2006 Fiat Palio 1.6 Sport

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2006 Fiat Palio 1.6 Sport
Engine Specifications:
  • Displacement - 1596 cc
  • Brake Horse Power - 100 bhp @ 5500 rpm
  • Torque - 14.1 kgm @ 4250 rpm (137 Nm)
Engine Misc.:
  • Bore x stroke - 80.5 mm X 78.4 mm
  • Compression ratio - 9.5+/-0.15 : 1
  • Construction - Iron block & alloy head
  • Layout - 4 cylinder in line,]
  • Valve gear - DOHC, 4 valves per cylinder
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Not Yet.
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Normal Unleaded Petrol.
  • Stock
  • Manual - 5 speed
  • Front Wheel Drive
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Has lots of scope.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Tyres - 175/65 R14 Bridgestone S322
  • Fiat Alloys
    Wheel size 5.5 J x 14
    Stock Cofap - Magneti Marelli suspension (I am bragging)
  • Stock. Needs good seat covers.
  • No changes yet. Just a coat of Workout and paint sealant from my friend.
  • Alpine 9830
  • Illusion Audio EL 6.1 - Front Components
  • Illusion Audio EL 12 - Sub
  • JBL GTO 75.4 x 1
  • Ground Zero 4-gauge wiring
  • Ichibahn IKIT 8

Shine on!

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Shine on! After a spic and span polish. On NH-4 on my way to Goa! Front Components. Illusion Electra EL12 Sub. JBL GTO 75.4 x 2 XO's!
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Author Comment Date
planet_rocker how is the car running? haven't seen any updates on the car. take care and drive safe. 26th August 2009
FATAL3RROR Ah! The pleasure of listening to "Dard-e-Disco" on full blast = Unbeatable! :D 25th October 2008
moralfibre Thanks Shuvc, updated. 13th April 2008
shuvc No components? Only rears? 13th April 2008
moralfibre Upgraded to just one amp :-P 3rd January 2008
s0uljah Your running 2 GTO amps ? 25th December 2007
moralfibre Nope BUSA, the XO is water proof :). I mean its insulated. Ask Ajay, he will tell you details. 16th December 2007
BUSA Nice pics MF, just a query why is the cross over outside, if water goes it can coz problems can it? 13th December 2007
payam and update ur HU too man,you are a Alpine dude now lol 3rd December 2007
neoonwheels wow.. a nice ICE setup.. 2nd November 2007
moralfibre Enjoy Busae. The ICE pictures are up. 2nd November 2007
moralfibre Yes BUSA, I'll post pics very soon. Some changes are in queue :) 4th September 2007
BUSA I mean pics of the ICE 27th August 2007
BUSA MF updated the specs of the Illusions Electra 27th August 2007
warchild i see your avatar changed, update galley too mate. 14th August 2007
moralfibre For the combo (Amp speakers) you did :) 13th August 2007
moralfibre Aye S0uljah very soon. 13th August 2007
razor4077 Lol... wonder who gave you a first hand review of the same ;) 11th August 2007
s0uljah oyeee, update your ICE gallery yaar ! 10th August 2007
moralfibre Razor they are by far the best speakers I have ever heard between 5k to 15k. I am not kidding you. 10th August 2007
moralfibre @ Warchild, I have only done 170kph on stock tyres. Didn't have the B@lls to go further than that. 10th August 2007
razor4077 Hey Kiran! How are the new Illusions working? 10th August 2007
warchild formula red 1.6 sports.....bliss. wat's the top speed ya done with her? 8th August 2007
moralfibre Trying to find one 1100D :D. Once I get it i'll surely post pictures ;) 6th July 2007
1100D Is there one ugly angle on this car?!! 2nd July 2007
moralfibre Thanks Karl. Now you owe me a few in your numerous Fiats and the Standard and a ride on the Triumph too :D 19th June 2007
karlosdeville enjoyed the trip to pune in your italian stallion...reminded me so much of our beloved Siena weekend! 12th June 2007
moralfibre Hey Ben, sure I will :) Been a bit busy lately! 13th April 2007
benbsb29 Lovely color on the Palio, pal.... Add some more pics. 13th April 2007
shuvd moralfibre, i don't have a palio. was searching these type for my octy. thanks all the same. how about some inside pics? 30th March 2007
moralfibre I can help Shuvd. You want these alloys? There are a few sets lying around with a friend. I can help you get it if interested :) 23rd March 2007
shuvd Yeah.... tried to get these Alfaesqe rims for my car, but no luck :( 17th March 2007
moralfibre Thanks Shuvd, they look good when they are in motion. 15th March 2007
planet_rocker @shuvd - IMO that comes with the 1.6 sport. :) but they look very good. although i like the s10 alloys. 15th March 2007
shuvd nice nice nice. Love those telephone dial alloys 14th March 2007
moralfibre Hi Mankijeet the best FE I got was 16.95kmpl and the worst was 9.74kmpl. 6th March 2007
manikjeet what is fe figure you get out of your baBY 6th March 2007
moralfibre Thanks Planet! :) 6th March 2007
planet_rocker looks yummy! she is a the colour. :) drive safe. and take care of the ride. 6th March 2007
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