2005 Ford Ikon 1.6 Nxt ZXi (SOLD)

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2005 Ford Ikon 1.6 Nxt ZXi (SOLD)
Engine Specifications:
  • 1.6 litre Zetec-ROCAM* engine (1,597 cc)
  • 91 BHP @ 5,500 rpm
  • 4-in-line cylinders, 2 valves/cyl

* ROllerfinger CAMshaft

  • OBD-II
  • ScanGaugeII

Engine Misc.:
  • N/A

Turbocharger & Induction:
  • K&N FilterCharger (Stock replacement filter) no more using this
  • Stock filter

Fuel & Tuning:
  • BP Speed (best for this engine)

  • Stock

  • Stock

Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Stock

Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Ford 7-Spoke Alloys
  • 175/65 R14 MRF ZVTS no more using this
  • 185/60 R14 Michelin Energy XM1+

  • Stock Ford HU CD player
  • Stock seats

  • Light tinted glasses no more using this on the side windows
  • 40% VLT sunfilm on the sides; rear window has above no more using this on the side windows
  • Clear glasses on 4 sides, except rear, which retains Light tinted glasses, with regard to concern for rear defogger.
  • 90/100w Philips Rallye bulbs for headlights no more using this
  • 100/130w Philips Rallye bulbs for headlights
  • Max 2000 Strobes no more using this

  • Cobra Remote locking with alarm disabled

Latest updated on 3/5/12
Ikon front

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Ikon front Ikon rear side Ikon front side Ikon interior Ikon front 2 Ikon speedo at 150ish
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Absar This car was sold 7 months back at a shade above 98000 km. Au revoir. 3rd May 2012
Absar This car has proudly crossed 47,000 km. The tyres were changed 500 km back and they're a beauty over the MRFs. Totally no tyre noise even at 170 km/h. I initially planned for Michelin PP2s but the tyre dealer said production had been stopped and they had old stock only and due to time constraints, I went for XM1 s. 16th June 2009
Absar @ Xehaust, Thank you. I'm using Philips Rallye 90/100 for headlamps. The bluish light is from the strobes. Got the relay 2 nos of Philips Rallye 90/100 installation for around 800 rs. This was back in 2005. 14th February 2008
Absar @ S Pathak, the difference between the stock filter and the K&N stock replacement filter is, the car gets an extra power surge and slight roar sound post 2,800 rpm. FE is increased marginally. But it also decreases if you keep revving the engine just to feel the power surge and hear the roar sound. 14th February 2008
Xehaust Hey, nice clean car, which Headights are you using & how much do they cost? 14th February 2008
S Pathak Hi, good to notice a fellow 1.6 nxt Ikon owner. Can you elaborate on performance differences you noticed after installation of K&N filters? Would love to hear more on that (pick-up, top end, fuel consumption figs, etc.). 14th February 2008
Absar Today, the car has crossed 28,000 km! 17th January 2008
saumil hey Absar - how much did ya pay for your Max 2000 Strobes ? including fitting? 11th September 2007
benbsb29 What i would like is to have backlit lighting, like on others cars. 30th August 2007
benbsb29 Reg the instrument cluster for teh Flair, it doesnt have the white background. comes with the same dark background. 30th August 2007
Absar But the Fiesta's 6 CD HU is totally different and wonderful. 27th August 2007
Absar Oh mine too is Kenwood eh? Lol didn't know. Btw yeah I've seen the similarity between my Ikon HU and the Fiesta's HU. 27th August 2007
VC12 These days if one is not particular , Ford only fit nippion speakers ( CHECK this out guys) 27th August 2007
VC12 I have the a Kenwood HU for my Flair, The one you have too is most likely custom made by Kenwood as well, Fiesta too has similiar ( sucks) 27th August 2007
Absar @ VC12. I know I should get a new HU, I didn't know that the OE HU for Ford around the world is Kenwood. Do you have that on your new Flair? 27th August 2007
VC12 Absar, ur Nxt needs a good head unit..checkout Kenwood the OE all over the world for Ford 27th August 2007
Absar @ VC12. Mixed type of indigo & old dial eh? By chance does it have MPH reading too on the inside area of the speedo? 27th August 2007
VC12 Ford has set a good benchmark in 1.6nxt , Flair came up only bcoz of FE issues, all of flair is adoptions from 1.6 nxt series 27th August 2007
Absar @ VC12. I think I got it for 4k, /- 100. 27th August 2007
VC12 Absar, How much does K &N costs, the new Flair ( past 3 months) has a a mix of indglo & old kind of dial 27th August 2007
Absar @ AnandPatil. Thank you. Yeah she's very torquey. 27th August 2007
Absar @ VC12. Had the K&N fitted a year back I guess. Breathes better. 27th August 2007
Absar @ VC12. I shall have a look on the flair.. But if I remember seeing it once, it was cream color and grey area around the speedo.. right? 27th August 2007
AnandPatil Nice car. One of my favourite. She has a very powerful engine.. 27th August 2007
VC12 Absar , Wht the diff after having K &N from ur exp and when did u get that for ur IKON 24th August 2007
VC12 The instrument cluster light in Ikon Nxt is indiglow type and on Flair is not that, Ford discontinued that due to problems of clarity on the dial 24th August 2007
Absar In all the Ikon's I've seen green light only. I've never seen any other colour! 23rd August 2007
danlalan the 1.6 has a green light in the instrument that how it is in other cars 23rd August 2007
Absar @ 1100D, yeah?? I didn't know. Whats the difference? 23rd August 2007
1100D The lighting cluster on the 1.6 is different from that of the Flair. I love the way it is on this car. 23rd August 2007
Absar @benbsb29, Its sort of nice. It could be better though. Will tryto change it later if possible. 16th August 2007
benbsb29 Nice new pics, Absar. Btwn do u like the speedo cluster lighting on the Ikon? I dont. 16th August 2007
Absar Few pictures added! 15th August 2007
Absar The car has crossed 20,000 km now! Hats off to the car. 14th August 2007
Absar As of now, getting a mileage of 11.65 L/100km with full a/c. 19th July 2007
Absar Thank you 1100D. I do love this car. I hope it stays this way for long. 19th July 2007
1100D What a lovely looking car, its possible to cream a lot of OHC VTEC owners. 19th July 2007
Absar Thanks Ramsagar. The car has crossed 18,500 km as of now! 19th July 2007
Ramsagar Neatly maintained interiors....BROO 18th July 2007
Ford Rocam 205 wont fit, max 195/50 R15 make sure to get correct offset of alloys for 15" or else it will touch rear fender with 3 people sitting behind. 31st March 2007
Absar @ japneet_b. Thanks. Ikon 1.6 sure rocks. However I have no idea about the correct upsize, but you can do 205/50 R15 i think. 26th March 2007
japneet_b good to see some one else with an ikon 1.6......great......and i wanted to ask that whats the maximum upgrade size of tyres for the ikon..??? 25th March 2007
Absar @ benbsb29. Yeah mine has rear reading lamps and rear defroster too! Very handy in daily use when the rear gets frosted up coz the heavy usage of a/c. 24th March 2007
benbsb29 The rear defroster too is present... they have replaced it with a dummy in the Flairs. 23rd March 2007
benbsb29 Whoa..!! And here i am..!! They say the 1.6s came with reading lamps behind.. urs have them? 23rd March 2007
Absar Interior pics added... 19th March 2007
Absar @ benbsb29. Yeah, I'll do that soon. Will take pics of the interior and add them. Still, centre console pic added to gallery 12th March 2007
Absar @ elf. Thanks. Yeah I'm sure glad I selected this one. 12th March 2007
benbsb29 hey Absar.. nice ride.. Why dont u put up some interior pics too.. u can upload a max of 7 snaps. 12th March 2007
elf Lovely colour. Glad to see something other than boring black or screaming red! 11th March 2007
Absar Hello 1100D, the name of this color is Oyster Silver. Yeah the ZXi did come with limited colors, but i liked this the most. 9th March 2007
1100D ZXi's post Sep-2004 came only in 3 colors (silver, black and beige). Is this the silver one? AFAIK this color (and many others) was only on EXi. 9th March 2007
Absar Hello danlalan. Thank you. I really love this car. I did 180 km/h one time when I was in a really urgent hurry. 8th March 2007
danlalan Wow a 05' ikon 1.6..rare to see...whts the max kph you've done on this car 8th March 2007
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