1995 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 - Decommissioned

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1995 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 - Decommissioned
Engine Specifications:
  • 2800 cc "inline-V" configuration
  • 172 hp and 173 lb-ft peak outputs
Fuel & Tuning:
  • Stock
  • Stock
  • 5 speed
Weight reduction & transfer:
  • none, stands at 1250 kg now
Suspension, wheels & tires:
  • Goodyear Eagle GT-HR 205/50 15 VR on BBS alloys


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Author Comment Date
Grafin I Guess it was a similar white JETTA that featured in the first edition of "The Fast and the Furious". Is it an inline 6 cyl or V6? 8th May 2010
ananthkamath no problems in the past two years except for a broken combination switch. 22nd May 2008
sujaylahiri I've heard Jettas are notorious for long term unreliability. What about this one? 22nd May 2008
ananthkamath Hehe.....i hope the brotherhood grows into the the Mazda family too. 20th March 2008
highwayblaze Look...its a bird...its a my VR6 brothers JETTA. 20th March 2008
prabuddhadg Nice car. Like these simple easy lines rather than the current styles. Great, solid stance. 19th January 2008
1100D This is the ride YOU shld be seen in! 26th April 2007
ananthkamath oh ok i didnt get ya the first time. 3rd April 2007
chetanhanda I meant if its a sleeper then BBS alloys and Vr6 badge will give it away, ppl will know the diff. 2nd April 2007
ananthkamath no i go to U. Mich at Dearborn 27th March 2007
sujaylahiri Do you study at Kettering University in Flint, MI? 26th March 2007
ananthkamath huh? choice? i already have BBS alloys..... 23rd March 2007
chetanhanda hmm..ananth you have a tough choice now BBS or plastic wheel caps :-) 23rd March 2007
veyron1 My, my. Just when I think you've done it. The bandit, and now this. Specs, bro, specs...gimme specs....and yeah, sooper number plates. 22nd March 2007
aah78 @Samurai: my cousin has the 1999 Jetta. it has a fresher look than this one but the good thing is that if well kept, these cars age well! 22nd March 2007
Samurai I used to love the looks of this car in the 90s everytime I saw one, but now it looks dated. How about posting the specs of the car? 22nd March 2007
ananthkamath i hope you're joking about the plastic wheelcaps; those are BBS alloys that come stock with the car 22nd March 2007
chetanhanda that must feel good dude,how abt putting plastic wheel caps, engine mods and removing the badge,then u will be true certified sleeper 21st March 2007
ananthkamath the jetta vr6 is a sleeper from the factory...most people think its a 2.0 with 115 hp but only after i smoke them they know something's amiss..heh heh 19th March 2007
chetanhanda it a sleeper ?..any mods under the hood ? 17th March 2007
nitroxx 0-60mph in a few over 7 secs ...good. 12th March 2007
sajo Nice license plate! 12th March 2007
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