Turbocharged Suzuki Baleno - Binz's ride

binz’s Team-BHP Garage
Turbocharged Suzuki Baleno - Binz's ride

Disclaimer:All mods have been paid for by me,from my own pocket(no i dont earn as yet..but had to save and sell stuff to get this.)

So no comments like:"his pop pays for him blah blah.."
A big thank you to Mclaren1885,v1p3r,memo45_m,Psycho,Jay,Vasu anna and all the guys at Sag!Satya,..thanks for all the stuff,for putting up with me,the good prices(And for flicking my button).Shresta, Sivaram, Motorsmiths for sorting out the niggling issues.Nikhil2008b/Madhhus for the tires.Iliyas/A1 Tire center.Karthik/sanjay/tabrez for helping with small issues and the setting up the ECU as well as for loaning me the SX4.Cookie_monster + S0uljah + iceman91 +crazydiablo for moral support:)
LOL:pretty soon everyone on t-bhp is going to be on this list.Thanks guys anyway!

Engine Specifications:
  • Suzuki G16b
  • 1590cc In-line 4 Cylinder SOHC 16 Valve
  • 94bhp
  • Bore x Stroke 75mm x 90mm
  • Compression Ratio 9.0:1
  • Cylinder Block Deck Height 213.8mm
  • Deck Clearance 0.9mm (below)
  • Cylinder Head Volume 25.5cc
  • Head Gasket Thickness (compressed) 1.2mm
  • Minimum Combustion Chamber Volume 46.8cc
  • Intake Valve O.D. 29.2mm
  • Exhaust Valve O.D. 25.0mm
  • Connecting Rod Length (between centers) 139.6mm
  • Piston Comp Height 28.55mm
  • Piston Clearance & Position (from Crown) 0.300 @ 53.00

Engine Misc.:
  • Stage II Ported and Polished head
  • RACEdynamics RD 0901 M-spec Standalone engine management

Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Garrett GT3071r Ball Bearing Turbocharger
  • Mild-steel remote turbo manifold
  • Greddy 30" front mount intercooler
  • Greddy Type-RS Blow off valve
  • Greddy Profec B Spec 2 Electronic boost controller
  • K&N Air Filter
  • 43mm Keihin Individual Throttle Bodies
  • 38mm External wastegate
  • 2.5" Aluminium Piping

Fueling & Ignition
  • Sard Fuel pressure regulator
  • 550 CC Injectors
  • HKS M45i Spark Plugs
  • RACE dynamics Standalone engine management

  • 3: Stainless Steel downpipe
  • 2.5" Straight through exhaust
  • Custom Twin Tip Mild steel muffler

Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Exedy Stage II 4 Puck clutch
  • Quiafe 2 way LSD
  • Jap cars are light!
  • No resonator box(-1kg)

Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Hankook Ventus S1 EVO - 214/45/17
  • BSA 17" x 7JJ Wheels
  • Koni Adjustable Struts
  • King Springs - 30mm drop
  • Previously run:
  • BFGoodrich G-Force Sport 205/50-15
  • Potenza GIIIs
  • Lenso Blitz 15" X 7J +38 offset 7-Spoke Lightweight rims.
  • Plati 5-spoke Hyper silver 14"x6.5J
  • Hankook Ventus K102 205/50-15
  • Yokohama Advan Neova AD-07 195/55-15
  • Yokohama Advan Neova AD-07 195/50-15
  • Yokohama Advan Neova AD-07 195/60-14
  • Yokohama AVS ES-100 195/60-14
  • Bridgestone Blizzak 185/60-14
  • Bridgestone S322 (stock) 165/80-13

  • Stanley leather black-Light grey combo on the seats.
  • Light grey leather on the door panels.
  • Wood Trim on the dash
  • Speedo,tacho and all guages backlit in white.
  • Ac Controls backlit in white.
  • Blaupunkt Bahamas MP46 with a white backlit display.

  • White LED rooflamp from EVO.
  • Stuart-warner digital tch with shift light
  • Aftermarket heads-up-display
  • Carbon fibre finish gear knob.
  • OMP 1000 aluminium pedal set
  • Sard Racing Oil pressure gauge
  • Sard Racing Boost Gauge
  • OMP Corsica Deep-dish steering

ICE ( budget upgrade-Done in stages)
[list][*]Kenwood KDC-8016BT[list][*]Front- Hertz Energy ESK165 6.5" Components[list][*]Rear- Audiobahn ABC 600 6.5" Components
  • JBL CS 60.4 4-channel Amplifier

Wiring + Full install done at EVO by Blueraven316.Sounds loud and clear!

Call Management
  • Parrot CK3000 Integrated bluetooth kit.

  • Smoked Rear taillamps
  • Metallic silver paintjob
  • Narva 100/90 globes
  • 4500k H4 High/Low HID Xenon Kit
  • MGP Foglamps at stock locations#
Planned upgrades(Very soon)
  • Whiteline Front sway bar
  • Whiteline Rear sway bar
  • Superpro PU bushes all round
  • Custom suspension
  • 05 Subaru Impreza wrx 380cc injectors Done
  • Full set of Prosport premium 52 mm guages Getting there ..
  • Suzisport carbon fibre brake pads Currently on WULF aftermarket pads
  • Keeping it simple and realistic
Videos wen the car was stockLong-term review

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Author Comment Date
gov626 nice ride dude....i jus got to see for like 5mins the day i pikd up d speakers...din knw u had done soo much !!
kudos to u !
5th July 2010
binz Upgraded Ice and tyre info 5th July 2010
binz Eapen, the stock fpr was removed. 5th July 2010
eapen Did you retain the stock Fuel pressure regulator while using the rising rate FSE FPR? 4th June 2010
binz Thanks ! No plans of any seat mods .. Recaro lookalikes dont seem too comfortable .. 28th March 2010
kutlee nice effort there on the mods. any seat upgrade?? keep going.!! 16th March 2010
suhaas307 But still dude, it's something that deserves accolades!

Sure, PM me and I'll be there in a jiffy!
30th December 2009
binz Hey Suhas thanks for the kind words! .. That disclaimer was put for the older mods on the car(Port job/ICE). My dad funded a little more than half the amount for the turbo build. .. Thanks again man .. Once its done with tuning completely you could probably come over and see the car .. I stay on 1st main .. 1st December 2009
suhaas307 Stunning! How did you manage to buy all this with your own money!? Damn I have no words! That's called commitment beyond comparison! I've tried saving up and selling stuff for a '02 Zen and then throwing in a G13B head, K&N conical and a FFE but I had to shelve the whole idea thanks to insufficient funds!

Congrats man! I have more respect for you, your commitment and your attitude than anyone else on this forum!
1st December 2009
v1p3r Welcome to the deep side! 1st October 2009
binz Got a new steering courtesy s0uljah .. thanks a lot man! 30th September 2009
v1p3r Iskimaaki 10th August 2009
binz Old set were considered sold barely a month after I got them.The deal was done when i picked these up. 3rd July 2009
agentsmith Hey what happened to the old set of alloys? Up for sale? 3rd July 2009
v1p3r @yc.baleno -- These are G16Bs. G16As are older carbed versions that appeared on the Vitaras in the 80s. There was no DOHC G16 from the factory. The Baleno got the J18A DOHC. 9th May 2009
alias oie update the latest pics for us unfortunate souls who dont get to see you and the baleno since ur exmas are over now 9th May 2009
YC.BALENO.CHD One thing am quite confused with. . is the motor in our Balenos really a g16b? Is not it g16a? I guess g16b is a DOHC. Kindly correct me if am wrong. I haven't still been able to find what motor do our cars really sport.

Anyways, a rocking baleno this one, also, I too don't earn yet but then I could not save like you, hence still stuck with stock.LOL. ..kudos. . rocking ride yours is.
4th May 2009
crazydiablo Those wheels are drool maal. 25th April 2009
crazydiablo Why did you downsize? 20th April 2009
binz damn 19th April 2009
nitrous 305/50-15 ?? :P 19th April 2009
akshay1234 i like. what happened to that alpine sub i gave u? 28th March 2009
binz :-) 24th March 2009
v1p3r Autometer Cobalt 5' Tachometer & Shitlight # --- Really? 24th March 2009
crazydiablo some nice stuff added, you need to show us the interiors. 24th March 2009
binz Thanks guys .. 17th March 2009
agentsmith Nice alloys, dude! How much did you pay for it? 12th March 2009
crazydiablo Perfect, thats the stock offset. Enjoy man, good choice 12th March 2009
binz Oh I got already,just had a look at the back of the spare.Its updated too .. 38 12th March 2009
crazydiablo Should be available with the specs of the wheel. Or on the box. I am guessing its 40 or else it might scrub. 12th March 2009
binz How do i check? 11th March 2009
crazydiablo Whats the offset of the rims, 7J is really nice. 11th March 2009
binz Thats what happens when one blueraven316 is sitting in his shop doing nothing and realises that I haven't logged out. 4th March 2009
revtech nice car as mentioned above but why are you mocking yourself ??

Dude you are just Hillarious! LOLOLOL ! Disclaimer: LOLOLOL , so who u planning to scam the Audiobahn speaker to ??
4th March 2009
binz Got rid of the set which you saw mohit,getting a another set tomorrow hopefully.*fingers crossed* 7th November 2008
crazydiablo You gotta show us your wheels man... 18th October 2008
binz Dude you are just Hillarious! LOLOLOL ! Disclaimer: LOLOLOL , so who u planning to scam the Audiobahn speaker to ?? 8th May 2008
binz Thanks alias!Akshay,bring your butt down to bangalore. 21st March 2008
akshay1234 when do i get to see this car? 21st March 2008
alias one hell of a ride you got buddy 21st March 2008
binz Thanks,..but wait!Its getting a revamp very soon. 12th February 2008
TARUL Finally I get to comment on my bro's car.It's a sleeper so can't talk about it's looks
but it pulls like a beast(personally experienced it) and waiting for your rims & tyres.
11th February 2008
pawan very nice car good going. 8th February 2008
binz Thanks busa! 8th February 2008
BUSA hey binz, really appreciate your efforts, good going. 8th February 2008
binz So why is it disturbing you?FYI,everything that was on-sale as been replaced with better stuff. 6th February 2008
PAVAN KADAM This is some disturbing thread. Looks like the whole car is for sale in parts 6th February 2008
v1p3r We're still bloody waiting for your bloody pictures. And are you track-ing it? 4th October 2007
binz Got myself a new clutch,...wait for my ownership thread.. 17th June 2007
binz The alloys in the pics are for sale..please pm if interested 18th May 2007
binz hehe..that was when i started the gallery and planned all this..doubt the car will be on sale..the parts might go later though.. 16th April 2007
mclaren1885 New clutch , muffler , tyres , enlarged TB , higher compression .. Ooohhh , you are certainly sucked in .. Meaning you aint selling ur car 15th April 2007
binz All in good time buddy,..all in good time. 13th April 2007
mclaren1885 cant put it to the ground .. 12th April 2007
mclaren1885 If you had asked me i would have said INVEST in a new CLUTCH not tyres .. Would have given you my set for a steal .. There is no use of power if u 12th April 2007
planet_rocker congrats for the new shoes. take care of the baby. 12th April 2007
revtech hey binz what happened why u selling the headers ? 1st April 2007
binz worked out some cash,..will call you tomorrow 31st March 2007
binz That means that head,headers will be up for sale..i need to get in touch with you guys for its sale 31st March 2007
binz ya rahul..ok...stickers will go just told me hes fed up with this car. 31st March 2007
mclaren1885 their attention .. And im warning you they wont spare you with all the $ht happening around town .. Just warning you in advance .. 31st March 2007
mclaren1885 Because these days cops are hunting down for any car with alloys , stickers , neons et all .. And Sag RACING is something it will instantly catch 31st March 2007
hari_rama nice stickewr...but smaller one would have been better....pls post daylight pics....maybe tht would change my htoughts :) 30th March 2007
binz would cops bother.?? 30th March 2007
binz Why are you two taking my case so much??Its just a looks nice..its at the car doesnt even have wheels or the other bling...why 30th March 2007
v1p3r Nice disclaimer. Explains it neatly. Your car is a gem. Lose the stickers, or meet the cops. How about a race? 30th March 2007
mclaren1885 Binoy , the sag racing sticker does indeed look neat .. But i guess it will only warrant unnecessary attention from cops .. Thats y we run small ones 29th March 2007
binz comments..comments plzz...Hows the stickering??Tried my best to keep it subtle... 29th March 2007
hari_rama post new videos bro....wud love to see it reach 100 in less thn 9 sec :) 27th March 2007
mclaren1885 Budget ?? Btw you still got to fill my pockets boy .. They are beginning to dry up soon .. 27th March 2007
binz *bump* I have to choose between yokos,potenzes or michelins...?Which...for grip and low road noise?? 21st March 2007
binz Happy godfather? 14th March 2007
Godfather More pics of the car...not the speedo..:) 11th March 2007
Godfather Oye bugger...put more pics man.. 10th March 2007
mayurk a Baleno! 5th March 2007
binz Update,..did 160 on the Outer ring road....had to take the car to the garage for some work ...pulled beautifully in third...wheels out of alignment 4th March 2007
BUSA hey nice specs list waitin for the pics.. 3rd March 2007
khanak this is really gonna distract you from your of luck..for both your ride and your exams 1st March 2007
Ford Rocam Congratulations for your modded ride, i really liked your enthusiasm involved during modding of ur car. 1st March 2007
akshay1234 course i drive.. though not as much fun as the baleno i had.. also have a getz. 1st March 2007
binz Rahul..Surprise?...what you giving me..clutch??,nos kit??..sparcos??Wheels??. 28th February 2007
binz Thanks guys...@ karthik..need your help sometime for the meters,i really liked the ones on your swift 28th February 2007
mclaren1885 On record, this car is faster than my car running stage II mods .. An excellent sleeper for daily use and has just the amount of punch for mischief. 28th February 2007
mclaren1885 Hope u liked the ride , finish ur exams soon and u will see a surprise in store .. But pls change ur clutch .. 28th February 2007
binz Pics,??abey..its sleeperish...looks stock,engine bay looks stock too...ill post a few now.. 28th February 2007
karthik247 nice..very pix man!!! 28th February 2007
akshay1234 nice car.. w8i for the pics.. specs are sexy. 28th February 2007
planet_rocker yup...waiting for the pics. take care n drive safe (baldy tyres). and yeah, Wish You All The Very Best of Luck for the Exams. 28th February 2007
revtech nice waiting to see the safe 28th February 2007
binz Finally,,pics tomorrow(lol...i have bord exams starting tomorrow and im doing this) 28th February 2007
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