cool since the last time I saw it (during the bomb-scare) ! By the way, are your exhaust headers chromed or stainless-steel ? 15th March 2008
navin_bhp Thanks for the comments razor4077...with the FFE along with K&N's my 10 year old car still feels young at heart!! and I have started to drive with the windows rolled down to hear it roaring and galloping on the roads.. 16th February 2008
razor4077 Nice ride Navin! I prefer the "unstickered" look, but you've done a good job with the stickers, especially the stripes. How is the FFE behaving? 15th February 2008
navin_bhp I really dont remember the name Yaswanth. Its some radio shop near anjappar in R.K salai 29th December 2007
yasw_anth wer did u get the momo gear knob in chennai.. ? 29th December 2007
noidaboy bling car dude!! keep it this way!! 7th December 2007
navin_bhp Thx :-) gbpscars.. 6th December 2007
gbpscars hey there! nice pics. cars looking good too. 1st December 2007
navin_bhp Desig, uploaded some pics of the interiors for you!! 26th November 2007
desigNation navin dudde, didnt c u'r garage till now thanx 4 the message, car looks really good, pls dd white fog lamps too, put some pics of the car interiors t 1st November 2007
ankitahuja 2 things - Get ur door beading colour changed 2 white, get Fog lights & please get rid of the Type II "City" (and any other) badge on the boot 31st October 2007
navin_bhp Hi ankit, its was around 25K i guess. 26th October 2007
ankitahuja Hey neat conversion there. I preferred the old look though, looks unique but this is good. How much did it cost? Bumper,HL, Fenders, Bonnet & all????? 26th October 2007
nischint chnge the tailapms 2 typeII if'll luk gr8... 24th October 2007
jay4040 manveet and navin, am lookin out for wicked wheels for my honda baby (bottle green 1.5exi).lemme know at 17th August 2007
tamaron whats your experience been with KN filters ? 27th July 2007
tamaron have you changed the wheels yet ? going above 14 inch may not be such a good idea ...any comments ? 27th July 2007
ankitahuja Hey thanks for the comment. My OHC is not white but a silver. Too lazy to click any better pics but will definately put some soon after. 14th May 2007
bigdad hi wanna sell it me 09995213120 11th May 2007
navin_bhp @Shuvd : Thanks, Im waiting for the month end to fill my pocket...then would go for K&N's 13th March 2007
navin_bhp ;-) .... 13th March 2007
navin_bhp You're right Manveet...Im looking for some good wheel patterns in matt black.. Will choose one within next month..I want it to be unique like yours ;- 13th March 2007
manveet the OHC looks best in white .. but your car is BEGGING for 15"ers and gunmetal alloys :) 11th March 2007
shuvd Nice navin_bhp! But, what about the performance mods? And hyper black 16"ers ;-) 8th March 2007
navin_bhp Thanks Surprise and ASH-WINS.. 6th March 2007
ASH-WINS gud1 bro.... 1st March 2007
Surprise NICE LOOKING CAR 1st March 2007
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