2006 Maruti Suzuki Baleno My Car for Drags and Tracks !

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2006 Maruti Suzuki Baleno My Car for Drags and Tracks !
Engine Specifications & Engine Misc.:
  • 1.6L , 1590 cc All Aluminium SOHC engine.
  • Engine Code : G16B.
  • Stock Figures : 91 bhp and 130.5 NM ..
  • Ex-Figures : 125 bhp atleast (tuner claimed).
  • Current figures: 98bhp (approx).
  • Bore x Stroke (Stock) : 75 x 90 mm.
  • First oversize (previous setup) : 76 x 90 mm.
  • Current bore x stroke : 75 x 90 mm.
  • Compression Ratio (Stock) : 9.0 : 1 ..
  • (Previous CR) : 11.3 : 1. (Dropped from 12.4:1).
  • Current CR: 9.0:1.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Lets see, all we need is a TC kit now.
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Car used to run on 97Oct only .. Anything lesser it knocks. Car is now back on 91 Oct fuel.
  • Carbon Fibre Finish Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • Custom Exhaust with Drag Spec 4 x 1 Headers.
  • 5 Forward, all synchromesh, 1 Reverse Ultra Short Ratio Gear Box Custom Made.
  • Exedy Stage II Clutch.
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Totally stripped down for Drags and other Races.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Front : McPherson Strut and coil spring with L shaped lower arm and anti roll bar.
  • Rear : McPherson Strut and coil spring with parallel link arrangement.
  • Custom Made Suspension for Drags and Track Use.
  • 195/50/15 Advan Neova's AD07.
  • Completely Stock.
  • Completely stock except for custom made front grill.
Performance Mods :
  • Porting & Polishing.
  • Custom Drag Spec 4x1 Headers.
  • Custom freeflow and exhaust.
  • K & N Air Filter Conical.
  • Custom High Compression 76mm Pistons (make way for 75mm pistons).
  • Forged Crank & Conrods (out and sold).
  • Two Headgaskets to keep the CR down and 97Oct fuel compulsory (back to a single headgasket now).
  • 1/4 mile Timing : 16.287 with 3 cylinders .. Should crack the 16 sec easily next run at Bombay (maybe not).
  • Fuel Pressure Regulator.
  • Short Ratio Gearbox.
  • Exedy Stage II Clutch.
  • Custom camshaft and valve springs (gone back to stock).
Future Upgrades :
  • Complete Turbo Kit.
  • Suburu Injectors.
  • RaceDynamics Stand Alone ECU (DONE).
  • Low Compression Pistons (DONE) .
  • Pioneer 7750 HU.
  • Hertz Energy 5.25 '' Components in the front.
  • Hertz DVC 10 '' Subwoofer.
  • Alpine MRV F450 5 ch Amplifier.
  • Audison Cabling.
Baleno Top Speed Video -

Entry into the 200kmph club video:



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3141-2697.jpg 3144-2697.jpg 3633-2697.jpg 3809-2697.jpg 4468-2697.jpg 4469-2697.jpg 4509-2697.jpg Speedo maxxing out at 210kmph. 64797.jpg 74306.jpg bal1.jpg bal3.jpg
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Author Comment Date
PSM_360 what are the gear ratios of your short ratio gearbox? list stock ratios too for comparison 2nd August 2015
supercars 125 bhp Baleno doing 230 kmph is a total lie. 10th December 2009
16v100bhp what is going on with your car boss? any new mods or still contemplating? 24th August 2009
alias hi

buddy how are you
21st April 2008
TARUL This car is an example of a sleeper.Nice going Ral!!waiting for the future upgrades. 18th February 2008
mclaren1885 Kjdesigns, its the fuel needle that is at Empty. Temp needle stays at 50% mark during day times and drops down during night travel. 10th October 2007
kjdesigns_2000 or is it fuel, cant see properly 10th October 2007
kjdesigns_2000 Nice video... speed more than 200, WOW, BTW is the temp needle at "C" or almost "H" 10th October 2007
mclaren1885 I think the Scorpio turbo might be a little too small to be used on the Vtec. Why don't you stick to the Garretts? 26th September 2007
petrolheadmenon dude can the turbo frm a scorpio be taken out and shoved in the old city VTEC?? 25th September 2007
akshay1234 tc your baleno rahul.. itll be crazy.. lol 3rd September 2007
mclaren1885 The foglamps are SGP. Came from the showroom. The exedy clutch is stage II I am told and it costs around 10k. 3rd September 2007
awesome0163 hey one more thing where from u got that exedy clutch is it stage or 2 nd for how much 3rd September 2007
awesome0163 hey nice stuff where u had got these foglamps nd can we put hids in that. 3rd September 2007
BUSA Dude TC Baleno woild be one of a kind so that would evoke many Baleno owners to follow ur steps. 2nd September 2007
mclaren1885 I want to keep it and do it up from scratch the way I like it. Though some seem to be interested to take it off my hands. All I can do is WAIT. 1st September 2007
mclaren1885 Right now I am totally broke. Cant have two cars at home. If I keep the Baleno the TC will be out a little later next year IMO. 1st September 2007
BUSA .. gettin ova her. So when is the TC comin up? 1st September 2007
BUSA .... maintained here very well. I would suggest you to keep this n buy a Mivec as well(budget permitting) elz get a MIVEC, its goin to be real tough.. 1st September 2007
BUSA Well Mcl i totally agree with you, its hard to part wid ur car after u have put so much time, money n efforts in it, and knowing u, u really hav.. 1st September 2007
mclaren1885 Lots of memories, besides a lot of people are not happy with my decision including my dad. It will b some time b4 I am able to pick a call. 30th August 2007
mclaren1885 Busa, getting rid of the car is getting tough. Someone I know is really convincing me to keep the Baleno. My gf too doesn't want me to part with it. 30th August 2007
BUSA Totally agree with u rev, this car is awesom, hatts of to mcl to puttin so much time, money n effort. Now lets c what he does to the Mivec :) 30th August 2007
revtech never get tired of seeing this car....tyres look great... 28th August 2007
warchild utmost monstrous baleno.. dude! 7th August 2007
mclaren1885 Shrivz, the photo was taken at this hill station called Yercaud. Its near Salem. 6th August 2007
shrivz dude, by any chance, is that first pic taken in or around bandipur?? 6th August 2007
mclaren1885 Zenopio, we used just sprayed black paint on the rims. Thats it. Glad you liked the rims Khanak. 4th August 2007
mclaren1885 Busa, it would be my pleasure. You can pick them up once I have turned them into SLICKS! :D . 4th August 2007
mclaren1885 Rio, I got them for a steal all thanks to v1p3r. They were used for 3k kms. F1's are no way close to comparo. 4th August 2007
khanak The Corolla Rims in black look really good on your car. 3rd August 2007
RiO Hey mclaren, how much did you pay for your neovas and where did you get it from? And any idea how it stacks up to Goodyear's F1 GS-D3? 3rd August 2007
BUSA So when are you lending me you Neovas for the Swift, the Swift wheel spins like crazy so i need chewing gums :) 2nd August 2007
zenopio hey mc did u get ur alloyes painted ..if yes can u tell wot u used 2nd August 2007
BUSA the car looks awesome, specially the corolla wheels on the chweing gums :) 21st July 2007
mclaren1885 Yes Riju, I will. Going to RNS tomorrow. 21st July 2007
rjstyles69 Rahul get a Swift's logo on the front mesh. 20th July 2007
mclaren1885 Sarat & planet_rocker, videos will be up by sunday. 17th July 2007
planet_rocker @ mcl - how about a small video of the exhaust note. 17th July 2007
sarath Rahul, please post some pics of the neovas 16th July 2007
pawan the car is amazing now fly's its amazing hen the cam and header kicks in one amazing car. 20th May 2007
pawan real nice car waiting to sit in your car after the upgrade. 16th May 2007
toiingg nice ride man .... im seriously jealous. 16th May 2007
mclaren1885 Hari , thats c3po's glory pic .. I love it too ... 16th May 2007
hari_rama dude tht headlamp pic with the blue baleno in the offset is awsome....nd yeah hats off to you for the mods!!!! 16th May 2007
v1p3r Give me my tyres. 10th May 2007
mclaren1885 From a fellow tbhpian !!!! The rest as they say is sssshhhhhhhh .. Lol .. 27th April 2007
vid6639 where do you get these tyres from in bangy? 27th April 2007
mclaren1885 IT seems a new batch of shipment has come .. Will have to wait for a couple of days before we get any details .. 27th April 2007
mclaren1885 Jitu I have already put up a review on the meet thread .. Shall do so very shortly on the tyres and alloys section soon .. And we are still looking . 27th April 2007
Ford Rocam Do give us a review on Advan Neova's rahul, there's a size 215 50 R15 in Advan A048 can you find out its availibility in banglore? 27th April 2007
mclaren1885 All the mods are out ritesh , running to stage II setup right now .. Need to study now .. 26th April 2007
The Wolf Viewing your gallery for the first, dats quite a mods list you have in there!!! Good going man... 26th April 2007
mclaren1885 I have nation wide surround sound , half my system is in bombay .. 26th April 2007
ported_head I think you ought to remove the Hertz 10" Sub from your ICE list...HAHA! 26th April 2007
mclaren1885 New set of pics .. Hope you guys like them .. 26th April 2007
mclaren1885 Ah yes .. Thanks a ton for the new avtar blue boy .. And just purchased a set of Advan Neova's 195/50/15's .. Will put them up when i get mood.. LOL . 30th March 2007
v1p3r Time to get an update. Tyres, and how about a thank-you for your beautiful avatar? 30th March 2007
binz i asked my aunt to pick up the gtech...lets see wat happens! 11th March 2007
binz ya, young..ill give you a different perspective on your car give it to me too 11th March 2007
Godfather I am reliable.. I can test it for you..LOL 11th March 2007
binz picking it up you can borrow it from me...:-PPPPPPPPPPPPPP 11th March 2007
mclaren1885 The clutch is just like stock clutch at the moment .. It will be tightened only for the drags to prevent burning .. 11th March 2007
mclaren1885 Car is still under reliability test , so all access to the keys goes through psycho .. Binz , can i see the Gtech ?? Might pick it up .. 11th March 2007
Godfather Permission from WHO?? I dont care... I am going to drive it. 11th March 2007
binz The jdm tacho is a carbon copy of memo's tacho with the other three guages an all, how accurate is a gtech 11th March 2007
binz Pllz da i need to know what that clutch is cap otherwise 11th March 2007
mclaren1885 Binz , over my dead body .. Dont worry goddy , to drive her you need to take prior perm from TUNNER .. 11th March 2007
Godfather hahaah..nice one binz.. Forget track.. I will make it to a meet eventually. that day you will wish that i did not come. 11th March 2007
binz that case...when do i get to drive it?? 11th March 2007
mclaren1885 Which will be when you eventually make it to a meet .. Now if you want to drive it , get to the tracks !! 11th March 2007
Godfather When do i get to drive it?? 10th March 2007
revtech ok....looks amazing cant wait to see her in person next week. 6th March 2007
mclaren1885 Dont remember carl , the pic was taken by jay .. We were on our way to chennai to participate in a single seater race .. 3rd March 2007
mclaren1885 It was made by anwar and co at JC.Road karan .. 3rd March 2007
karan561 good stuff rahul .... btw where did u get that grille made from ? 3rd March 2007
revtech nice ride did you take that pic with the instrument cluster reflection ? looks nice 3rd March 2007
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