2006-Maruti Baleno : LXI ( sold now )

rjstyles69’s Team-BHP Garage
2006-Maruti Baleno : LXI ( sold now )
Engine Specifications:
  • All Aluminium, 16 Valves SOHC
  • Stock 91 BHP
  • 1.6L , 1590 cc
  • Custom made exhaust done by Raj Hingorani.
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Stock suspension.
  • Alloys from Lenso (Model : GTR)
  • Tyres Yokohoma S Drive Front : 205/50/R15 Rear : 195/55/R15
  • G-sport two tone seat covers.
  • The stale door trims.
Ice :
  • Pioneer 6950 HU
  • JBL compos 607c.
  • JBL GTO 937 Rear ovals.
  • Hifonics 12" Sub woofer in custom MDF box.
  • efx 4200
  • Volfenhag ZX-8100(2 channel 800Watts )
Under the hood :
  • K&N Conical Filter.
  • Custom made Free Flow Setup with 4x2x1 headers.
For those who want to hear the exhaust : .
Was taken by Ironwolf(Daniel) during the t-bhp meet.
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rjstyles69 salil all good things come to an end pal :-) . However she is in good hands which is a breather for me. 13th November 2009
salilpawar1 Can't believe you sold it. Love the simplicity of the machine. 13th November 2009
nitrous I like the staggered setup! :D 27th May 2009
johnda That was something! you have a great CAR. the pics make it look even greater. All the best. 23rd May 2009
kailashnj Nice car Riju - and equally nice pictures. I love the way your pictures have come out. One question - what is the reason for two different sizes of tyres for front and rear. 18th April 2009
white_vdi dude that is a super se*y car!!!just love the pics..m sure she looks even better in flesh. 6th April 2009
rjstyles69 Mohit thanks man. Binz well had to change them at the rear since the 205's was an overkill and the wheel arches would scrape the tyre with 3 people. 13th March 2009
binz Yeah last pic is really well shot.Whats up with the tire size's' 13th March 2009
crazydiablo The last pic is mindblowing man. Lovely. 13th March 2009
rjstyles69 Akshay the car doesn't stay put during the highway drives man. Cornering sometimes has become a pain. 18th April 2008
v1p3r Chetta, why is the suspension cause for concern? 18th April 2008
alias cool sir will surly wait 17th April 2008
rjstyles69 Asif I don't intend to put it thru the madness of Hosur Road. But yeah will bring it someday and will keep you posted. 17th April 2008
alias why dont you get it to the office once really wanna see it in person

saw it only once at the tbhp meet at the place last week

but not up close ....
17th April 2008
pawan wow very nice drool stuff. 11th April 2008
rjstyles69 alias am one of the 1st few here who took the plunge with the S-drives and I have no complaints. The car handles like a dream on the highway runs. But then the baleno's suspension is a cause of concern.

Time to bring in new pics. Benny boy :D .
11th April 2008
benbsb29 Riju kuttan's gallery, and i havent posted a comment?! There you go:
"Nice car, da... " :D
11th April 2008
alias nice rims sir do the handle well compared to the 14 inchers 25th March 2008
LiberaZionnn Hi Mate.. Maybe we should meet up.. I just bought a second hand Baleno - 2004. All stock, so i wanna get some mods done. would defenitely appreciate your help. I work in Ecity too in HP. So i guess we can meet up sometime. My number is 9945128232 7th February 2008
BUSA Oh my the pic which you added lately is awesome, fantastic stuff. 24th December 2007
rjstyles69 junkie i picked them up from Hercules tyres on Link Road, Sheshadripuram. 20th December 2007
Junkie where did you buy the acceleres from? 20th December 2007
rjstyles69 She just got pimped partially with a bling amp from eFx (Model : 4300) . 5th December 2007
hellspawn dayyumm!!i love the rims.... 29th November 2007
rjstyles69 Hey John thanks. Just buzz me when you are in town next. We sure will go for a drive. 28th November 2007
esteem_lover nice dish, i meant the alloys. Nice exhaust too. loved the sound. should hitch a ride with you sometime. 24th November 2007
rjstyles69 No turbo no stage 2 mods. She pulls like a train and thats enuf to satisfy me ;-). 17th October 2007
BUSA any plans for turbo? 17th October 2007
hari_rama Wow....Seriously Bro, i like those alloys.hehe yeah balenos are the only hot in this part of country :) 13th October 2007
rjstyles69 Yes Harrie next job is that. Havent had the time as yet and Raghu thanks man. 5th October 2007
Harrie Get the insides ( parts behind the grill ) painted in matt shony black mixture. Makes the car look more clean sort of. 5th October 2007
rocksterraghu Loved the pics #2 and #3. She looks like a killer! Sakkkkat hot maga! :) 5th October 2007
1self Great car rj!! Need more pics of the engine & interiors!! 26th September 2007
gopz Great catr...nice photography too! 21st September 2007
rjstyles69 Awesome!!on the grip part of it. " Noise" yeah there is some, but I can live with it and it aint that bad. 17th September 2007
akshay1234 how are the s-drives in terms of grip and noise? 16th September 2007
rjstyles69 Thanks ashwin :-) 12th September 2007
ashwin_seattle ur last pic speaks man - baleno looks solid in the last pic with those alloyz 29th August 2007
planet_rocker oh! the video. d@mn! i will have to wait for some time - video codec blocked. the alloys are awsome. 17th July 2007
rjstyles69 artofzen will add pics of the new rims and tyres over the weekend. Until then wait cheyyooo. 17th July 2007
artofzen Have you upgraded the wheels?.If so ,please post the snaps.Would love to see it. 17th July 2007
rjstyles69 Got an ICE upgrade done. Thanks to Satya(blueraven316) . Now I get to hear some tight bass. 11th July 2007
rjstyles69 thanks planetrocker. Update done and sure will post a video by this weekend. As for the bodykit will do it once I have enough money. 29th June 2007
planet_rocker u gotto update the "exhaust" part... it still says Future about a small video of the exhaust note? 29th June 2007
planet_rocker @ RJ - the photoshopped image is superb. make it happen na! get the bodykit fabricated like the one in the PS image. take care. awsome ride. 29th June 2007
rjstyles69 Your word is my command. Done. have asked Rahul for the front mesh. Will take some more pics one I get them installed. 28th June 2007
WhiteKnight Mate, could we have the kitted up shots please? 27th June 2007
streetsdisciple nice rims.! 4th May 2007
rjstyles69 yentra Rahul naina? Ippudu dabbu ledra !!! Reputation hmmmm... soon will live upto it :-) . 2nd May 2007
binz Yes you need a ffe,port job etc etc... just say when. 30th April 2007
mclaren1885 Your car needs some engine mods .. Seriously .. Live upto the reputation ra .. 30th April 2007
rjstyles69 Never faced any grim situations with those tints. Also I kinda keep my eyes on the road when I drive ;-) and not let my eyes wander .. 10th April 2007
manikjeet ooooo mate i also looked that you have jet black filming how do ya drive with it i have loads of problem 7th April 2007
mega5918 Rj We are in common :) I didn't know U owned a DSLR!! Even I do Own One EOS20D. 21st March 2007
binz WoW! 11th March 2007
rjstyles69 just thght I did stick to company specs mate. Thats all. 8th March 2007
manikjeet nice car but why didn't you go for some 15" they would have done load in looks area 6th March 2007
rjstyles69 hey thanks guys. Hari I use a Nikon D50(DSLR) 6th March 2007
hari_rama excellent pics n car dude....these pics go into my baleno oics collections.....which cam u using btw?? 6th March 2007
BUSA your car looks beautiful and ur photography skil$$ are amazing too. 5th March 2007
n_aditya man she looks gorgeous *drool* clean, elegant, spic n span and yet a headturner... 5th March 2007
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