1975 Trabant 2 door Sedan

tushky’s Team-BHP Garage
1975 Trabant 2 door Sedan


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1975 Trabant( converted into rally car) 3097-9687.jpg
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Created: 26th February 2007 12:04
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headers wow..nice car..any details on the engine..?? 26th June 2007
h.k this reminds me of our very own premiere padmini fiat, this was what use to fuel the indian rally circut untill the maruti came with gypsy. 21st May 2007
The Wolf I thot it was some premier padmini!!! Pretty similar lookin eh?? 11th April 2007
Stanher Looks like a nice little car! However, I was told this car was once considered as toxic waste in Germany & owners were offered money to dump them! 10th April 2007
1100D Since this is 2-stroke it is generally quicker than the corresponding 4 stroke cars (500-600cc). Go Trabbi Go!! 25th March 2007
arif_t01 Thats the first time I am seeing this car. Thanks for sharing these pics Tushky....what the hell...thats the first time i'm hearing about this 7th March 2007
moralfibre Thats the first time I am seeing this car. Thanks for sharing these pics Tushky. 2nd March 2007
tushky thanks. no it has top speed upto 100 or 120.this is too old 28th February 2007
SRK Nice Car..Is it fast?? 28th February 2007
planet_rocker nice ride... 28th February 2007
tushky i dont know abou trabants in india. this one is running in Lodz(Poland) 27th February 2007
karlosdeville woah, this has to be a first on the forum...Im told there were 2 Trabants in India at one point...any leads? 27th February 2007
tushky well, this is the car of my brother who live in Poland.he has 2 trabants. one is scrap and one is working. this photo is taken when he was driving. 26th February 2007
salilpawar1 Is this the photo of YOUR car?? Or is it sourced from some wbesite? And is this the saloon version of the Mini?? 26th February 2007
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