Godfather's Dicor

Godfather’s Team-BHP Garage
Godfather's Dicor
Engine Specifications:
  • 3.0L Dicor
Engine Misc.:
  • Stock.
Turbocharger & Induction:
  • Yes
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Diesel Premium
  • Stock
  • yes
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • Huh?
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Tires -- Hankook Dynamic 255/65 16"
  • Suspension -- Stock
  • Wheels -- Stock..will upgrade later.


Pioneer head unit
Boston components in front door
Boston 6" at rear door
2 Pioneer subs 12" in boot
1 JBL 4 channel amp firing the components and rear speakers
One sony monoblock firing the subs
IPod adapter, for my nano

  • Hella Rallye 4000 halogens
  • Carryboy Crash guard

Pic courtesy v1p3r

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Front view Nandi hills meet..Thanks JK Watchout v1p3r on the move Pic courtesy v1p3r Pic courtesy v1p3r 3867-3787.jpg 3868-3787.jpg
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Created: 10th March 2007 14:29
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vinaydas best safari ive seen Period.
thing about dirty suv's (although your's is pretty well maintained) it enhances the look in some way!!
16th May 2009
Godfather :) Thats how the road is.. This is Bangalore my friend.. The road was recently Tarred.. and there is difference between the curb and road.. 5th March 2008
arif_t01 Why is your truck slanting to the left in the 1st & 6th pics? 4th March 2008
Godfather I know bro.. I am waiting to get back.. also picked up a few more performance stuff from here for the beast. 7th January 2008
HappyWheels godfather, the beast (also the timer) is/are waiting for you... 5th January 2008
Godfather No badboyscad.. as soon as i got the timer i had to fly to States.. I will beback in a couple of months. will install once i am back 26th November 2007
badboyscad *BUMP*, goddy, did the HKS turbo timer go in yet? 21st November 2007
AnandPatil Superb dude. it looks like a beast and it is mighty too. 24th October 2007
Godfather Yes vid.. this is LX.. and its not 4x4 29th July 2007
vid6639 Is this the LX variant? Is it 4X4? 29th July 2007
Godfather LOL MaserQ 8th July 2007
MaserQ this one should say 'Don Corleone inside'...pure gangster aura.. 3rd July 2007
pawan do it fast it will look killer the way you have planed 23rd June 2007
Godfather Thanks Steer.. Yes i have tints on the wind screen.. :D You can take it any time 23rd June 2007
Godfather pawan.. As soon as i get the time to buy spare headlights and give it to binz.. Right now held up at work 23rd June 2007
Godfather Steer.. Yes.. I have Tints on front windshield.. :D You can have it anytime. 23rd June 2007
pawan whens the angel eyes comming 22nd June 2007
Steeroid Nice truck, Sumit. When do I get a ride? PS: YOU HAVE TINTS ON THE WINDSCREEN?????? 22nd June 2007
Godfather Thanks ballkey and mavrick.. 21st June 2007
VJ_MAVRICK i always thought Safari is a cool SUV on indian roads....n sure u'r pics here reiterate it. 20th June 2007
ballkey Total Badass Truck. What's missing are those horns from that Turbojet ad... 16th June 2007
v1p3r Hello, nice looking car. Nice pics too ;) 13th June 2007
Godfather Thanks shuvd.. for the airborne pics i will have to tallk to 31st May 2007
shuvd WOW!!! Amazing ride sir! Now, how bout a few airborne pics....reclaiming ur life type?? ;-) 31st May 2007
Godfather hey zenopio. The crash Guard and the fogs will look good on the Scorpio too. I have seen a couple in Bangalore 29th May 2007
Godfather Thanks nevertouchme. 29th May 2007
Godfather Thanks BUSA. The new pics are courtesy of v1p3r 29th May 2007
zenopio i liked that guard with those hella lights...even i am planning the same to my scorpio.. 27th May 2007
nevertouchme Oops ! "Awesome" - Sphelling (spelling) mishdake. 27th May 2007
nevertouchme Hey Goddaddy ! Just one word ! " Awsome " . 27th May 2007
BUSA Nice ride there Godfather, and the new pictures look awesome :) 27th May 2007
Godfather Yeah..i saw a LC today with massive 20" Bling they were hot.. lemme think about it..hopefully you will see them pretty soon 25th May 2007
R32_GTR Ok. But picture this - Massive blings on a black 4 X 4, all you need is a tailormade suit with RED inlining - you'll be PIMPING in no time !!! 24th May 2007
Godfather R32.. It comes with 16". the ride quality now is good.. I dont think i will go for 20" or above.. but its a nice idea though 24th May 2007
Godfather Thanks Thanks for the pic though.. u are brave.. really brave 24th May 2007
rjstyles69 Goddy nice truck man :D. 23rd May 2007
R32_GTR 20" to be on the safe side....but looks like even 20s might be big eh?? 22nd May 2007
R32_GTR Its a bit bold and at the cost of a harsh ride....but some 22" - 24" with 50 profile bronze be nice..... 22nd May 2007
Godfather Okay binz.. I leave it to you.. let me know what u have in mind 22nd May 2007
binz ROund angel eyes will look stupid on the dicor....i have a better design .. will let you know soon .. marks out any minute 19th May 2007
Godfather @brraj.. I have not yet found the correct design.. The day i spot will be put up. 19th May 2007
brraj Good, but could have been better with a mag wheel 18th May 2007
Godfather Thanks Aza.. @Binz.. Noted.. Will do that.. 16th May 2007
binz Romove the concorde decal and put "Godfather"..will look sweeeet:-) 16th May 2007
aZa Awesome frontal pic!!!!!! 16th May 2007
Godfather The pic akshay took are too big and cannot be uploaded..and i am too lazy to resize 16th May 2007
Godfather That black thingamajig came from the company.. No idea what it does..Tires and Carryboy from friends accessory shop in JC ROAD 16th May 2007
Godfather @ravi.. add it faster.. u have no idea what u are missing out on. 16th May 2007
Godfather Thanks Pawan. 16th May 2007
pawan the best safari i have seen till now. 16th May 2007
vid6639 whats the black thingamajig on the viper. where you got tyres and carryboy from? nice it looks. post pic which akshay took also 15th May 2007
ravibhat Nice pictures! In max 2 years down the line I am adding Safari ! 15th May 2007
Godfather Yes.. They were tinted recently. They are visible in the Nandi hills pictures. 4th May 2007
Spinnerr Are those front windows tinted?? do you have a sunfilim on that? 2nd May 2007
Godfather @binz.. I dont know Shankar that well.. Will go with you if you are free some day..And ICE.. I am satisfied with what i have bro. 1st May 2007
Godfather @MCL.. Will do that..Thanks 1st May 2007
binz bling wheels and xenons and you size tires.Beautiful ice too. 30th April 2007
binz Hey sujit,sumit...errr godfather .. next next time you happen to stop at cafe 200,go past beanstalk and check out Shankars safari.Its silver with 30th April 2007
mclaren1885 Is the truck in for the job ? No , I dont mean that kind of a job rl: .. Also borrow a few pics from the drive and post them here .. 30th April 2007
Sidewinder$ thats mean safari ... with a clean & neat looks its jst gr8... 26th April 2007
testdrive Nice pics! Liked the CarryBoy so much, i'm trying to get it sourced for my safari. Still trying to find a dealer in Gurgaon... 25th April 2007
Godfather Hi morale.. Thanks.. Yes they are the rallye 4000 and i paid close to 8500 for pair 13th April 2007
moralfibre Hey Godfather, nice car. Very neatly and tastefully done. Are the Hella Rallye 4000 from the "FF" series? How much did you pay for them? 13th April 2007
ashwin_seattle if possible, change the alloys to some shing silver 5-6 spoked ones...this beast would look DEADLY!!! though it looks awesome even now 13th April 2007
ashwin_seattle thatz one of the most awesome safari i v seen...the all black look wit the new bigger headlamps looks vicsious.. 13th April 2007
Godfather Thanks Bruty... 30th March 2007
bruty liked the look and teh way you have maitained it. How much it cost you and what about the discounts. 30th March 2007
Godfather @n_aditya.. bhai..that was nothing.. i want to take it complete offroading one day.. 16th March 2007
Godfather @GTO.. Thanks man.. 16th March 2007
n_aditya SEXY in black. Awesome color choice and paint job. Looks like a crazed bull. * loved the antics on my visit* hehehe 16th March 2007
GTO Damn! Thats a sweet looking Safari.....very good job with the crash guard and paint. Looks fabulous. 16th March 2007
bharanidharang well maintained... 16th March 2007
Godfather No you cant.. 16th March 2007
theMAG Thats a mean looker, Potente! Can I scratch it? 15th March 2007
Godfather atleast the bumpers dont get scratched that way. 13th March 2007
Godfather And the crash guard is also given as standard in the Endravour.. what about that one?? it definately helps in a stop and go traffic.. 13th March 2007
Godfather What you guys are talking about is in the event of a major crash.. your vehicle is screwed anyways..So as well have the crash guard and accessorise it 13th March 2007
SumitB About the crashguards. I too heard the same from Suman. They interfere in the bumpers duty to absorb the shock! They are used as an accessory. 13th March 2007
benbsb29 Crash guards also prevent the bumpers from doing their normal duty. 13th March 2007
benbsb29 The discussion on our forum said that crash guards in the event of a collission can canuse permanent damage to the chasis on which they are mounted. 13th March 2007
Godfather Arent Crash Guards supposed to reduce the impact on your vehicle in an accident.. Thats what they are there for.. 12th March 2007
Godfather @benbsb29 .. Yes i bought the LX vwesion. The bumpers and side claddings were grey.. Had them painted by the company before i took delivery 12th March 2007
benbsb29 Also, remember reading on the forum that crashguards arent recommended as they interfere with the impact absorption. 12th March 2007
benbsb29 Nice SUV, buddy..... Saw u mention 'painting the bumpers'.... was this the lower end version? 12th March 2007
Godfather @sumit_jain -- Thanks Bro.. I have already started my search 11th March 2007
sumit_jain_usa Nice ride BLACK BEAST. In Cold Air Intakes K&N is the most popular one & provides warranty against any defects so better to invest in. 11th March 2007
Godfather Thanks elf.. Glad you like it 11th March 2007
elf Nice ride dude - really neat. Like the new headlamps on the Safaris - much better than the old ones. 11th March 2007
Godfather I am planning on installing a Cold air intake system.. Can someone tell me which is the best?? 11th March 2007
Godfather Thanks aZa 11th March 2007
aZa thats one awesome looking SUV!! 11th March 2007
Godfather I have till date spent more than a Lac.. That includes the Tires, ICE, Painting the bumpers etc etc 10th March 2007
SumitB Dude they look good. That's all that counts anyways. BTW how much do you spend on its 'drinks'? 10th March 2007
Hellraiser bro i really like the beasty look in it. 10th March 2007
Godfather If you are aware of any vehicle that i can test it on please let me know.. will be glad to oblige 10th March 2007
Godfather @SumitB -- paid 7K for it.. dont know about safety..Brand new..not yet tested..hahaha 10th March 2007
SumitB Great car, great pictures! Does the crashguard aid in any kind of safety? I mean, does it work? How much for it? 10th March 2007
Godfather Thanks sajo. 10th March 2007
sajo Nice one godfather! It looks great. 10th March 2007
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